Extrusion of Q13T corrected.
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ZDC / AliZDCv3.cxx
2008-06-10 morschExtrusion of Q13T corrected.
2008-05-22 coppedisPDG code of incoming particles stored in ZDC hits
2008-05-15 coppedisMinor changes
2008-05-08 coppedisMinor changes
2008-05-07 coppedisBug in ZDC geometry
2008-04-18 coppedisLuminometer in front of ZN added to beam line
2008-03-11 coppedisRemoval of C++ warnings
2008-03-10 coppedisRemoval of many C++ warnings
2008-03-10 coppedisRemoval of many C++ warnings
2008-01-23 coppedisHits, SDigits, Digits updated to AliZDCv3 (2nd ZDC...
2008-01-10 coppedisBug in ZP positioning corrected
2008-01-07 coppedisUpdated EM ZDC efficiency
2007-12-07 coppedisSome prints commented
2007-11-22 coppedisRemoval some old debug prints
2007-11-15 coppedisCorrect definition of paths in AddAlignableVolumes
2007-11-14 coppedisUpdated version for AliZDCv3
2007-11-08 hristovRemoving not needed include file
2007-11-08 coppedis1st version of complete ZDC geometry