Adding new libraries
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / macros / loadlibs.C
2007-04-13 hristovAdding new libraries
2007-03-12 hristovNo need for libMUOBshuttle
2007-03-11 hristovAdding libMUONshuttle which is needed by libMUONrec
2007-03-07 hristovSplit of the ACORDE libraries (Pedro Gonzalez)
2006-12-01 hristovCorrected order of loading
2006-11-30 hristovL3 becomes HLT
2006-11-29 hristovCRT becomes ACORDE
2006-11-29 hristovSTART becomes T0
2006-11-29 hristovRICH becomes HMPID
2006-11-01 hristovUsing LHAPDF instead of PDF
2006-10-09 hristovLoading before
2006-09-06 hristovPossibility to use loadlibs.C on Solaris x86
2006-07-27 cvetanSplitting raw data libs
2006-03-02 hristovAdding libEMCALjet
2005-12-01 hristovLibrary split
2005-11-19 alibraryLogging message with AliLog
2005-11-19 alibraryLogging message with AliLog
2005-09-06 hristovLoading of EMCAL libs
2005-07-06 hristovSplitting of the ITS libraries (M.Masera & E.Crescio)
2005-06-24 hristovDo not load twice
2005-06-24 hristovRemoving CONTAINERS. The classes needed by TPC: AliDigi...
2005-05-26 hristovCorrected names and order of libraries
2005-01-22 hristovAdapted to the new set of libraries
2004-10-14 hristovLoading
2004-09-15 hristovAdditional MUON library
2004-08-20 hristovCorrected list of libraries
2004-08-11 hristovCorrected order
2004-08-10 hristovSplitted libraries for FMD, VZERO, START
2004-05-27 alibraryNew split libs
2004-05-27 alibraryNew split libs
2004-05-27 alibraryNew split libs
2004-01-05 hristovIncluding EMCAL
2003-09-18 alibraryBreak dependencies in TPC-ITS
2003-07-31 alibraryIntroducing comments for Darwin
2003-07-31 alibraryupdating to the latest version of ROOT
2003-07-31 alibraryupdating to the latest version of ROOT
2003-07-13 hristovTransition to NewIO
2003-03-19 morschLoad EVGEN before external generators.
2002-11-11 alibraryRepristinating a working loadlibs.C
2002-10-22 hristovCorrecting the order and the names of libraries
2002-10-14 hristovMerging the VirtualMC branch to the main development...
2002-07-26 hristovAdding VZERO
2002-07-24 alibraryGet the order of libs right
2002-07-23 alibraryAdd CRT and streamline loadlibs
2002-07-19 morschTHerwig added.
2002-07-03 hristovCASTOR replaced by CRT
2002-01-08 morschlibEMCAL added.
2001-10-18 hristovInconsistent names (between flat and recursive makefile...
2001-09-27 hristovHBT code taken into account (P.Skowronski)
2001-03-25 morschUpdate with mevsim libraries.
2000-12-22 alibraryCorrection for HP
2000-12-04 morschUse and
2000-11-30 alibraryIntroducing new Rndm and QA classes
2000-11-14 hristovlibCONTAINERS loaded first
2000-11-01 hristovLibrary CONTAINERS added
2000-10-20 morschHijing libraries added.
2000-09-14 morschChange libdummypythia to libdummypythia6
2000-09-13 morschlibEGPythia changed to libEGPythia6
2000-07-11 fcaSome cleanup of creators
2000-04-26 fcaAdding START library
1999-12-13 fcalibPHOSdummy does not exist any more
1999-12-10 fcaRemoval of separated CPV
1999-11-29 cvsadminAdd Phyiscs library
1999-09-24 fcaIntroduction of new ITS and CPV and PHOS separated
1999-07-05 fcaUse tgt_ prefix for binary target directories
1999-07-01 fcaAllow reading of multiple events in AliRun, correct...
1999-05-18 fcaThis commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...