Code change + bug in 1 DQM shifter plot fixed
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ZDC / AliZDCQADataMakerRec.cxx
2012-03-30 coppedisCode change + bug in 1 DQM shifter plot fixed
2011-11-07 coppedisWorng indexes fixed
2011-10-06 coppedisCoverity fixes
2011-10-05 coppedisCoverity fixes
2011-09-30 coppedisChanges for Pb-Pb DQM QA
2011-07-04 hristovChanges in QA to be able to process separately differen...
2011-03-28 coppedisBug fixed + correction in DQM plots
2010-12-02 hristov#75811 ZDC: changes to be ported to the release
2010-11-26 coppedisAdding ZDC TDC histo for DQM shifter
2010-11-09 coppedisUpdate in QA class to follow change in TDC cabling
2010-10-05 coppedisHistos for DQM shifter further reduced + changes in...
2010-09-24 coppedisNo. of dem shifter reduced to 3+ text to explain histo...
2010-08-31 coppedisChanges to comply with DQM requirements
2010-07-14 coppedis1 change to improve tracking in machine magnetic field...
2010-07-09 coppedisTDC added to monitor ZDC timing via DQM
2010-07-05 coppedisBug corrected in raw data QA
2010-07-02 coppedisMinor changes
2010-06-30 coppedisBug in DQM agent resetting solved
2010-06-29 coppedisBug corrected in QA checker
2010-06-28 coppedisBug probably affecting DQM reset corrected
2010-05-29 coppedisAdding some features for DQM shifter histos
2010-05-27 coppedisChanges for Pb-Pb reco at 2.76 A TeV + some code simpli...
2010-05-10 coppedisBug in raw histo filling corrected
2010-05-03 coppedisUpdated histos for shifters
2010-04-22 hristovDo not delete OCDB entryes if the cache is active
2010-04-22 coppedisFixing at least the correct input in MakeDigits
2010-04-21 coppedisBug in QA class corrected
2010-04-19 coppedisWarnings corrected + QA changes + ZDC y can be set...
2009-12-02 morschRe-import from release requested by Chiara Oppedisano
2009-11-26 coppedisProtection added until code in STEER won't be updated
2009-11-24 coppedisReverting changes from AliZDCQADataMakerRec.cxx
2009-11-24 coppedisCalibration for centrality determination in A-A impleme...
2009-11-13 coppedisSome print commented
2009-11-12 fcaMods from Chiara
2009-11-12 coppedisUpdated QA histos for raw data
2009-11-11 coppedisChanges in expert histos
2009-08-13 hristovFixes for memory problems
2009-06-29 coppedisUPdated QA classes + warning removal
2009-06-10 cvetan1.The QA data created on demand according to the event...
2009-06-03 cvetanadded verbosity to QA histograms (Yves)
2009-05-24 hristovAdded QA for digits during reconstruction (Yves)
2009-05-08 hristovMake and print an image of QA user flagged histograms...
2009-05-07 hristovFixes for bug #49914: Compilation breaks in trunk,...
2008-12-27 hristovIntroducing event specie in QA (Yves)
2008-10-24 hristovZDC information from A-side (Chiara)
2008-09-09 coppedisDefining expert QA histos
2008-07-25 hristovReset rawReader in MakeRaws (Yves)
2008-07-10 coppedisMinor chages
2008-06-19 coppedisUpdated QA classes
2008-05-20 hristovAdding the centroid data and access methods (Chiara)
2008-05-20 coppedisBack to previous version waiting for changes in AliESDZDC
2008-05-20 coppedisSome bugs corrected
2008-04-21 coppedisUpdated QA classes
2008-04-18 coppedisBug in AliZDCQADataMakerRec corrected
2008-04-17 coppedisClasses for QA