Bug in ZEM2 TDC filling fixed
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ZDC / ZDCsimLinkDef.h
2012-03-12 coppedisNew ZDC geometry as installed on January 2012 implemented
2009-06-16 coppedisUpdated reco alghorithm, changes in OCDB object and...
2008-06-05 coppedisAliZDCRecoParam class implemented
2008-04-17 coppedisClasses for QA
2007-11-08 coppedis1st version of complete ZDC geometry
2006-08-29 coppedisRemoval of effc++ warnings
2006-02-27 coppedisChanges needed for ZDC trigger class
2004-10-22 coppedisSplitted libraries