11 years agoNew representation of the raw TRD PID signal in ESD (Alex, Yuri)
hristov [Fri, 9 May 2008 16:23:46 +0000]
New representation of the raw TRD PID signal in ESD (Alex, Yuri)

11 years agoget rid of compilation warning
richterm [Fri, 9 May 2008 15:56:49 +0000]
get rid of compilation warning

11 years agousing the new ESD assignment operator to merge ESDs
richterm [Fri, 9 May 2008 15:50:10 +0000]
using the new ESD assignment operator to merge ESDs

11 years agoMassive commit to flesh out the geometry in more details.
cholm [Fri, 9 May 2008 15:43:51 +0000]
Massive commit to flesh out the geometry in more details.
Most of the geometry is there.  Missing - if at all relevant are only

- Cooling pipes in FMD3
- Cooling fin in FMD2

Although all volumes are there, it should be noted that the
geometry should really be checked against CAD drawings and
installation/assembly notes.  This will, however, take some
time to do, and I need some information from the relevant

What has been added to the geometry is

- Support of FMD2 - barrel, covers, and flanges.
- Support of FMD1 - both the upper and lower saucers are there.
- Digitiser cards on all half-rings.
- Cooling plates on FMD3

What has been changed in the geometry is

- Sensors are now put into an assembly together with the hybrid
  cards and the stand-offs.  This is to make it easier to have
  enough clearance for alignment, and it is, after all, more likely
  that the mounting of a module (sensor+hybrid+stand-offs) to the
  honeycomb plates is less precise than the compound itself.
- The cone of FMD3 is now made as a composite shape of a cone minus
  the openings where the cooling plates sit.
- Computations done more robust - gone are a lot of stupid fudge

Other changes are for the display and alignement macros and similar.

11 years agoPossibility to fix some of the parameters. New method to get the number of free param...
cvetan [Fri, 9 May 2008 15:33:17 +0000]
Possibility to fix some of the parameters. New method to get the number of free parameters (Andrea)

11 years agoadded converter for offline cluster format; added histogram handler (Kelly)
richterm [Fri, 9 May 2008 15:30:33 +0000]
added converter for offline cluster format; added histogram handler (Kelly)

11 years agoRemoved dependency on the PWG0
marian [Fri, 9 May 2008 14:27:57 +0000]
Removed dependency on the PWG0

11 years agoTrivial error correction
decaro [Fri, 9 May 2008 14:25:54 +0000]
Trivial error correction

11 years agoAdded a getter method for the private variable fGeom
decaro [Fri, 9 May 2008 14:25:00 +0000]
Added a getter method for the private variable fGeom

11 years agoBug fix - Teminate - as virtula function
marian [Fri, 9 May 2008 14:21:33 +0000]
Bug fix - Teminate - as virtula function

In alignment - use the hyperplanes fit


11 years agoUpdated macro for ACORDE raw-data visualisation. We use now the ACORDE sym.names...
cvetan [Fri, 9 May 2008 14:03:36 +0000]
Updated macro for ACORDE raw-data visualisation. We use now the ACORDE sym.names and PN entries (Matevz + Cvetan)

11 years agoCorrect treatment of single and multi muon information (raw->digits and digits->raw...
cvetan [Fri, 9 May 2008 13:32:11 +0000]
Correct treatment of single and multi muon information (raw->digits and digits->raw fixed)

11 years agoAs agreed - we will keep the timing information in the digit (for future usage),...
cvetan [Fri, 9 May 2008 13:24:52 +0000]
As agreed - we will keep the timing information in the digit (for future usage), but will not fill it in the digitizer

11 years agoenable keyword substitution
richterm [Fri, 9 May 2008 13:19:21 +0000]
enable keyword substitution

11 years agotest and bugfixes of HLT preprocessor and HLTCompModule preprocessor (Jenny)
richterm [Fri, 9 May 2008 13:12:03 +0000]
test and bugfixes of HLT preprocessor and HLTCompModule preprocessor (Jenny)

11 years agoDetecting endianess of platform at runtime and generating warning if not on a little...
aszostak [Fri, 9 May 2008 12:56:30 +0000]
Detecting endianess of platform at runtime and generating warning if not on a little endian machine.

