Adding possibility to change the tracking window in ctgTheta
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / ZDC /
2004-05-03 enricoTo comply with coding conventions
2004-04-19 enricoto comply with coding conventions
2004-03-29 hristovUsing getter instead of global constant
2004-03-22 alibraryFixing coding convention violations
2004-03-13 hristovRemoving direct reference to ROOTSYS (K.Shileev)
2004-02-27 hristovUsing small security distance to avoid FPE (A.Morsch)
2004-02-16 hristovReducing printout. Removing warnings from NewIO
2003-12-15 comply with coding conventions..
2003-12-11 comply with coding conventions..
2003-12-09 enricoTo follow coding conventions
2003-11-27 hristovCode for simulation, sdigitization and digitization...
2003-11-04 coppedisMinor changes in ZDC geometry
2003-11-03 coppedisZDC geometry updated (rotation) - final version
2003-11-03 coppedisPreliminary version of updated ZDC geometry
2003-11-03 coppedisPreliminary version of updated ZDC geometry
2003-11-03 coppedisMacro to run test particle (spectator nucleons)
2003-11-03 coppedisMinor change to correct a bug
2003-11-03 coppedisPreliminary version of updated ZDC geometry
2003-10-23 hristovMC-dependent part of AliRun extracted in AliMC (F.Carmi...
2003-10-23 coppedisMinor changes to avoid warnings during compilation
2003-08-12 hristovImplementing SetTreeAddress
2003-07-25 alibraryMoving to the new VMC naming convention
2003-07-14 hristovLog replaced by Id
2003-07-13 hristovTransition to NewIO
2003-05-14 coppedisPrints commented
2003-04-29 coppedisMacro to reconstruct (reco on a separated file)
2003-04-29 coppedisMacro to digitize (digits on a separated file)
2003-04-14 hristovClass version incremented
2003-04-04 coppedisUpdated to compile with new AliZDCv2.cxx
2003-04-04 coppedisBug in geometry corrected
2003-03-25 coppedisChanges in ZDC geometry to avoid overlaps with other...
2003-01-14 alibraryCleanup of STEER coding conventions
2002-11-21 alibraryRemoving AliMC and AliMCProcess
2002-10-22 alibraryIntroducing Riostream.h
2002-10-14 hristovMerging the VirtualMC branch to the main development...
2002-06-07 coppedisTreeS, TreeD and TreeR for ZDC can be written in a...
2002-06-07 coppedisAliZDCDigits inherits from TObject
2002-06-07 coppedisZDC digitization -> TreeS and TreeD are written in...
2002-06-07 coppedisTreeS, TreeD and TreeR for ZDC can be written in a...
2002-06-04 coppedisReconstruction method improved
2002-03-01 coppedisMacro to perform reconstruction in the ZDC
2002-03-01 coppedisMacro to perform digitization for the ZDC
2002-02-05 hristovClass version incremented
2002-02-04 hristovRestored correspondence between Makefile and libZDC.pkg
2002-02-04 coppedisSignal for spectator neutrons in ZDC
2002-02-04 coppedisSignal for spectator protons in ZDC
2002-02-04 coppedisMerging and reconstruction code review
2002-02-04 coppedisMerging and reconstruction code review
2001-12-05 hristovPointer fMHits set to 0 in the default constructor
2001-11-11 hristovMinor corrections
2001-10-21 hristovSeveral pointers were set to zero in the default constr...
2001-10-15 hristovUpdated version of the non-recursive Makefiles. See...
2001-10-09 hristovNew nonrecursive makefiles
2001-10-04 coppedisSecond EM ZDC added at 7.35 m from IP
2001-10-04 coppedisEvent merging for ZDC
2001-10-04 coppedisEvent merging for ZDC
2001-09-26 coppedisFile paths corrected
2001-09-26 coppedisSome function moved to AliZDC
2001-09-26 coppedisChanges in StepManager suggested by J.Chudoba
2001-09-26 coppedisMerging implemented
2001-09-26 coppedisMinor change
2001-06-25 hristovLoop variables delcared only once (HP,Sun)
2001-06-25 hristovNew&delete used for array with variable size
2001-06-15 coppedisGeometry bug corrected
2001-06-14 coppedisMinor change
2001-06-14 coppedisChanges to add AliZDCFragment class
2001-06-13 coppedisMinor changes
2001-06-13 coppedisAdding AliZDCv2
2001-06-13 coppedisBug corrected
2001-06-13 coppedisMinor changes
2001-06-12 coppedisTDI in correct position and minor correction
2001-05-16 alibraryNew files for folders and Stack
2001-05-15 coppedisChanges in AddHit method
2001-05-14 coppedisA different geometry for the ZDCs
2001-05-14 coppedisAdding functions ZMin and ZMax
2001-05-14 coppedisChange in AddHit suggested by J. Chudoba
2001-05-05 coppedisChanges in StepManager to speed simulation
2001-05-02 enricoMinor change
2001-05-02 coppedisModify tmaxfd in media definition
2001-04-27 coppedisRemove some lines for proton acceptance studies
2001-04-20 coppedisPreliminary version of optics 6.2 - Insertion of TDI
2001-04-20 coppedisMinor changes
2001-04-20 coppedisPreliminary version of optics 6.2 - Insertion of TDI
2001-04-20 coppedisMinor changes
2001-04-03 coppedisCorrection suggested by Hristov
2001-03-26 coppedisComment prints
2001-03-26 coppedisCorrected bug in constructor (fIshunt has to be =1)
2001-03-20 coppedisZDC needs PIPE, ABSO, DIPO and SHIL
2001-03-16 coppedisCorrection for superposition of ZDC volumes with MUON...
2001-03-15 coppedisCode review
2001-03-15 coppedisCode review
2001-03-12 hristovChanges needed on Sun with CC 5.0
2001-02-23 coppedisMacro to read Hits and Digits Trees
2001-02-23 coppedisMacro to run fragment generator
2001-02-23 coppedisChanged data members from protected to public
2001-02-23 coppedisMinor modifications
2001-02-23 coppedisCorrect bug in ZEM hit definition
2001-02-23 coppedisClass for spectator nucleons fragmentation
2001-02-07 coppedisModif for splitting
2001-01-26 hristovMajor upgrade of AliRoot code