New version of SPD raw-data reconstruction. The format now correponds to the actual...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ZDC /
2006-11-29 hristovCRT becomes ACORDE
2006-11-29 hristovSTART becomes T0
2006-11-29 hristovRICH becomes HMPID
2006-11-08 hristovUsing symbolic names (Raffaele)
2006-11-01 coppedismethod AddAlignableVolumes() added (C. Oppedisano)
2006-10-11 hristovMacros for residual and full misalignment, collected...
2006-09-28 hristovUse arrays instead of TLorentzVector for faster access
2006-08-29 coppedisRemoval of effc++ warnings
2006-08-29 coppedisChanges according to AliPreprocessor class
2006-08-25 coppedisRemoval of coding convention violations
2006-08-08 hristovChanges required by the updated CDB classes (Alberto)
2006-07-17 hristovCreating and removing AliZDCCalibData object
2006-07-14 coppedisCalibration class and Preprocessor updated
2006-07-12 coppedisSmall bug corrected
2006-07-12 coppedisDigitizer and raw data decoding updated
2006-07-05 coppedisSligthly updated AliZDCDataDCS.cxx
2006-07-05 hristovChanges after the removal of AliSimpleValue
2006-07-05 coppedisZDC Preprocessor 1st version implemented
2006-06-28 cvetanNew detector numbering scheme (common for DAQ/HLT/Offli...
2006-06-27 hristovSome additional protections
2006-06-26 hristovUsing /Users/hristov/alice/AliRoot instead of /Users...
2006-05-05 hristovGetMedium replaced by CurrentMedium as it was in versio...
2006-05-04 coppedisMinor changes for acceptance studies
2006-05-03 hristovChanging madia cuts to avoid too large EM showers in...
2006-05-03 hristovCorrected input definition of the ZDC trigger (Chiara)
2006-04-11 hristovCorrection in the volume path
2006-04-11 hristovZero misalignmentr (C.Oppedisano)
2006-04-07 hristovRemoving meaningless const (icc)
2006-04-07 hristovCanges to comply with CDB (C.Oppedisano)
2006-04-05 hristovCoding conventions (C.Oppedisano)
2006-03-31 coppedisUpdated reco classes
2006-03-31 coppedisTrigger class updated
2006-03-16 hristovGetMedium replaced by CurrentMedium (I.Hrivnacova)
2006-03-15 hristovThe left ZDC part is not simmilated, but has to be...
2006-03-13 coppedisUpdated calibration object
2006-03-13 coppedisMinor changes
2006-03-01 coppedisDIgits for 2nd ZDC set included
2006-02-27 coppedisChanges needed for ZDC trigger class
2006-02-27 coppedisTrigger class for ZDC
2006-02-07 coppedisCode fixed
2006-02-06 coppedisCalibration object updated
2006-01-30 hristovIncrementing class versions
2006-01-23 coppedisChanges in AliZDCCalibData class
2006-01-20 coppedisUpdate of calibration procedures
2006-01-18 coppedisMinor changes
2006-01-11 hristovAdditional protection in case no calibration entry...
2006-01-11 coppedisCalibration object for ZDC (validity run 0)
2006-01-10 hristovTemporary setting the local storage to ALICE_ROOT....
2005-12-30 coppedisPreliminary version of CDB
2005-11-19 hristovCorrect overloading of virtual functions in the derived...
2005-11-19 hristovRemoving DistancetoPrimitive to avoid compilation warni...
2005-07-18 coppedisMinor changes
2005-07-07 hristovCorrect initialization of the EM length (A.Gheata)
2005-06-20 hristovPossibility to store and retrieve TGeo geometry to...
2005-06-15 coppedisChanges suggested by fca
2005-05-31 hristovTemporary reverting the changes introduced earlier...
2005-05-27 hristovUnique material names (R.Grosso)
2005-04-28 coppedisDeuteron production included in nuclear fragmentation
2005-04-28 coppedisChanges needed to read both target and projectile data...
2005-04-11 coppedisChanges to comply with coding convention (A. Colla)
2005-04-11 coppedisChanges to comply with coding convention
2005-04-11 coppedisChanges to comply with coding convention (A. Colla)
2005-04-07 coppedisMinor changes to comply with coding convention
2005-04-01 hristovInitialization of fCalibData
2005-04-01 hristovChanges needed by the ZDC calibration (A.Colla)
2005-03-31 coppedisClasses for ZDC calibration (by A. Colla)
2005-02-07 coppedisUpdated spectator signal files
2005-01-26 coppedisError in ZDC positiong corrected
2005-01-18 coppedisUpdated macro to generate spectators
2005-01-18 coppedisBug in spectators generation corrected
2005-01-17 coppedisBug in magnet definition corrected
2004-12-16 coppedisError in rotation matrices corrected
2004-12-13 coppedisunused file
2004-12-13 coppedisUnused file
2004-11-25 coppedisMinor changes
2004-11-25 coppedisNew beam pipe geometry: compensator in ZDC code
2004-11-16 coppedisUpdated ZDC geometry
2004-11-16 coppedisUpdated ZDC geometry
2004-10-22 alibrarychecked in by mistake...
2004-10-22 coppedisSplitted libraries
2004-10-22 coppedisRemoving old macros
2004-10-22 coppedisSplitted libraries
2004-10-22 coppedisRemoving old macros
2004-05-03 enricoTo comply with coding conventions
2004-04-19 enricoto comply with coding conventions
2004-03-29 hristovUsing getter instead of global constant
2004-03-22 alibraryFixing coding convention violations
2004-03-13 hristovRemoving direct reference to ROOTSYS (K.Shileev)
2004-02-27 hristovUsing small security distance to avoid FPE (A.Morsch)
2004-02-16 hristovReducing printout. Removing warnings from NewIO
2003-12-15 comply with coding conventions..
2003-12-11 comply with coding conventions..
2003-12-09 enricoTo follow coding conventions
2003-11-27 hristovCode for simulation, sdigitization and digitization...
2003-11-04 coppedisMinor changes in ZDC geometry
2003-11-03 coppedisZDC geometry updated (rotation) - final version
2003-11-03 coppedisPreliminary version of updated ZDC geometry
2003-11-03 coppedisPreliminary version of updated ZDC geometry
2003-11-03 coppedisMacro to run test particle (spectator nucleons)
2003-11-03 coppedisMinor change to correct a bug