Bug fix in HBT code: AliFemtoPairCutRadialDistance class
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / VZERO / VZEROda.cxx
2011-05-16 cvetanUpdate of the DA in order to cope with the dense fillin...
2011-03-24 cvetanFixed all coding viols.
2011-02-07 cvetanReverting commit 44350. It is not really needed.
2010-10-15 cheynisExtension of clock range used to check flags (for pedes...
2009-11-16 cvetanCorrection to the last commit
2009-11-15 cheynisProtection added
2009-11-15 cvetanUpdated DA from Brigitte. Steerable clock range for...
2008-08-26 cheynisOnline Pedestals dumped into local DB file
2008-08-22 cheynisChannel mapping applied to output pedestal file sent...
2008-07-17 cheynisStorage of results into DAQ DB has been added
2008-07-16 cheynisPedestal calculation improved
2008-07-15 cheynisModified file access mode
2008-07-02 cheynisCuts obtained from V00DA.config configuration file
2008-06-29 cheynisCalibration DA revisited
2008-04-10 cheynisROOT-related fix added
2008-04-10 cheynisDocumentation updated
2008-02-22 cheynisDocumentation implemented
2008-02-20 cheynisCheck on integrator added
2008-01-08 cheynisFirst version of DA