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Made a new abstract base class; AliL3HoughBaseTransformer for different implementations
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2001-01-11 hristovCONTAINERS, THijing, TGeant4 added to the path for...
2000-08-04 vcolinupdate info about cvs installation using cvs account
2000-08-01 alibrarycommit last changes from Peter.
2000-07-25 vcolinupdate the installation procedure.
2000-07-19 vcolinminor updates
2000-07-06 vcolinminor changes to the "download code" part.
2000-05-29 vcolinupdate of the cvs/ftp retrieve informations.
1999-12-17 fcaSmall improvements to the installation instructions
1999-12-10 fcaRemoval of separated CPV
1999-12-03 fcaCorrections thanks to A.Angelis
1999-11-14 fcaMore details on installation pre-requisites
1999-11-12 fcaimprovements to installation
1999-11-11 fcaAdd more instructions on staging
1999-11-09 fcaUpdate history of V3.02
1999-11-09 fcaInstruct on how to co the release version
1999-11-09 fcaUpdate history of V3.02
1999-11-05 fcaIntroduce standard Author and Modified fields
1999-11-04 fcaImprovements in the looks
1999-11-03 fcaNew version of RALICE introduced
1999-11-02 fcaadd rehash to instructions
1999-11-01 fcaIntroduce index at the top of pages
1999-11-01 fcaRemove reference to README file. Not there anymore
1999-10-15 fcaCorrect reference to Code Development section
1999-10-13 fcaCorrect name of the graphic title
1999-10-13 fcaUpdate status of TPC
1999-10-12 fcaRearrangement of the doc
1999-10-04 fcaNew html files
1999-09-27 fcaAdd START and CPV to html source dirs
1999-09-15 fcaAdding Xsec
1999-07-05 fcaUse tgt_ prefix for binary target directories
1999-06-16 fcaSet up-to-date for release
1999-06-16 fcaadded changelog for the release
1999-06-15 fcaRemove useless file.
1999-06-15 fcaReoved useless file.
1999-06-15 fcamenu.txt file removed.
1999-06-15 fcaObsolete manual removed.
1999-06-15 fcaSome rationalisation of the documentation. In particula...
1999-06-15 fcaAdd new background and header. D.Picard
1999-06-14 fcaRemove old README.
1999-05-18 fcaThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...