11 years agoImproving output format of the program.
aszostak [Fri, 9 May 2008 12:36:38 +0000]
Improving output format of the program.

11 years agoFirst step towards reading of the new RCU firmware trailer. Thanks to Luciano we...
cvetan [Fri, 9 May 2008 11:56:22 +0000]
First step towards reading of the new RCU firmware trailer. Thanks to Luciano we now have an opportunity to decide automatically whenever we get old or new (v2) firmware format. That is why all the SetOldRCUFormat methods have been removed from RAW, TPC, FMD, PHOS, EMCAL and HLT modules.

11 years agoAlignable TOF sensitive volumes: new enumeration (R.Grosso)
decaro [Fri, 9 May 2008 11:21:50 +0000]
Alignable TOF sensitive volumes: new enumeration (R.Grosso)

11 years agoreducing macro to minimum AliReconstruction functionality, disable QA and TriggerESD...
richterm [Fri, 9 May 2008 10:42:31 +0000]
reducing macro to minimum AliReconstruction functionality, disable QA and TriggerESD because of crashes

11 years agousing persistent ESD object in order to reduce memory consumption
richterm [Fri, 9 May 2008 10:38:04 +0000]
using persistent ESD object in order to reduce memory consumption

11 years agoUse FlowVector
snelling [Fri, 9 May 2008 09:55:51 +0000]
Use FlowVector

11 years agoImplemented Copy() function for all esd objects to allow for assignment of AliESDEven...
kleinb [Fri, 9 May 2008 09:54:45 +0000]
Implemented Copy() function for all esd objects to allow for assignment of AliESDEvents (based on the list of objects), fixed some assignment operators

11 years agoFor primary tracks, when mother-particle is defined, add label and
mtadel [Thu, 8 May 2008 19:09:41 +0000]
For primary tracks, when mother-particle is defined, add label and
pdg-code of the mother to the tooltip.

11 years agoCode clean up (F. Prino)
masera [Thu, 8 May 2008 16:07:54 +0000]
Code clean up (F. Prino)

11 years agoFix import of track-references. Apparently they are now stored in a
mtadel [Thu, 8 May 2008 15:52:08 +0000]
Fix import of track-references. Apparently they are now stored in a
single branch, one entry per particle (not primary). Also, the way how
decay in flight is tagged has changed.

11 years agosilvermy@ornl.gov - basic interface to calibration info for testbeam (CERN 2007)...
dsilverm [Thu, 8 May 2008 15:25:21 +0000]
silvermy@ornl.gov - basic interface to calibration info for testbeam (CERN 2007) data

11 years agoImplementation of the ACORDE reconstructor and ACORDE ESD object. The ACORDE digits...
cvetan [Thu, 8 May 2008 15:24:44 +0000]
Implementation of the ACORDE reconstructor and ACORDE ESD object. The ACORDE digits should be revised, because the information they contain does not fully correspond to the raw-data contents (Mario and Cvetan)

11 years agoSome cleanup, corrections to the log messages and removal of possible leaks
cvetan [Thu, 8 May 2008 15:15:47 +0000]
Some cleanup, corrections to the log messages and removal of possible leaks

11 years agoNew constructors and print method (Mario)
cvetan [Thu, 8 May 2008 15:13:46 +0000]
New constructors and print method (Mario)

11 years agoUpdate version number in order to avoid warnings from root
cvetan [Thu, 8 May 2008 15:12:33 +0000]
Update version number in order to avoid warnings from root

11 years agoFor some reason the plastics copy id is either 5 or 6 (instead of 1 and 2). Temporary...
cvetan [Thu, 8 May 2008 15:10:57 +0000]
For some reason the plastics copy id is either 5 or 6 (instead of 1 and 2). Temporary fix in order to fill properly the digits. Should be corrected!

