OCDB calib data: removal of gain values. Will be put in a separate OCDB entry as...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / VZERO / AliVZEROCalibData.cxx
2010-04-09 cvetanOCDB calib data: removal of gain values. Will be put...
2010-04-01 cvetanCorrected PM gain for V0C 27
2010-03-31 cvetanAdding the TDC thresholds to the calib object. To be...
2010-03-24 cvetanCorrected default values.
2010-03-20 cvetanTypo corected
2010-03-19 cvetanAdding TDC channel delays to the calib object.
2010-03-11 cvetanAdding HPTDC parameters that are to be used in MC ...
2010-01-26 cvetanCoding viloations fixed.
2009-12-25 cheynisDPs retrieved as UInts instead of Ints
2009-11-18 cheynisType mismatches fixed - between DCS and Preprocessor...
2009-11-17 cheynisIndex fixes and protections added
2009-11-16 cheynisADC slope changed to 0.6 pC per channel
2009-11-10 cheynisInitializations of arrays
2009-11-05 cheynisTime-related parameters needed in reconstruction moved...
2009-10-23 cheynisImplementation of DeadMap
2009-09-02 hristovTechinical fix: additional protection
2008-10-23 cheynisMIP conversion implemented (moved from class AliVZERORe...
2008-09-02 cheynisMinor changes
2008-08-27 cheynisMinor changes in Calib object
2007-10-04 cheynisPM High Voltages added
2006-03-06 cheynisimplementation of dummy Reset method
2006-03-05 cheynisParameters added
2005-12-15 cheynisData calibration class