adding helper component for the automatic generation of compressed TPC cluster data...
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / data / galice.cuts
2011-07-27 fcaAdding straggling for TRD materials
2010-12-02 hristovChange for report #75852 EMCAL: New sampling and galice...
2010-10-25 morschUpdate solving
2010-06-14 hristovFix for report #66086 Remove gstpar calls and put param...
2010-05-28 hristovUpdated version (Marek)
2010-04-30 morschAdding STRA to the possible flags in galice.cuts
2010-04-21 fcaPartial fix for bug #66084: Remove gstpar calls and...
2010-04-20 hristovFix for bug #66094: Remove gstpar calls and put paramet...
2010-04-20 fcaRemoving gstpar from PHOS
2010-03-10 hristovFix for bug #63909 Request to change data/galice.cuts...
2010-02-11 morschFMD settings uncommented and med ids decreased by 1
2010-02-08 morschUpdated cuts for FMD and ITS
2007-09-07 morschObsolete media removed.
2007-07-16 morschUpdate of cuts for MUON. (G. Martinez)
2007-06-24 hristovAddional medium in TPC (Marek)
2007-05-09 hristovRemoving the HMPID specific cuts, the default ones...
2007-04-27 morschIncreased transport cuts for dipole and compensator...
2007-04-27 morschDIPO added
2007-04-16 morsch1 GeV cut on gamma and e+/- in HALL outer concrete...
2006-11-29 hristovRICH becomes HMPID
2006-11-15 morschABSO Magnesium added
2005-06-20 hristovCorrected media numbers (R.Grosso)
2005-05-04 morschSHIL and ABSO harder cuts for very shielded regions.
2004-08-02 morschRICH backplanes included.
2004-08-02 morschRICH delta electrons enabled.
2004-07-23 morschPMD added.
2004-07-09 morschNew entries for PHOS.
2003-09-29 morschMUON added.
2002-04-02 hristovNew set of cuts (B.Nilsen)
2001-05-08 hristovNew TPC medium added
2001-05-07 hristovTRD cuts included
2001-04-24 hristovNew TPC medium added (M.Kowalski)
2000-12-13 morschActivate delta-electrons for RICH
2000-10-03 hristovUpdate to the ITS materials, delta rays now on
2000-07-10 hristovUpdate of TPC cuts by M.Kowalski
2000-06-29 morschNew default cuts for ABSO and SHIL
2000-06-08 hristovITS sensitive Si medium cuts values added
1999-07-30 fcaNew galice.cuts file from Marek
1999-06-25 fcaMedium array is now private for each module
1999-06-15 fcaNew file for speeding up tracking in Muon absorber
1999-05-18 fcaThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...