Add fine bin option and fix the pt weight option
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / VZERO / AliVZERO.h
2011-10-23 hristovRemoving the tasks from the digitization (Ruben)
2011-02-28 fcaRemove obsolete drawing methods and macros
2010-07-02 cvetanBrand-new implementation of Raw->SDigits. One first...
2010-06-23 cvetanComplete reshuffling of the digitization code. Now...
2010-06-01 cvetanCleanup of obsolete method.
2008-12-16 fcaSeveral changes:
2007-11-23 cvetanPutting raw2sdigits method provided by Brigitte into...
2006-11-19 cheynisRemoval of effc++ warnings
2006-11-14 hristovUsing symbolic names (Raffaele)
2006-03-31 cheynisAliVZEROTrigger created
2005-05-14 hristovDrawModule declared const
2004-06-11 cheynisDigitization included into AliSimulation framework
2003-11-07 cheynisMore coding convention violations removed
2003-10-30 cheynisCoding convention violations removed
2003-08-05 cheynisTreeAddress fixed
2003-08-05 cheynisNewIO Implementation
2002-06-06 cheynisUpdated VZERO source
2001-04-10 cheynisThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...