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QA validation macro and script
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2008-09-30 schutzQA validation macro and script
2008-09-17 schutzbug
2008-09-17 schutzmore on dir creation
2008-09-17 schutzdefines WORK if not already defined
2008-09-15 cvetanShell scripts for running prompt offline reco at P2...
2008-09-11 schutzchanging run periof
2008-09-01 schutzadded write expert option
2008-09-01 schutzremoved geometry.root for raw rec
2008-08-29 schutzputting bck all detectors
2008-08-27 hristovEnlarged range for the PHOS energy
2008-08-23 cvetanRemoval of out-of-event-loop QA. Correlation QA. Some...
2008-08-23 fcaACORDEv1 is now the default
2008-08-18 hristovUpdated menu and list of detectors (Yves)
2008-08-15 schutztypo
2008-08-15 cvetantypo
2008-08-15 schutzImplementation of QA on correlated data among detectors
2008-08-12 schutzsetting the alien environment
2008-08-12 schutzcorrect call to QADataMakerSteer ctor
2008-08-12 schutzset proper OCD location
2008-08-12 schutzset proper OCD location
2008-08-04 schutzsome bugs
2008-08-04 schutzadded mandatory task setting
2008-08-02 schutzpolishing
2008-08-01 schutza new macro providing a QA GUI for shifter
2008-07-28 schutzthese f... RecoParam
2008-07-25 schutznew recoparam setter
2008-07-23 hristovChanges in reco. parameters according to revision 27529
2008-07-22 cvetanMajor commit related to steering of the reco parameters...
2008-07-21 schutzmod needed by trunk
2008-07-21 schutzchanged the setting
2008-07-21 schutzupdated with changes from Peter
2008-07-18 cvetananother error corrected
2008-07-18 cvetancorrection
2008-07-18 cvetancorrections
2008-07-17 schutzmore development
2008-07-17 hristovBug fixes
2008-07-16 schutzrawqa aka rec
2008-07-16 schutzdisable the runtype setting (done from GRP inside aliroot)
2008-07-15 hristovNo debug output from AliGeomManager. Corrected call...
2008-07-15 hristovPossibility to run on Windows/Cygwin
2008-07-11 schutzadded the RUNTYPE from GRP in ref path
2008-07-10 schutzchanged ACORDE version
2008-07-10 schutzchanged a parameter
2008-07-04 schutzadded RUN_TYPE in QA
2008-06-30 schutztake reference data from /Users/schutz/throng/offline...
2008-06-26 schutzanother typo
2008-06-26 schutztypo
2008-06-26 schutzremove the removal of galice.root
2008-06-26 schutzdo not start from raw data
2008-06-25 schutzupdate ACORDEgeometry
2008-06-25 hristovUsing EMCAL_COMPLETE by default (Jennifer)
2008-06-24 hristovFix to avoid the effects of galice.root on the reconstr...
2008-06-24 schutzchanged macros to run rec from raw separately
2008-06-24 schutzadded raw.root as input for AliReconstruction
2008-06-24 schutzACORDEremoved
2008-06-23 cvetanFixes applied to the release version
2008-06-12 cvetanTest suite for event-embedding (Adam).
2008-06-11 hristovUsing the new signature of SetQA and SetRunQA
2008-06-10 schutzchanged QA setting
2008-06-10 schutztypo
2008-06-10 schutzchange ACORDE version to v1
2008-06-06 schutzOption to select detector and QA task duringreconstruction
2008-05-30 schutzchanged TRD geometry
2008-05-30 schutzchanged ITS geometry
2008-05-30 schutzswitch on ACORDE
2008-05-19 hristovCreate the magnetic field map in the reconstruction...
2008-05-15 hristovFinal TOF version: 18 modules with holes for PHOS ...
2008-05-13 hristovDo not use mean vertex constraint (Andrea)
2008-05-13 hristovSwitch off the QA
2008-05-13 hristovFrom v4-12-Release: updated beam size and PHOS simulati...
2008-04-29 hristovTest for the first physics production
2008-04-28 schutzcleaning
2008-04-28 schutzcleaning
2008-04-28 schutzreading geometry from OCDB
2008-04-24 schutzgeometry.root from GRP causes problem; take mine
2008-04-24 schutztypo
2008-04-24 schutztypo
2008-04-24 schutzadded loading of geomerey for rawqa
2008-04-23 schutztypo
2008-04-23 schutzdo all in simrun.C rather than in simrun.sh
2008-04-21 schutztag files are skipped, screwing up the file counter...
2008-04-21 schutzaccess to alien files
2008-04-21 hristovDo not use Root shell but bash to run the simulation...
2008-04-21 schutzmore macros
2008-04-21 schutzmore macros
2008-04-21 schutzchange the order in loading the libraries
2008-04-18 schutznew macros to test QA
2008-04-17 hristovUpdated verison using only gshell (Marco)
2008-04-10 hristovLoad libgeant321 after the Pythia related libraries
2008-04-10 hristovNew default geometry descriptions: HMPIDv2 and ITSv11Hybrid
2008-04-09 hristovLoading additional libraries
2008-03-20 cvetanFrom v4-11-Release: fixes in rec.C for the cosmic data...
2008-03-19 schutzcoding convention for type (_t) and access of reference...
2008-03-19 hristovLoading Pythia-related libraries (Christian)
2008-03-13 cvetanT0 Option needed for cosmic run reconstruction (Alla)
2008-03-13 cvetanEnable vertex finder - it is needed for cosmic track...
2008-03-13 cvetanFix from v4-11-Release: 1. Possibility to run over...
2008-03-12 schutzadded TRD back
2008-03-11 schutzadded the year as a parameter of the ref directory
2008-03-11 schutzchanged format