11 years agoUpdate of QA hitograms
mrodrigu [Wed, 22 Jul 2009 12:53:40 +0000]
Update of QA hitograms

11 years agoMinor fix in space-points tree name (Andrea D.)
cvetan [Wed, 22 Jul 2009 12:42:07 +0000]
Minor fix in space-points tree name (Andrea D.)

11 years agoAdding the first version of the MC+AOD analysis for the BF
pchrist [Wed, 22 Jul 2009 11:47:14 +0000]
Adding the first version of the MC+AOD analysis for the BF

11 years agoFirst step in moving the GRP reco-params from the reconstruction macros to OCDB.
cvetan [Wed, 22 Jul 2009 11:46:31 +0000]
First step in moving the GRP reco-params from the reconstruction macros to OCDB.

11 years agoFollow up of r33878. Propagation of event-info object to the trackers.
cvetan [Wed, 22 Jul 2009 11:11:44 +0000]
Follow up of r33878. Propagation of event-info object to the trackers.

11 years agoUpdate to comply with the changes in AliFMDFloatMap
hdalsgaa [Wed, 22 Jul 2009 09:32:18 +0000]
Update to comply with the changes in AliFMDFloatMap

11 years agobug fix: call of not yet implemented function removed
ikraus [Wed, 22 Jul 2009 08:59:18 +0000]
bug fix: call of not yet implemented function removed

11 years agoAdded TRef to the primary vertex of the AOD event. Allows to retrieve it automaticall...
dainese [Tue, 21 Jul 2009 22:28:44 +0000]
Added TRef to the primary vertex of the AOD event. Allows to retrieve it automatically to compute e.g. the pointing angle

11 years agocut class prepared to remove cut duplication, wait for update of AliESDtrackCuts...
ikraus [Tue, 21 Jul 2009 15:36:23 +0000]
cut class prepared to remove cut duplication, wait for update of AliESDtrackCuts, added option to cut on number of points used for dEdx and option to calculate dca relative to SPD vertex

11 years agoUpdated raw streaming class, scalers+trigger card+PU included
coppedis [Tue, 21 Jul 2009 13:49:26 +0000]
Updated raw streaming class, scalers+trigger card+PU included

11 years agoProtection against division by zero.
cvetan [Tue, 21 Jul 2009 12:58:47 +0000]
Protection against division by zero.

11 years agoNew functionality: provide the detector reconstructors with an access to the run...
cvetan [Tue, 21 Jul 2009 12:13:16 +0000]
New functionality: provide the detector reconstructors with an access to the run and even info objects. To be used by ITS (for selection of active layers in the SA tracker), VZERO and ZDC (for choosing a proper behavior depending on the run type, beam type and energy)

11 years agoFixed bug which lead to crash when reading TRU data
policheh [Tue, 21 Jul 2009 11:39:37 +0000]
Fixed bug which lead to crash when reading TRU data

11 years ago- Moodify MakeMUONRecoParamArray.C in order to store at most 2 RecoParam
ivana [Tue, 21 Jul 2009 10:42:25 +0000]
- Moodify MakeMUONRecoParamArray.C in order to store at most 2 RecoParam
  at a time.
- Updating documentation.

11 years agoFixes (Chiara B)
dainese [Tue, 21 Jul 2009 10:24:41 +0000]
Fixes (Chiara B)

11 years agoFixes (Chiara B)
dainese [Tue, 21 Jul 2009 09:55:26 +0000]
Fixes (Chiara B)

11 years agoProtection needed to reconstruct data without beam type info
coppedis [Tue, 21 Jul 2009 07:07:22 +0000]
Protection needed to reconstruct data without beam type info

11 years agoMissing parenthesis...
coppedis [Mon, 20 Jul 2009 18:41:19 +0000]
Missing parenthesis...

11 years ago- correct the number of points added to the Riemann fit
kkanaki [Mon, 20 Jul 2009 18:30:12 +0000]
- correct the number of points added to the Riemann fit

11 years ago- minor changes in the cluster coordinates transformation
kkanaki [Mon, 20 Jul 2009 18:14:26 +0000]
- minor changes in the cluster coordinates transformation

11 years agoTString updated
coppedis [Mon, 20 Jul 2009 16:54:31 +0000]
TString updated

11 years agoCorrectly handling the "Calibration" events (when scalers are read for MTR
ivana [Mon, 20 Jul 2009 15:30:25 +0000]
Correctly handling the "Calibration" events (when scalers are read for MTR
while nothing is done for MCH):
- Added (dummy) Calibration RecoParam in AliMUONRecoParam.
- Ensure that Digits/RecPoints/Tracks are not created for "Calibration" events.
This should solve the problem with missing directories in the QA.

