2004-07-29 bnandiMethod added to start reconstruction from raw data
2004-07-29 cussonnoDDL word unpacking correction (Christian)
2004-07-29 morschStopping introduced.
2004-07-29 morschCorrected stack pointer to optical photons.
2004-07-29 morschStopTrack() implemented.
2004-07-29 cussonnoAdd realistic raw data format for trigger (Christian)
2004-07-29 cussonnoAdd local cards pattern & local decision words (Christian)
2004-07-28 morschsplitting of simulation and reconstruction code (T...
2004-07-28 cussonnoPut trigger informations at digit level (Christian)
2004-07-27 tkuhrset magnetic field for tracks
2004-07-27 hristovTypo
2004-07-27 hristovUsing TMath::Abs instead of fabs
2004-07-27 hristovstdlib.h needed on Sun
2004-07-27 hristovTypo
2004-07-26 tkuhrobsolete macros removed
2004-07-23 morschPMD added.
2004-07-23 cussonnoRealistic raw data format for tracker (Christian)
2004-07-22 morschSign error for bz corrected.
2004-07-22 skowronCMSL->LCMS
2004-07-21 hristovNew version of the ITS tracking, presented by M.Ivanov...
2004-07-21 hristovUpdated version (M.Ivanov)
2004-07-21 hristovAdditional protection (M.Ivanov)
2004-07-21 hristovApparently wrong loop commented out
2004-07-21 mhornerupdating version
2004-07-21 mhornerbug fix in parent finding
2004-07-21 morschBug in assignment of coordinates corrected.
2004-07-21 hristovNew comparison macros (M.Ivanov)
2004-07-21 cussonnoSet magnetic field off (Christian)
2004-07-21 hristovRemapTrackHitID commented out temporarily
2004-07-21 hristovVerbose output commented out
2004-07-21 hristovFixing memory leaks
2004-07-21 morschHADR=0 implemented through THRESHOLD option.
2004-07-20 hristovCorrected casting
2004-07-20 hristovAdditional initialization
2004-07-20 hristovFixing problems in the memory allocation
2004-07-20 hristovFixing memory leak
2004-07-20 maseraBug fix on method Dy()
2004-07-20 hristovDetectors should not delete the run loader, becaus...
2004-07-20 hristovFixing memory leaks
2004-07-20 skowronnew correlation functions for non-id HBT added
2004-07-20 skowronCalculation of new variables needed for Non-id HBT...
2004-07-19 cheynisChanges in material definitions
2004-07-19 cheynisChanges in material definitions
2004-07-19 cheynisChanges in material definitions
2004-07-17 skowronEnergy -> E
2004-07-16 schutzPreparing to reconstruct from raw data
2004-07-16 schutzIntroduced a new time information (fastest track making...
2004-07-16 schutzAdded method to read raw data and convert to digits...
2004-07-16 schutzMade the raw data format conversion from digits more...
2004-07-16 hristovFixes needed for the TRD production (M.Ivanov)
2004-07-16 hristovAdditional/optional data members to investigate the...
2004-07-16 skowronAdditional debug printout
2004-07-16 skowronBug corrected
2004-07-16 skowronNew interface methods added
2004-07-16 skowronMissing entries for new base cuts added
2004-07-16 skowronDeltaP -> DeltaPvector
2004-07-16 skowronDeltaE added and appropriate Pair Base Cut
2004-07-15 skowronVersion changed
2004-07-15 skowronMissing entry in LinkDef
2004-07-15 hristovPossibility to use mallinfo (T.Kuhr)
2004-07-15 skowronTheor Qt correlation function added
2004-07-15 tkuhrremove raw2date program (functionality now provided...
2004-07-15 hristovRemoving memory leaks
2004-07-15 hristovRemoving obsolete dependences
2004-07-15 skowronQt correlation function added
2004-07-15 skowronClear method implemented: necssary to store this object...
2004-07-15 skowronBug Correction
2004-07-15 skowronBug Correction
2004-07-14 alibraryCoding conventions
2004-07-14 cblumeUse pad coupling 0.49 instead 0.3
2004-07-13 skowronQ transverse correlation function added
2004-07-13 skowronQ transverse added
2004-07-12 morschAdd Cerenkov photons to TVirtualMCStack.
2004-07-12 mhorneradded parent functionality
2004-07-12 mhornerupdating version number
2004-07-12 loizidesCompiles under gcc-3.
2004-07-12 morschError for option HADR=0 corrected.
2004-07-10 hristovAdding AliGenEventHeader
2004-07-10 hristovAdditiona protection
2004-07-09 morschCoding rule violations corrected (A. Gheata).
2004-07-09 schutzSmall correction in Digits2Raw
2004-07-09 martinezAdding #include <stdlib.h> for getenv as proposed by...
2004-07-09 tkuhrupdate the number of DDLs for EMCAL
2004-07-09 cussonnoAddition of electronic noise corrected
2004-07-09 martinezFurther development on Mapping and Segmentation. Waitin...
2004-07-09 skowronCoding violations corrected
2004-07-09 hristovTypo fixed
2004-07-09 hristovChange needed on HP and Alpha
2004-07-09 hristovBug fix
2004-07-09 morschNew entries for PHOS.
2004-07-09 schutzIntroducing the raw data format
2004-07-09 schutzReorganization + comment added
2004-07-09 schutzUsing the Getter in Raw2Digits. Added random number...
2004-07-08 cussonnobug fixed for fMUONData (Gines)
2004-07-08 tkuhrcheck range (10 bits) of filled words
2004-07-07 loizidesCoding violations.
2004-07-07 martinezNew definition of name ofobject in TMap tables. Fixing...
2004-07-07 morschOnly with TGeo now (A. Gheata)
2004-07-07 morschOnly with TGeo now.
2004-07-07 morschTFluka based on TGeo only. (A. Gheata)