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Radius of PHOS equal to 460 (Y.Schutz)
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2004-01-26 hristovNo need to filter out libNew
2003-11-14 hristovAddition dependencies for RAW & MONITOR (T.Kuhr)
2003-11-11 hristovFix for the code checker (I.Hrivnacova)
2003-10-31 hristovPorted to Alpha
2003-10-30 alibraryCorrecting coding violation checking
2003-10-23 hristovUsing the same optimization in the compiler and in...
2003-10-22 alibraryTPC barrel lib not in module.dep
2003-09-17 alibraryAdd support for 64 bits
2003-08-18 hristovCorrected creation of shared libs (ecc)
2003-08-18 hristovTMPLIB needed by Makefile.icc and Makefile.ecc
2003-08-15 hristovEmpty CINT flags
2003-08-15 hristovEmpty CINT flags
2003-08-15 hristovProfiling target fixed
2003-07-31 alibraryIntroducing new warnings with -W flag
2003-07-31 alibraryRemoving obsolete dummy libraries
2003-07-31 alibraryMessages on a single line for easy parsing
2003-07-28 hristovRemoving some temporary files and directories
2003-07-27 hristov-lMC replaced by -lVMC -lGeom
2003-07-25 hristovBug fix (I.Hrivnacova)
2003-07-13 hristovTransition to NewIO
2003-05-09 hristovAdding TPHIC
2003-04-01 hristovRemoving libbsd.a
2003-03-27 hristovIntroducing Mac OSX platform (Darwin)
2003-02-25 hristovCorrected creation of dictionaries
2003-02-17 hristovNo default compilation of static libs
2002-12-09 alibraryfix mistyping
2002-12-03 hristovChanges needed on Itanium (F.Carminati)
2002-11-26 hristovCleanup
2002-11-26 hristovAdding profile target (Linux with gcc and icc)
2002-11-21 alibraryremoving GEANT3 from the link sequence
2002-11-15 alibraryCorrect spelling mistake in cleaning dot files
2002-11-11 alibraryRepristinating a working loadlibs.C
2002-11-10 hristovModified for alisoft.cern.ch
2002-11-08 hristovAdding Flugg
2002-11-07 alibraryFinalise addition of EPEMGEN
2002-11-07 hristovAdding FASTSIM module
2002-11-06 hristovAdding event generator for e+e- pair production
2002-10-21 alibraryAdd cleaning of reveng
2002-10-18 hristovTMevSim renamed to TMEVSIM
2002-10-14 hristovMerging the VirtualMC branch to the main development...
2002-09-04 hristovPossibility to make only the executable
2002-07-28 hristovAdding -Ae to the C compiler options, cleaning up the...
2002-07-27 hristovChanges needed on Linux with ICC
2002-07-27 hristovAdding Linux with ICC compiler to the flat makefiles
2002-07-26 alibraryFixing a typo
2002-07-26 hristovAdding VZERO and TFluka, correcting a typo
2002-07-24 hristovDelete correctly the library before it is created again
2002-07-23 alibraryMake coherent ROOTLIBS definition
2002-07-19 alibraryForce remove shared lib
2002-07-19 alibraryCorrection for pure sh
2002-07-19 alibrarylibrary subdirectory created in a portable way
2002-07-18 hristovANSI sope on HP with aCC
2002-07-17 alibraryReducing the lenght of the link string for libs
2002-07-17 alibraryAdding HERWIG
2002-07-01 hristovCASTOR replaced by CRT
2002-06-28 hristovCorrect dependence for the CINT dictionaries
2002-06-07 morschVZERO added
2002-03-27 hristovSupport for Geant4 modules in the flat makefiles
2002-02-25 alibrarysimplify syntax, introduce dependency from module.tpl
2002-02-22 alibrarycorrect dependencies when adding/removing files
2002-02-22 alibraryReduce verbose output
2001-12-10 hristovDependencies for HBTAN
2001-11-14 hristovUpdated version of the flat makefiles (J.-E.Revsbech)
2001-11-11 hristovUpdate of the flat makefiles (J.-E. Revsbech)
2001-11-02 hristovTell the linker that the executable file should be...
2001-11-02 hristovMisleading printout removed
2001-10-25 hristovCompiler options needed by the new version of cfortran.h
2001-10-18 hristovDummy libraries added, -lg2c used to link the shared...
2001-10-15 hristovUpdated version of the non-recursive Makefiles. See...
2001-10-09 hristovDefault compile option changed to -g (Alpha)
2001-10-09 hristovConficuration files for the nonrecursive makefiles