Modifications for G4 simulation:
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / macros / g4menu.C
2009-10-05 hristovModifications for G4 simulation:
2009-04-29 hristovUpdating g4menu.C macro for changes in STEER;
2009-02-09 hristovExtacting the OCDB in a separate module. The detectors...
2009-02-02 fcaChanged AliRunLoader::GetRunLoader() into AliRunLoader...
2008-12-19 fcaDo not get main runloader from gAlice
2008-07-11 hristovPossibility to use Geant4 (Ivana)
2004-05-19 hristovModifications needed by Geant4 (I.Hrivnacova)
2002-11-09 hristovAdding Geant4 macros