11 years agoUpdated digitzer code (Mario)
cvetan [Thu, 8 May 2008 15:08:11 +0000]
Updated digitzer code (Mario)

11 years agoCorrected detector name (Mario)
cvetan [Thu, 8 May 2008 15:02:31 +0000]
Corrected detector name (Mario)

11 years agoCreate the rec-point branch even in the case of no digits. Please review and fix...
cvetan [Thu, 8 May 2008 14:26:29 +0000]
Create the rec-point branch even in the case of no digits. Please review and fix if needed! (Cvetan & Jouri)

11 years agoGeometry should not be read from gAlice. For the moment we keep it only for backward...
cvetan [Thu, 8 May 2008 14:25:46 +0000]
Geometry should not be read from gAlice. For the moment we keep it only for backward compatibilty. Please fix! (Jouri & Cvetan)

11 years agoBug fix
cvetan [Thu, 8 May 2008 14:24:06 +0000]
Bug fix

11 years agoMinor changes
coppedis [Thu, 8 May 2008 09:08:31 +0000]
Minor changes

11 years agoTune hists for jet trigger
pavlinov [Wed, 7 May 2008 19:17:31 +0000]
Tune hists for jet trigger

11 years agoPossibility of fast simulation of decalibration added
prsnko [Wed, 7 May 2008 18:57:48 +0000]
Possibility of fast simulation of decalibration added

11 years agoDistance to bad channel accounts module edges now
prsnko [Wed, 7 May 2008 18:55:45 +0000]
Distance to bad channel accounts module edges now

11 years agoAliEveEventManager::AssertGeometry() - consolidate with changes in
mtadel [Wed, 7 May 2008 18:25:12 +0000]
AliEveEventManager::AssertGeometry() - consolidate with changes in
TEveManager::GetGeometry(), assign the geo-manager to gGeoManager as

SplitGLView.C - disable summary html view for now (it was not populated).

acorde_raw.C, geom_acorde.C - minor cleanup while trying to get ACORDE
geometry from CDB.

11 years agosuppressed closing the file after each QA maker call
schutz [Wed, 7 May 2008 17:57:43 +0000]
suppressed closing the file after each QA maker call

11 years agoAdding expansion of file name - necessary for testing the preprocessor.
zampolli [Wed, 7 May 2008 17:12:26 +0000]
Adding expansion of file name - necessary for testing the preprocessor.

11 years agoUpdates Ds cuts (Francesco, Sergey)
dainese [Wed, 7 May 2008 17:09:45 +0000]
Updates Ds cuts (Francesco, Sergey)

11 years agoAdd task to update the already existing AOD with femto specific information from...
akisiel [Wed, 7 May 2008 15:26:05 +0000]
Add task to update the already existing AOD with femto specific information from the ESD

11 years agoBug in ZDC geometry
coppedis [Wed, 7 May 2008 15:16:30 +0000]
Bug in ZDC geometry

11 years agoPut trigger jet information to ESD
pavlinov [Wed, 7 May 2008 14:50:40 +0000]
Put trigger jet information to ESD

11 years agoremoved possible division by zero
snelling [Wed, 7 May 2008 14:10:10 +0000]
removed possible division by zero

11 years agoRemoved the use of FM11 (second geometric moment)
phille [Wed, 7 May 2008 13:21:37 +0000]
Removed the use of FM11 (second geometric moment)

11 years agoTypo corrected
cvetan [Wed, 7 May 2008 13:18:08 +0000]
Typo corrected

11 years agopossibility to test a single subdetector
jgrosseo [Wed, 7 May 2008 12:50:43 +0000]
possibility to test a single subdetector

11 years agoAdding constructor TNamed - (Marian)
marian [Wed, 7 May 2008 12:37:12 +0000]
Adding constructor TNamed - (Marian)

11 years agoAdditional protection: no update of V0 momentum without mag. field
hristov [Wed, 7 May 2008 12:26:40 +0000]
Additional protection: no update of V0 momentum without mag. field

11 years agodisable doxygen latex output
richterm [Wed, 7 May 2008 12:24:30 +0000]
disable doxygen latex output

11 years agoadded private empty copy ctor and assignment op
snelling [Wed, 7 May 2008 12:11:27 +0000]
added private empty copy ctor and assignment op

11 years agoFix memory leaks
cblume [Wed, 7 May 2008 12:03:51 +0000]
Fix memory leaks

11 years agocopy ctor's
snelling [Wed, 7 May 2008 11:34:57 +0000]
copy ctor's

11 years agoreconstruction of arbitrary number of modules
prsnko [Wed, 7 May 2008 11:02:35 +0000]
reconstruction of arbitrary number of modules