11 years agoUpdate of the alignment-data fileting macro including a fix for the access to the...
cvetan [Mon, 20 Jul 2009 15:10:04 +0000]
Update of the alignment-data fileting macro including a fix for the access to the ESD friends (Andrea)

11 years agoNew survey data for V0A (Lizardo)
cheynis [Mon, 20 Jul 2009 14:47:56 +0000]
New survey data for V0A (Lizardo)

11 years ago- add macro for testing the existing TPC calibration components with real data
kkanaki [Mon, 20 Jul 2009 12:16:26 +0000]
- add macro for testing the existing TPC calibration components with real data

11 years agoMinor change in macro
coppedis [Mon, 20 Jul 2009 10:45:23 +0000]
Minor change in macro

11 years agoTrying to make real data reconstructable
coppedis [Mon, 20 Jul 2009 09:53:24 +0000]
Trying to make real data reconstructable

11 years agoTrying to make real data reconstructable
coppedis [Mon, 20 Jul 2009 09:52:16 +0000]
Trying to make real data reconstructable

11 years agoGeometry and calibration data pointers now initialized, added debug information or...
gconesab [Mon, 20 Jul 2009 09:10:34 +0000]
Geometry and calibration data pointers now initialized, added debug information or printfs passed to debug

11 years agoUpdated classes
coppedis [Mon, 20 Jul 2009 07:41:13 +0000]
Updated classes

11 years agoDeleting unneeded objects
coppedis [Mon, 20 Jul 2009 07:03:28 +0000]
Deleting unneeded objects

11 years agoNeeded histo file
coppedis [Mon, 20 Jul 2009 07:02:39 +0000]
Needed histo file

11 years agoAdding STANDALONE_PULSER run type for ITS.
zampolli [Sat, 18 Jul 2009 12:19:46 +0000]
Adding STANDALONE_PULSER run type for ITS.

11 years agoMake the macro compilable. Add function 'kine_hide_neutrals()'. This helps when using...
mtadel [Sat, 18 Jul 2009 10:53:23 +0000]
Make the macro compilable. Add function 'kine_hide_neutrals()'. This helps when using the macro on PbPb events.

11 years agoAdding the config and the AddTask macros + corresponding modifications in the BF...
pchrist [Sat, 18 Jul 2009 08:35:53 +0000]
Adding the config and the AddTask macros + corresponding modifications in the BF classes

11 years agoDependence on OCDB removed (geometry transformation matrices reads from ESD).
gconesab [Fri, 17 Jul 2009 15:01:38 +0000]
Dependence on OCDB removed (geometry transformation matrices reads from ESD).

11 years agoMade a general review to fix as possible most coding conventions violations.
pulvir [Fri, 17 Jul 2009 14:03:16 +0000]
Made a general review to fix as possible most coding conventions violations.

Reorganized section of macros:
- "macros/test"     contain some test macros for stand-alone runs
                    useful for developers
- "macros/train"    contain all required macros for train runs
- "macros/tutorial" will contain tutorial macros to learn to use package

Added a new AnalysisTask object: AliAnalysisTaskEffSE,
which makes use of AliCFContainers to make efficiency computations for corrections
using the internal structure of RSN package to define cuts of all selection steps
and to compute the values to be used for container filling.

11 years agoModifications in the balance function code + addition of the very first version of...
pchrist [Fri, 17 Jul 2009 14:02:52 +0000]
Modifications in the balance function code + addition of the very first version of the macro and the task to run the balance function

11 years agoNew method to access certain event number by using also its event-id. Useful in case...
cvetan [Fri, 17 Jul 2009 13:06:29 +0000]
New method to access certain event number by using also its event-id. Useful in case an event selection/filtering is used.

11 years agoorrection in order to get the cosmic event specie properly set. Only lowMult and...
cvetan [Fri, 17 Jul 2009 11:38:04 +0000]
orrection in order to get the cosmic event specie properly set. Only lowMult and highMult are using the stable_beams LHC state. A bugfix in the loop over fired triggers which was preventing the cosmic specie to be set.

