Fast implementation of gamma-distributed random numbers (Andreas)
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / data / decaytable.dat
2012-05-18 morschUpdates for Lambda_b and Xi_c
2011-08-18 hristovFix for #84631: Lambda_c->(Lambda(1520)->p,K),pi branch...
2009-07-15 morschUpdate for Lambda_c (Rossella Romita)
2009-07-13 morschUpdated D+/- decay table (Martin Poghosyan <Martin...
2009-02-04 morschSome little changes in AliDecayerPythia::ForceHadronicD, in
2008-10-27 morschUpdates for eta' (Ana Marin)
2007-07-08 morschLambda_c mass according to Babar measurement. (S. Masci...
2007-06-18 hristovCorrected branching ratio (Francesco)
2007-06-17 morschCorrection of D0 and Lambda_c decay channels.
2007-06-08 morschUpdates on Lambda_c decays (S. Masciocchi)
2006-06-23 morschomega -> l+l- added.
2005-07-28 hristovGeneration of Lambda1520
2003-05-04 morschNew modes only.
2003-04-25 morschpythia6 decay table including Y".
2002-09-16 morschUpsilon" (pdg = 200553) particle and decay modes added.
2002-02-22 morschModified pythia decay table with omega and eta dilepton...