11 years agoCommented out the use of fM11 (second mixed moment)
phille [Wed, 7 May 2008 10:18:45 +0000]
Commented out the use of fM11 (second mixed moment)
due to change in AliCaloCluster

11 years agoUpdate by Sylwester
cblume [Wed, 7 May 2008 09:33:17 +0000]
Update by Sylwester

11 years agoasignment operator fix
snelling [Wed, 7 May 2008 08:05:52 +0000]
asignment operator fix

11 years agoAdding and removing files from build system
phille [Tue, 6 May 2008 22:19:52 +0000]
Adding and removing  files from build system

11 years ago1) Cosmetics, pluss 2) first iteration in phasing out
phille [Tue, 6 May 2008 22:18:34 +0000]
1) Cosmetics, pluss 2) first iteration in phasing out

11 years agoReplacing "is a" with a "has a" relationship
phille [Tue, 6 May 2008 22:17:04 +0000]
Replacing "is a" with a "has a" relationship
for several componets that "has" a RCU processor property
but wich "is not" a RCU property. In addition this componenet was needed
for the calibration processor since both the AliHLTPHOSRcuProcessor
and the AliHLTCalibrationProcessor inheriths from the
AliHLTProcessor, i.e ambigious inheritance that would have
been quite ugly to clean up.

11 years agoAdding new components to the linkdef file
phille [Tue, 6 May 2008 22:12:01 +0000]
Adding new components to the linkdef file

11 years agoDA component using exactly the same DA
phille [Tue, 6 May 2008 22:11:09 +0000]
DA component using exactly the same DA
as offline (political issue)

11 years agoDA component that makes calibration data on per module
phille [Tue, 6 May 2008 22:09:46 +0000]
DA component that makes calibration  data on per module
basis. This component will be factored out in near future
(calibration data will be accumulated on per ddl basis)
however it is commited now to make our local project
consistent with aliroot and to avoid braking the compilation by accident.

11 years agoComponets for validation of PHOS electronics.
phille [Tue, 6 May 2008 21:56:10 +0000]
Componets for validation of PHOS electronics.
Pattern can be loaded too altros and replayed by electronics on arrival
of L2 trigger (pattern generator is replacing physical signal) .
The Patterntes classes validates the electronics by
comparing the input patternt (too the electronics) with the pattern
actuallay read back, making statistics on the  number of patterns obeserved and so on ..

11 years agoPattern class for validation of electronics
phille [Tue, 6 May 2008 21:52:08 +0000]
Pattern class for validation of electronics

11 years agoTracks that can be removed from ESD by the cleaning procedure are not anymore include...
hristov [Tue, 6 May 2008 21:32:21 +0000]
Tracks that can be removed from ESD by the cleaning procedure are not anymore included in the list of reconstructable tracks

11 years agoError message in case of negative segment number and additional protection
hristov [Tue, 6 May 2008 20:37:03 +0000]
Error message in case of negative segment number and additional protection

11 years agoConvert some warnings to debug printouts
hristov [Tue, 6 May 2008 20:34:27 +0000]
Convert some warnings to debug printouts

11 years agoUncommented method arguments for debug usage.
mploskon [Tue, 6 May 2008 16:40:37 +0000]
Uncommented method arguments for debug usage.

11 years agoUpdated geometry including v11Hybrid ITS geometry
rgrosso [Tue, 6 May 2008 16:14:24 +0000]
Updated geometry including v11Hybrid ITS geometry

11 years agoTCLonesArray of AliITSpListItem objects replaced with an array of AliITSpListItem
masera [Tue, 6 May 2008 16:07:36 +0000]
TCLonesArray of AliITSpListItem objects replaced with an array of AliITSpListItem

11 years agoadding script to retrieve all datapoints for testing purposes
jgrosseo [Tue, 6 May 2008 15:50:33 +0000]
adding script to retrieve all datapoints for testing purposes

11 years agoFixed memory leaks (Marian)
marian [Tue, 6 May 2008 15:31:38 +0000]
Fixed memory leaks (Marian)

11 years agoSupport root-5.19.2 and 5.19.2a.
mtadel [Tue, 6 May 2008 15:01:49 +0000]
Support root-5.19.2 and 5.19.2a.

