allow to set the number of events throub an env variable
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / test / cosmic /
2008-12-19 hristovUsing AliMagWrapCheb
2008-10-20 hristovReverting previous commit, these files should not be...
2008-10-20 hristovUp-to-date list of classes (CMake)
2008-08-23 cvetanRemoval of out-of-event-loop QA. Correlation QA. Some...
2008-08-15 schutztypo
2008-08-12 schutzsetting the alien environment
2008-08-04 schutzadded mandatory task setting
2008-08-01 schutza new macro providing a QA GUI for shifter
2008-07-23 hristovChanges in reco. parameters according to revision 27529
2008-07-21 schutzmod needed by trunk
2008-07-18 cvetananother error corrected
2008-07-18 cvetancorrection
2008-07-18 cvetancorrections
2008-07-17 schutzmore development
2008-07-16 schutzrawqa aka rec
2008-06-23 cvetanFixes applied to the release version
2008-04-17 hristovUpdated verison using only gshell (Marco)
2008-03-20 cvetanFrom v4-11-Release: fixes in rec.C for the cosmic data...
2008-03-19 schutzcoding convention for type (_t) and access of reference...
2008-03-13 cvetanT0 Option needed for cosmic run reconstruction (Alla)
2008-03-13 cvetanEnable vertex finder - it is needed for cosmic track...
2008-03-13 cvetanFix from v4-11-Release: 1. Possibility to run over...
2008-03-12 schutzadded TRD back
2008-03-11 schutzadded the year as a parameter of the ref directory
2008-03-11 schutzchanged format
2008-03-11 schutzadded protection
2008-03-10 schutzadded max events to process
2008-03-10 schutzadded an event counter
2008-03-10 schutzadded an event counter
2008-03-10 schutzadded an event counter
2008-03-10 schutzadded an event counter
2008-03-05 schutzgoing from local to alien OCDB
2008-03-04 hristovPossibility to set the max. number of files (Yves)
2008-03-03 hristovMacros for raw-data reco and QA at P2