Macro to calculate the needed HV values as a function of the required MIP signal.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / VZERO / VZERObaseLinkDef.h
2010-06-16 cvetanIntroduction of summable digit class. The implementatio...
2009-09-25 cheynisNew class added
2009-06-26 cheynisImplementation of Trigger simulation (Raphael Tieulent)
2009-04-23 cheynisAdding class AliVZEROMisAligner
2008-04-01 cheynisQA added
2007-10-05 cheynisClasses Preprocessor and DataDCS added
2005-12-15 cheynisCalibration class added
2004-07-31 cheynisSplitting of libraries