Fiexs needed for Pb-Pb reconstruction
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ZDC / AliZDCReco.h
2011-03-02 coppedisFiexs needed for Pb-Pb reconstruction
2010-12-09 hristovChanges for report #76227: ZDC TDC info in ESD and...
2010-12-02 hristov#75811 ZDC: changes to be ported to the release
2010-10-27 hristovChanges for report #74254: ZDC and STEER (AliESDZDC...
2010-08-31 hristovChanges for report #71958: ZDC: changes needs code...
2009-10-19 coppedisFollowing changes in STEER/AliESDZDC class
2009-07-07 coppedisBug in ZDC reconstructor corrected
2009-06-16 coppedisUpdated reco alghorithm, changes in OCDB object and...
2009-03-30 coppedisMinor changes
2008-01-22 coppedisReconstruction classes updated (all cabled channels...
2007-11-26 hristovSecond ZDC module. More ZDC information included in...
2007-11-06 coppedisAdding low resolution channels to reco object
2007-10-26 coppedisZEM signal not yet splitted in ZDC ESD
2007-10-26 coppedisUpdated classes to cope with new digits/raw data
2007-09-13 coppedisNew reconstruction algorithm
2006-08-29 coppedisRemoval of effc++ warnings
2006-03-31 coppedisUpdated reco classes
2004-03-22 alibraryFixing coding convention violations
2002-02-04 coppedisMerging and reconstruction code review