Changes for Mac OSX
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / build / Makefile.macosx
2005-06-14 alibraryChanges for Mac OSX
2005-06-09 alibraryUpdate for MacOSX 10.4
2005-05-19 alibrarymodification for MacOSX 1.4
2005-04-11 alibraryTo avoid warnings on the new Root
2004-12-20 alibraryMods for MacOSX
2004-12-13 alibraryAdding initialisation of globals, will not be needed...
2004-12-10 alibraryRemove useless flags...
2004-10-05 alibraryChanges for MacOSX
2004-06-04 alibraryCleanup of makefiles
2004-06-03 rdmset PLATFORM to the operating system (linux, macosx...
2004-06-03 alibraryRely on PLATFORM defined in main makefile
2004-06-03 rdmintroduce platform dependent Makefiles using names...