ALIROOT-5420 Changes for CDH v3
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ZDC / ZDCMAPPINGda.cxx
2014-01-17 agrigoraend-of-line normalization
2014-01-17 agrigoraend-of-line normalization
2012-04-16 coppedisFix
2012-04-12 coppedisLimiting the amount of events analyzed in PHYSICS runs
2012-03-26 coppedisUpdating correct no. of modules
2012-03-21 coppedisBug in TDC OCDB creation fixed
2011-11-29 coppedisUpdated DA
2011-11-25 coppedisCorrecting problem in TDC flow decoding
2011-10-29 coppedisAdding missing include file
2011-10-29 coppedisSelecting only PHYSICS ev. and updating fitting range
2011-10-21 coppedisI need to change work
2011-10-21 coppedisIndex in bound
2011-10-20 coppedisFix
2011-10-13 coppedisUpdating + memory leak fix
2011-10-03 coppedis...also histos are now correctly booked
2011-10-03 coppedisCorrected DA
2011-09-27 coppedisUpdating DA to store TDC offsets
2010-08-31 hristovChanges for report #71958: ZDC: changes needs code...
2010-02-15 coppedisChange to prevent from uncorrect reading of pedestal...
2010-02-12 coppedisUpdates for new ADD + ZDC modules
2009-09-21 coppedisCorrect file ID for shuttle
2009-09-16 coppedisCorrected free(event)
2009-09-16 coppedisScaler mapping deoding from SOD event
2009-06-16 coppedisUpdated DAs to comply with root known problems
2009-03-13 coppedisUpdates + small fixes
2009-03-10 coppedisMinor changes
2008-09-16 coppedisDAs upgraded to AliZDCRawStream class
2008-09-15 coppedisUpdated DA for mapping - MON
2008-09-08 coppedisUpdated DAs
2008-08-26 coppedisUpdated DA to write ADC mapping object
2008-07-22 coppedisDA to write mapping for ZDC