11 years agoDependence on OCDB removed (geometry transformation matrices reads from ESD).
policheh [Fri, 17 Jul 2009 10:27:19 +0000]
Dependence on OCDB removed (geometry transformation matrices reads from ESD).

11 years agoPrintout changed.
zampolli [Fri, 17 Jul 2009 09:38:40 +0000]
Printout changed.

11 years agoUpdate macro for phi variable (Chiara Z)
dainese [Thu, 16 Jul 2009 16:57:39 +0000]
Update macro for phi variable (Chiara Z)

11 years agoAdded two sets of pt-dep cuts (loose and tight) (Chiara B)
dainese [Thu, 16 Jul 2009 16:56:42 +0000]
Added two sets of pt-dep cuts (loose and tight) (Chiara B)

11 years agoUpdate macro for phi variable (Chiara Z)
dainese [Thu, 16 Jul 2009 16:49:34 +0000]
Update macro for phi variable (Chiara Z)

11 years agoPossibility of setting a AliITSSimuParam object from the Config.C macro (F.Prino)
masera [Thu, 16 Jul 2009 16:15:11 +0000]
Possibility of setting a AliITSSimuParam object from the Config.C macro (F.Prino)

11 years agoUpdate macro for phi variable (Chiara Z)
dainese [Thu, 16 Jul 2009 15:59:12 +0000]
Update macro for phi variable (Chiara Z)

11 years agoFrom Jochen Klein.
mtadel [Thu, 16 Jul 2009 15:28:20 +0000]
From Jochen Klein.

Update in TRD visualization
- correct setting of HC id in trd_tracklets.C
- change sign of tracket deflection
- change colour of trackletMCM in visualization
- check before destruction of children

11 years agoAliITStrackerSA.cxx: minor fix for cosmic reco + adding debug prints with AliLog...
masera [Thu, 16 Jul 2009 14:17:14 +0000]
AliITStrackerSA.cxx: minor fix for cosmic reco + adding debug prints with AliLog. AliITSRecoParam.cxx: minor change (radius for propagation inside SPD inner layer changed from 3.7 to 3.5 cm)

11 years agoFix wrong commit of July 1st
dainese [Thu, 16 Jul 2009 13:30:45 +0000]
Fix wrong commit of July 1st

11 years agoadded option to calculate dca relative to TPC vertex
ikraus [Thu, 16 Jul 2009 12:34:39 +0000]
added option to calculate dca relative to TPC vertex

11 years ago PID LUT from TH2F
cblume [Thu, 16 Jul 2009 12:31:11 +0000]
    - Add Setter for PID LUT from 2-dim histogram
    - Fix access via ADC column
    - Fix deflection sign in GTU TMU
    Add PID calculation for GTU tracks
    Updates for GTU simulation
    - Debug output in TMU
    - setting of correct HC id in gtuSim
    Removal of AliTRDmcmTracklet
    Bugfixes in visualization
    - correct setting of HC id in trd_tracklets.C
    - change sign of tracket deflection
    - change colour of tracklet MCM in visualization
    - check before destruction of children
    Additional baseline, zs-reading and check for no. of timebins
    - Additional baseline to be added/subtracted during reading/writing
    - Read back the ZS mapping
    - Check for no. of timebins
    Included changes from gridikp
    - Add GetPID(q0, q1)
    - add NHits ... to trackletMCM
    - add default PID LUT
    - add possibility to change LUT
    Adaptation to latest fitred.asm
    - decimal places for ndrift
    - calculation of y-offset, scaleY, scaleD from MCM position
    - corrected sign of deflection
    - changed position where deflection cut is applied
    - changed calculation of min/max-deflection

11 years agoTechnical fix: run the vertex finder even in case the local reco for ITS is off....
cvetan [Thu, 16 Jul 2009 10:22:00 +0000]
Technical fix: run the vertex finder even in case the local reco for ITS is off. Does not affect default behavior of the reco - it is useful only in the very particular case when the reco-points file is already produced and one wants to replay only the vertexer and tracking (Andrea D.)

11 years agoTechnical fix: sort the scalers records as they appear to be sorted incorrectly in...
cvetan [Thu, 16 Jul 2009 10:21:26 +0000]
Technical fix: sort the scalers records as they appear to be sorted incorrectly in the GRP preprocessor.

11 years agoAdded protection for empty data blocks (blocks where only the CDH is present) in...
kaamodt [Thu, 16 Jul 2009 09:10:38 +0000]
Added protection for empty data blocks (blocks where only the CDH is present) in the component.
Bugfix: Clustercandidates was not checked properly if they where used or not.

