[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / VZERO / AliVZEROPreprocessor.cxx
2011-11-12 cvetanCoverity
2011-10-17 cvetanThe preprocessor is updated in order to store the equal...
2011-10-04 cvetanProtection against missing DPs. Recently we got some...
2010-12-14 cvetanFix for coverity report.
2010-04-09 cvetanOCDB calib data: removal of gain values. Will be put...
2009-11-30 cvetanFix to HV datapoints retrieval in case the HV is switch...
2009-11-05 cheynisTime-related parameters needed in reconstruction moved...
2009-10-23 cheynisImplementation of DeadMap
2009-10-14 cheynisChange of STANDALONE run types in Preprocessor + retrie...
2009-07-03 cheynisCoding conventions
2009-06-26 cheynisImplementation of Trigger simulation (Raphael Tieulent)
2008-09-25 cheynisSTANDALONE RunType added
2008-09-19 cheynisNew time interval for DCS DPs retrieval
2008-09-10 cheynisReturn value changed
2008-09-09 cheynisFXS File ID renamed to match DA output file
2008-08-27 cheynisMinor changes in Calib Data
2008-03-28 cheynisList of run types added
2007-12-14 cheynisadded check on list of sources found on FXS (Alberto)
2007-10-10 cheynispointer to AliVZERODataDCS object deleted in destructor
2007-10-05 cheynisAliInfo and AliError removed
2007-10-05 cheynisADC calibration information from DAQ merged into one...
2007-10-04 cheynisFirst version of Preprocessor