11 years agoadding functionality to retrieve trigger configuration from the DAQ logbook
jgrosseo [Tue, 6 May 2008 13:35:01 +0000]
adding functionality to retrieve trigger configuration from the DAQ logbook

11 years agoNew class AliPHOSRcuDA1 introduced.
policheh [Tue, 6 May 2008 13:11:59 +0000]
New class AliPHOSRcuDA1 introduced.

11 years agoUsing directly 1/Pt without constrain to estimate the resolution. Use the MC momentum...
hristov [Tue, 6 May 2008 10:08:33 +0000]
Using directly 1/Pt without constrain to estimate the resolution. Use the MC momentum in the representation of the PID resolutions (dE/dx and TOF)

11 years agoUpdate of the class ESDMuonFilter. New marcros for creating AOD with muon information...
martinez [Tue, 6 May 2008 09:57:02 +0000]
Update of the class ESDMuonFilter. New marcros for creating AOD with muon information locally and in the CAF (Roberta)

11 years agoadding macro that applies the corrections and visualizes the result
jgrosseo [Tue, 6 May 2008 09:17:45 +0000]
adding macro that applies the corrections and visualizes the result

11 years agoStandard quality cuts added.
morsch [Tue, 6 May 2008 08:46:01 +0000]
Standard quality cuts added.

11 years agoadded copy ctor and assignment
snelling [Tue, 6 May 2008 07:34:47 +0000]
added copy ctor and assignment

11 years agoPossibility to create arbitrary number of PHOS modules added
prsnko [Tue, 6 May 2008 07:09:11 +0000]
Possibility to create arbitrary number of PHOS modules added

11 years agoFixed GetTriggerAmplittudes
kleinb [Tue, 6 May 2008 06:09:40 +0000]
Fixed GetTriggerAmplittudes

11 years agoAdded documentation on geometry (M. Sitta)
masera [Mon, 5 May 2008 21:49:44 +0000]
Added documentation on geometry (M. Sitta)

11 years agoSSD services on the cones (E. Cattaruzza). Removed SSD relate overlaps (M. Sitta)
masera [Mon, 5 May 2008 21:26:15 +0000]
SSD services on the cones (E. Cattaruzza). Removed SSD relate overlaps (M. Sitta)

11 years agoAdding stream level and debug streamer to the base class
marian [Mon, 5 May 2008 19:17:48 +0000]
Adding stream level and debug streamer to the base class

11 years agoadded copy ctor and assignment op
snelling [Mon, 5 May 2008 17:01:51 +0000]
added copy ctor and assignment op

11 years agoFurther fixes to the par file generation
akisiel [Mon, 5 May 2008 16:39:07 +0000]
Further fixes to the par file generation

11 years agoAdd ReadTPCInner
akisiel [Mon, 5 May 2008 16:29:41 +0000]
Add ReadTPCInner

11 years agoImproving TClonesArray handling: using static TClonesArray, and clearing
zampolli [Mon, 5 May 2008 15:31:19 +0000]
Improving TClonesArray handling: using static TClonesArray, and clearing
TClonesArray data members instead of deleting them.

11 years agoUpdate of bug fix for parallel tracks + move creation of calibration object
cblume [Mon, 5 May 2008 15:00:19 +0000]
Update of bug fix for parallel tracks + move creation of calibration object

11 years agoTPCZeroSuppressionComponent finalized, utility methods in digit reader interface...
richterm [Mon, 5 May 2008 13:41:44 +0000]
TPCZeroSuppressionComponent finalized, utility methods in digit reader interface(Kenneth)

11 years agoa few more empty newlines at the end of the files
snelling [Mon, 5 May 2008 13:38:01 +0000]
a few more empty newlines at the end of the files

11 years agoadded functionality to handle CDH and RCU trailer
richterm [Mon, 5 May 2008 13:10:40 +0000]
added functionality to handle CDH and RCU trailer

11 years agoTClonesArray->Clone() removed
prsnko [Mon, 5 May 2008 12:47:27 +0000]
TClonesArray->Clone() removed