11 years ago- fixed transformation of Y coordinate of clusters
kkanaki [Thu, 16 Jul 2009 08:27:40 +0000]
- fixed transformation of Y coordinate of clusters
- added temporary fix for reading out of array boundaries

11 years agoChanges needed for cuts optimisation task (Francesco)
dainese [Thu, 16 Jul 2009 01:23:34 +0000]
Changes needed for cuts optimisation task (Francesco)

11 years agoAdded phi variable; added check for D0 from c (Chiara Z)
dainese [Thu, 16 Jul 2009 01:22:25 +0000]
Added phi variable; added check for D0 from c (Chiara Z)

11 years agoconst added to GeoMatrixes; bug with matrix overwriting fixed
prsnko [Wed, 15 Jul 2009 23:09:28 +0000]
const added to GeoMatrixes; bug with matrix overwriting fixed

11 years agoCall gEve->DisableRedraw() when their so no more chance to get an
mtadel [Wed, 15 Jul 2009 17:11:28 +0000]
Call gEve->DisableRedraw() when their so no more chance to get an
exception. This potentially blocked EVE 3D redrawing.

11 years agoskipped creation of empty QA folders/images
schutz [Wed, 15 Jul 2009 15:59:49 +0000]
skipped creation of empty QA folders/images

11 years agoPrint format in log messages corrected in different places
policheh [Wed, 15 Jul 2009 15:45:21 +0000]
Print format in log messages corrected in different places

11 years agoIn QA:
ivana [Wed, 15 Jul 2009 15:06:57 +0000]
In QA:
- Store TH2F instead of TH3F in expert mode (for easier visualization)
- Bug fixes.

11 years agohistogram binning changed, bug fixed
ikraus [Wed, 15 Jul 2009 14:29:10 +0000]
histogram binning changed, bug fixed

11 years agoAdd PID to HLT tracker and remove harmfull condition
cblume [Wed, 15 Jul 2009 14:27:55 +0000]
Add PID to HLT tracker and remove harmfull condition

11 years agoAdded script to draw calibrated raw data
cholm [Wed, 15 Jul 2009 12:29:34 +0000]
Added script to draw calibrated raw data
Added possible use of FMD RecoParam
Implemented FMD RecoParam

11 years agoAdding names of detector experts in the log in case of failure.
zampolli [Wed, 15 Jul 2009 11:59:21 +0000]
Adding names of detector experts in the log in case of failure.

11 years agoPrintout fixed.
zampolli [Wed, 15 Jul 2009 10:35:59 +0000]
Printout fixed.

11 years agocomenting some prints, removing commented lines
gconesab [Wed, 15 Jul 2009 09:48:08 +0000]
comenting some prints, removing commented lines

11 years agoStuff from aldaqdqm09
cholm [Wed, 15 Jul 2009 09:44:43 +0000]
Stuff from aldaqdqm09

11 years agoRecommit after correction of coding rule violations. (A. Sevcenco)
morsch [Wed, 15 Jul 2009 09:23:45 +0000]
Recommit after correction of coding rule violations. (A. Sevcenco)

11 years agoTechnical fix: correct initialization and reset of pointers. From rev. 33801
hristov [Wed, 15 Jul 2009 09:21:09 +0000]
Technical fix: correct initialization and reset of pointers. From rev. 33801

11 years agoUpdate for forced Lambda_c hadronic decays (Rossella Romita)
morsch [Wed, 15 Jul 2009 08:37:43 +0000]
Update for forced Lambda_c hadronic decays (Rossella Romita)

11 years agoUpdate for Lambda_c (Rossella Romita)
morsch [Wed, 15 Jul 2009 08:35:36 +0000]
Update for Lambda_c (Rossella Romita)

11 years agoNew purely virtual methods from the base class implemented.
morsch [Wed, 15 Jul 2009 07:37:05 +0000]
New purely virtual methods from the base class implemented.

