Root6-enabled version
[u/mrichter/AliRoot.git] / test /
2013-10-25 hristovRoot6-enabled version
2013-10-25 hristovRemoving useless loading of libraries
2013-10-24 hristovRoot6-enabled test
2013-10-24 ihrivnac- Adding macros to run MC only (for performance tests)
2013-06-17 ihrivnacUpdated g4Config.C in vmctest:
2012-03-27 ivanaIn vmctest/gun:
2012-03-27 ivanaUpdating macros in vmctest:
2012-03-15 hristovChanges for #92479: Request to update ZDC initializatio...
2012-02-24 hristovChanges for ZDC
2012-02-01 hristovAliITSv11Hybrid is replaced by AliITSv11
2012-01-24 esickingAdd FTFP_BERT_EMV(+optical) to list of supported physic...
2012-01-13 esickingAdd in the Geant4 simulation Config FTFP_BERT(+optical...
2012-01-11 hristovMoving PWG1 to PWGPP
2011-12-21 ivanaIn vmctest/production:
2011-12-20 esickingModifaction for new Geant4 production
2011-12-05 hristovChanges for #89427: Porting modification for material...
2011-11-18 ivanaIn vmctest:
2011-10-24 hristovRestored functionallity
2011-10-13 ivanaIn vmctest/*/g4Config.C:
2011-10-07 esickingAdded analysis task for effiency studies (original...
2011-08-18 ivanaIn vmctest/production:
2011-08-18 esickingConfig file for Geant3 simulations used as Reference...
2011-08-18 esickingConfig.C: Added possiblity to use new Physics list...
2011-08-17 esickingUpdate for Geant4 production macros. Based on files...
2011-07-17 hristovIncluding TTree.h
2011-07-05 ivanaIn vmctest/*/commonConfig.C:
2011-07-05 ivanaIn vmctest:
2011-03-10 ivanaIn vmctest:
2011-03-10 ivanaIn vmctest/*/
2011-03-09 ivanaIn vmctest:
2011-01-07 hristovUsing EMCAL_COMPLETEV1 (Gustavo)
2010-12-16 esickingadded settings for magnetic field
2010-12-16 esickingupdate for new geant4 production
2010-10-24 hristovHMPID friends (Giacomo)
2010-08-31 jjoseFixes for sub-project submissions. Subprojects can...
2010-08-24 jjoseFixed some bugs with cmakelists. Added more tests.
2010-08-19 jjosefixed bugs with the rule checker.
2010-08-18 jjoseIncreased speed of reporting in continuous build script...
2010-08-17 jjoseadded gun, ppbench tests, and warnings and coding coven...
2010-08-17 jjoseAdding basic testing
2010-07-30 hristovHigh multiplicity settings
2010-07-29 morschHijing libraries loaded.
2010-07-23 cvetanNew test suite for merging of two raw-data streams...
2010-07-22 esickingAdded analysis task for checking basic properties in...
2010-07-15 hristovFix for report #69877: High memory consumption for...
2010-07-14 hristovMissing file
2010-07-14 hristovRemoving obsolete macros, changes to work with the...
2010-07-14 hristovAdding tests for different generators (Natalia)
2010-07-08 ivanaIn vmctest/production:
2010-07-08 ivanaIn Config.C:
2010-07-06 ivanaIn vmctest/production:
2010-07-02 cvetanAdding VZERO to the standard embedding test suite
2010-06-10 ivanaFix in simrun.C macro; there was a { lost in prevoius...
2010-06-10 esickingAdd process command which kills neutrinos in order...
2010-06-10 ivanaAdding comments; in Config.C added a variable g4libsMac...
2010-06-10 esickingAdded macros for production using Geant4. 3 different...
2010-05-11 ivanaIn vmctest/*/commonConfig.C:
2010-04-28 hristovSeparate syswatch for sim. and rec.
2010-04-23 hristovImproved coverage: PMD, ZDC, T0, ACORDE (Natalia)
2010-04-20 hristovFixes for report #65951: Request to change PHOS initial...
2010-04-12 cvetanUsing specific VZERO OCDB entry for Pb-Pb simulation...
2010-03-23 fca This is a backward incompatible change in AliRoot...
2010-03-10 ivanaIn vmctest/ppbench:
2010-03-10 ivanaIn vmctest/gun:
2010-03-10 ivanaIn vmctest/gun:
2010-02-25 ivanaIn vmctest:
2010-02-24 cvetanUpdated example macros for CAF reco.
2010-01-26 hristovUsing FIRSTYEAR for EMCAL
2010-01-26 hristovKeep the syswatch from the simulation
2010-01-14 hristovAdding VZERO
2010-01-05 hristovZDC is back
2009-12-02 ivanaIn vmctest:
2009-11-30 schutzNew ResetDetector method required by AMORE
2009-11-25 fcaFixing bug #59470
2009-11-18 hristovFix for report #58884: TRD sector 10 missing in the...
2009-11-06 ivanaAdding scripts directory including:
2009-10-31 fcaReverting previous change
2009-10-31 fcamove production scripts out of test
2009-10-31 fcamove production scripts out of test
2009-10-21 cvetanExample of CAF raw-data reconstruction. The simplest...
2009-10-17 fcasaving syswatch.log s
2009-10-15 fcachanges in the MagF constructor
2009-09-29 schutzimproving raw qa making
2009-09-28 schutzupdate to adapt to QA framework modifications
2009-09-24 hristovRestore the number of events (20)
2009-09-02 hristovMore portable version
2009-09-02 hristovFixes for bug #52499: Field polarities inconsistiency
2009-07-24 cvetanMoving the GRP reco-param object from the reconstructio...
2009-07-24 cvetanCorrect shell scipt and macro to be used with 2009...
2009-07-23 schutzadded saving of result in alien
2009-07-23 schutzadded saving of result in alien
2009-07-23 schutzscript that allows to 1) merge the QA data available...
2009-07-13 hristovUpdated configuration (run 2009)
2009-07-05 schutzMakeImage is now a method of AliCheckerBase, was AliQAD...
2009-07-03 schutzspecified projecile and target to the generator
2009-07-02 schutzcorrected the def storage name
2009-06-30 schutzadapted macro to QAManager
2009-06-25 hristovBack to 20 events
2009-06-25 hristovTransfer of the initialisation of the QA Data objects...
2009-06-18 schutzchanged the name of the Sim->sin and Rec->rec libraries...