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Record charged and neutral energy component separately.
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2002-09-16 morschUpsilon" (pdg = 200553) particle and decay modes added.
2002-04-02 hristovNew set of cuts (B.Nilsen)
2002-02-22 morschModified pythia decay table with omega and eta dilepton...
2002-02-19 morschField maps for B = 0.2 T solenoid (L3).
2002-02-14 morschField maps for 0.4 and 0.5 T solenoid field.
2001-09-27 hristovData files for HBT processor (P.Skowronski)
2001-05-08 hristovNew TPC medium added
2001-05-07 hristovTRD cuts included
2001-04-24 hristovNew TPC medium added (M.Kowalski)
2001-01-17 morschIncreased an accuracy of steps in radius and azimuthal...
2000-12-13 morschActivate delta-electrons for RICH
2000-10-03 hristovUpdate to the ITS materials, delta rays now on
2000-07-10 hristovUpdate of TPC cuts by M.Kowalski
2000-06-29 morschNew default cuts for ABSO and SHIL
2000-06-09 morschDetailed ALICE field map (L3 + muon dipole) Version...
2000-06-08 hristovITS sensitive Si medium cuts values added
1999-07-30 fcaNew galice.cuts file from Marek
1999-06-25 fcaMedium array is now private for each module
1999-06-15 fcaNew file for speeding up tracking in Muon absorber
1999-05-18 fcaThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...