11 years agoQA for the on-the-fly V0 (ana marin)
jotwinow [Tue, 14 Jul 2009 17:52:34 +0000]
QA for the on-the-fly V0 (ana marin)

11 years agoQA for the on-the-fly V0 (ana marin)
jotwinow [Tue, 14 Jul 2009 17:51:59 +0000]
QA for the on-the-fly V0 (ana marin)

11 years agoQA for the on-the-fly V0 (ana marin)
jotwinow [Tue, 14 Jul 2009 17:51:25 +0000]
QA for the on-the-fly V0 (ana marin)

11 years agoQA for the on-the-fly V0 (ana marin)
jotwinow [Tue, 14 Jul 2009 17:50:55 +0000]
QA for the on-the-fly V0 (ana marin)

11 years agoQA for the on-the-fly V0
jotwinow [Tue, 14 Jul 2009 17:48:51 +0000]
QA for the on-the-fly V0

11 years agoQA for the on-the-fly V0
jotwinow [Tue, 14 Jul 2009 17:48:15 +0000]
QA for the on-the-fly V0

11 years agoQA for the on-the-fly V0
jotwinow [Tue, 14 Jul 2009 17:47:24 +0000]
QA for the on-the-fly V0

11 years agoQA for the on-the-fly V0
jotwinow [Tue, 14 Jul 2009 17:47:06 +0000]
QA for the on-the-fly V0

11 years agoDeleting unnecessary files in OCDB for ACORDE and uploading previous version
mrodrigu [Tue, 14 Jul 2009 17:39:35 +0000]
Deleting unnecessary files in OCDB for ACORDE and uploading previous version

11 years agoCorrection of the offset settings in Rec and Sim QA for each EventSpecie. IsEQual...
masera [Tue, 14 Jul 2009 17:14:02 +0000]
Correction of the offset settings in Rec and Sim QA for each EventSpecie.  IsEQual changed to AreEqual to remove compilation warnings. Correction of the computation of the radius in FillRecPoint. Add GetEventSpecie in QASim (Melinda Siciliano)

11 years agosmall bug fixes
jgrosseo [Tue, 14 Jul 2009 16:23:53 +0000]
small bug fixes

11 years agoAdd shared pads also to dictionary and signal array
cblume [Tue, 14 Jul 2009 16:22:50 +0000]
Add shared pads also to dictionary and signal array

11 years agoGetter for Interaction record added
lietava [Tue, 14 Jul 2009 16:16:39 +0000]
Getter for Interaction record added

11 years agoFix in FillTriggerESD()
lietava [Tue, 14 Jul 2009 16:15:02 +0000]
Fix in FillTriggerESD()

11 years agoadded a few more variables to AliEMCALCalibTimeDepCorrection to make the info there...
dsilverm [Tue, 14 Jul 2009 15:31:00 +0000]
added a few more variables to AliEMCALCalibTimeDepCorrection to make the info there self-sufficient

11 years agoPID parameters tuned for low and high flux environments (Marie Germain)
gconesab [Tue, 14 Jul 2009 15:24:41 +0000]
PID parameters tuned for low and high flux environments (Marie Germain)

11 years agoMCEvent and MCEventHandler can be used as containers. This allows us to compose MC...
morsch [Tue, 14 Jul 2009 13:10:55 +0000]
MCEvent and MCEventHandler can be used as containers. This allows us to compose MC events from different sources.
Main use case: analysis of merged events.

11 years agounused SetLayersNotToSkip() removed
sgorbuno [Tue, 14 Jul 2009 12:20:19 +0000]
unused SetLayersNotToSkip() removed

11 years agoBug fixed: Removing casting to a TString when not dealing with a pointer.
zampolli [Tue, 14 Jul 2009 12:06:18 +0000]
Bug fixed: Removing casting to a TString when not dealing with a pointer.

11 years agoarray was not properly initialised
schutz [Tue, 14 Jul 2009 10:24:30 +0000]
array was not properly initialised

11 years agoAdded entry for AliPHOSAodCluster.
policheh [Tue, 14 Jul 2009 09:33:11 +0000]
Added entry for AliPHOSAodCluster.

11 years agoAdded entry for AliPHOSAodCluster.
policheh [Tue, 14 Jul 2009 09:31:08 +0000]
Added entry for AliPHOSAodCluster.

11 years agoAOD CaloCluster in PHOS.
policheh [Tue, 14 Jul 2009 09:27:41 +0000]
AOD CaloCluster in PHOS.

11 years agoNew Calorimeter Calibration directory, now only PHOS
gconesab [Tue, 14 Jul 2009 09:15:47 +0000]
New Calorimeter Calibration directory, now only PHOS
AliAnaCalorimeterQA: Correct the pi0 tagging

11 years agoSmall update (number of bins)
cblume [Tue, 14 Jul 2009 06:44:31 +0000]
Small update (number of bins)