Update to FindFASTJET.cmake; now accepts also for -DFASTJET= option
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ZDC / AliZDCRecoParam.cxx
2010-11-29 coppedisUpdated class
2010-06-30 coppedisWarning corrected
2010-05-27 coppedisChanges for Pb-Pb reco at 2.76 A TeV + some code simpli...
2009-11-24 coppedisCalibration for centrality determination in A-A impleme...
2009-07-20 coppedisTrying to make real data reconstructable
2009-06-16 coppedisUpdated reco alghorithm, changes in OCDB object and...
2009-02-27 coppedisADC gate simulated + changes in reconstruction
2008-06-05 coppedisAliZDCRecoParam class implemented