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2015-03-04 Matthias RichterUpdate master to aliroot master
2015-03-04 morschLambda(1520) added to Lambda_c decay channels development
2015-03-04 shahoianadd ADDigits branch to ADDigits tree in every event
2015-03-04 abercuciremove info message
2015-03-04 mfaselFixes-for-root6-v6-02-05
2015-03-04 laphecetAdding small protection
2015-03-03 hristovChanges for Root6 (Mikolaj)
2015-03-03 agrigoraCMake: Retrieve Git information
2015-03-03 jniedzieMissing macro's compilation added to alieve_online_new...
2015-03-03 jniedziesaveViews extended to print trigger classes, displaying...
2015-03-02 agrigoraCMake: DA rpm creation, enable more detectors from...
2015-03-02 agrigoraCMake: Renaming ADPEDESTAL to AD0PEDESTAL to match...
2015-03-02 agrigoraCMake: Changing DA detector name to DA0 to match DAQ...
2015-03-02 dberzanoPAR: includes from previously enabled PARfiles
2015-03-02 morschThe decay tree is printed only if the debug level is...
2015-03-01 zampolliAdding Domenico Colella as responsible for SPD part...
2015-02-27 coppedisRemoving annoying prints
2015-02-27 mivanovATO-123 - Configurin of the stream level. Swith to...
2015-02-27 kharlovCPV gain DA (Sergey Evdokimov)
2015-02-27 kharlovPHOS/DA/CMakeLists.txt
2015-02-27 hristovUse PHOS version Run1
2015-02-27 hristovCheck if AliPhysics is installed; instantiate the EMCAL...
2015-02-27 hristovReplace the PHOS version from IHEP to Run1 and fix...
2015-02-27 hristovDo not include from subdirectories
2015-02-27 hristovInstalling headers
2015-02-27 hristovExtra header added to the list
2015-02-27 hristovSet the seed in AliRndm
2015-02-26 coppedisMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2015-02-26 coppedisAdding macros to create Calibration objects
2015-02-26 morschupdates cross-bars
2015-02-26 guernaneMixed TRU and SM phi size
2015-02-26 bogdanRemove unused variables
2015-02-26 bogdanPut back the doxygen comments in MUONTRGda.cxx
2015-02-26 mbrozTrigger input names as in CTP
2015-02-26 shahoiancall ProcessTriggerAliases only after BeginSlave or...
2015-02-26 dberzanodoxy: enabled MUON/DA
2015-02-26 mbrozChanging defualt values and description in DA
2015-02-26 bogdanReading muon trigger scalers with the DA of the muon...
2015-02-26 mbrozFine tuning of QA
2015-02-26 rgrossoUpdate RecoParam and add TimeSlewing AD CDB objects
2015-02-26 cblumeFixing small memory leaks (Hans)
2015-02-25 guernaneFix global mapping
2015-02-25 mbrozUsage of RecoParam in QADataMaker and macro for Time...
2015-02-25 mbrozCorrelation and other histograms for raws
2015-02-25 agrigoraDA: Put back the DA rpm description removed by the...
2015-02-25 agrigoraSTEER/STEER: Install AliRawDataHeaderSim.h for HMPID...
2015-02-25 agrigoraCMake: Remove obsolete CMake files
2015-02-25 agrigoraCMake: Typo in DIMDIR variable
2015-02-25 agrigoraCMake: Deleting wrong CMakeLists
2015-02-25 agrigoraCMake: Find ApMon used for the Shuttle
2015-02-25 agrigoraCMake: Using FindDIM to set include path and linking...
2015-02-25 agrigoraCMake: FindDIM to set abolute path to DIM library
2015-02-25 jniedzieOffline files disabled in online mode comletely. Proble...
2015-02-25 cholmFix for FMD DA
2015-02-25 jniedzieswitching on all sectors of TRD in ED
2015-02-24 shahoianmissing forward declaration of THashList added
2015-02-24 rgrossoUpdate timestamp for new data points simulation
2015-02-24 shahoianSetting of aliases to rawReader done only once. Base...
2015-02-24 morschSetSeed dummy implementations
2015-02-24 rpreghenadded printout of equipment-ID in case of decode errors
2015-02-24 allaFIT geometry with thin boxes 59x59mm; radiator 53x53mm
2015-02-24 tbreitneDebug msg
2015-02-24 tbreitnefixing GlobalTrigger cleanup
2015-02-24 morschfSeed initialized
2015-02-24 morschSetSeed implementation
2015-02-24 morschSetSeed implementation
2015-02-24 tbreitneNo auto fall-back to CPU if GPU tracker was requested
2015-02-23 rgrossoAdd 2015 cosmic classes
2015-02-23 hristovALIROOT-5836 AliESDpid not respecting the AliVTrack...
2015-02-23 morschcorrected TRD/TOF MV position
2015-02-23 morschmore overlaps corrected
2015-02-20 fprinoFix in return code + cleanup of unused method
2015-02-20 morschOverlaps corrected, new shape of sectors
2015-02-20 agrigoraCMake: removing qpythia from the depedencies
2015-02-20 belikovA more efficient way of volume creations and other...
2015-02-20 cholmMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2015-02-20 cholmVarious hacks to fix up DAs:
2015-02-20 rpreghenclose file when reload
2015-02-19 jniedzieDouble check if SM is running added. Some redundant...
2015-02-19 jniedzieED goes to first event after reaching last in a file
2015-02-19 jniedzieSM checks if other SM processes are running. ED macros...
2015-02-19 jniedzieQuit online reconstruction when all events were reconst...
2015-02-19 coppedisCorrecting parameters to have ZDC mother volume compati...
2015-02-19 coppedisAdding track references also in AliZDCv5
2015-02-19 cholmAdd handlers on init
2015-02-18 fprinoDisable retireval of DCS data points from AliShuttle...
2015-02-18 zampolliFlushing the buffer for debug purposes (R. Preghenella)
2015-02-18 coppedisAdding track reference
2015-02-18 fprinoDisable storing of SDD DCS reference data in SDD prepro...
2015-02-18 jniedziesaveViews macro fixed. Some macros are now being compil...
2015-02-18 zampolliAdding printouts (R. Preghenella)
2015-02-18 hbeckSTEER/CDB: Missing delete in AliDCSSensor dtor
2015-02-18 zampolliAdding calibAPI for manual calibration
2015-02-17 agrigoraCMake: Fix for empty rootmap for liblhapdf-5_9_1
2015-02-17 jniedzieMissing #ifdef ZMQ added in AliEveEventManager.cxx
2015-02-17 agrigoraCMake: Removing all lhapdf link dependencies
2015-02-17 agrigoraLHAPDF: Replacing . with _ in lhapdf-5.9.1 -> lhapdf...
2015-02-17 agrigoraLHAPDF: Removing lhapdf 5.3.1 version
2015-02-17 gvolpeChange needed for G4
2015-02-17 rgrossoUpdate timestamps for new AMANDA simulation (17/02...