Update to FindFASTJET.cmake; now accepts also for -DFASTJET= option
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ZDC / AliZDCDataDCS.cxx
2011-01-20 coppedisFixes for coverity
2010-03-17 coppedisConfusing print changed
2009-11-28 coppedis Removing unuseful prints
2009-11-20 coppedisProblem in ch. mapping writing in the OCDB solved
2009-09-26 coppedisUpdated preprocessor in order not to process HV DCS...
2009-09-10 coppedisRemoval of another bug in DCS DP processing...
2009-09-09 coppedisBug removal in AliZDCPreprocessor.cxx +minor changes
2009-07-20 coppedisUpdated classes
2009-06-19 coppedis Minor changes
2008-09-26 coppedisUpdates following the changes in ZDCLASERda.cxx
2008-09-11 coppedisClass updated (2 understand something more from retriev...
2008-05-27 coppedisError on 2 DCS DP aliases corrected
2008-05-20 coppedisSome bugs corrected
2007-11-04 coppedisMinor corrections
2007-10-28 coppedisError in alias name definition (suggested by A. Colla)
2007-10-26 coppedisUpdated classes to cope with new digits/raw data
2007-05-22 coppedisUpdated DCS DP aliases
2007-03-13 coppedisFinal (?) changes
2007-03-09 coppedisUpdated DCS DP aliases
2007-01-31 alibraryAdding includes now needed by ROOT
2006-08-25 coppedisRemoval of coding convention violations
2006-07-14 coppedisCalibration class and Preprocessor updated
2006-07-05 coppedisSligthly updated AliZDCDataDCS.cxx
2006-07-05 hristovChanges after the removal of AliSimpleValue
2006-07-05 coppedisZDC Preprocessor 1st version implemented