2011-09-22 kharlovEvent embedding tasks for PHOS are added (D.Peressounko)
2011-09-22 fronchetcoverity
2011-09-22 loizideshandle emcal led events and flag or skip them according...
2011-09-22 loizidesCosmetic
2011-09-22 shahoianUnblocked using of TOF BC info in multi-vertexer
2011-09-21 morschinclude file added
2011-09-21 morschCorrection.
2011-09-21 cnattrasAdding more useful comments by Marcelo
2011-09-21 fronchetimplemented alternative (faster) track extrapolation...
2011-09-21 fronchetentry to select different track matching extrapolation...
2011-09-21 fcaFixing coverity (finally?)
2011-09-20 wiechulao fix access of null pointer
2011-09-20 cvetanAdding new event header version following the DAQ reque...
2011-09-20 amastrosselection on minimum number of N points added
2011-09-20 coppedisCorrecting Digits2Raw + prints commented
2011-09-20 hristovFix for #86922: Port TPC fix to the release
2011-09-20 richtermadding configurations for huffman training (TPC-compres...
2011-09-20 richtermminor change in function documentation
2011-09-20 richtermpointer protection added
2011-09-20 loizidesbug fix
2011-09-20 loizidesbranches
2011-09-19 snellingusing refmult
2011-09-19 gconesabRemove not needed protection in case of 0 tracks in...
2011-09-19 jgrosseotypo
2011-09-19 amastrosbug fix
2011-09-19 wiechulao fix
2011-09-19 loizidesGet momentum
2011-09-19 wiechulao updates in the TOF histograms (Pietro)
2011-09-19 daineseUpdate PID systematic error for pp 7 TeV D0 (Andrea)
2011-09-19 marianCoverity:
2011-09-19 marianCoverity (hopefully) fix
2011-09-19 morschPID updates for TRD
2011-09-19 morschInclude pythia libs
2011-09-19 mvalaFix for event mixing when running in local mode. Mix...
2011-09-18 richtermadding default huffman table defnition for TPC cluster...
2011-09-18 richtermadding option for using DataDeflaterHuffman in emcoding...
2011-09-18 richtermrenoving entry of padrowflag from the parameter definit...
2011-09-18 richtermadding huffnam coding base class and data deflater...
2011-09-18 hristovCoverity fix (Alla)
2011-09-18 hristovFixed compilation
2011-09-18 marianWarning removal
2011-09-18 richtermupdated documentation, using AliCDBRunRange::Infinity...
2011-09-18 richtermcommenting unused function argument
2011-09-18 richtermsuporting bitsets; adding new helper interface functions
2011-09-17 richtermdefining chain for running the AltroChannelSelection...
2011-09-17 gconesabRemove PHOS from QA
2011-09-17 gconesabRemove events with wrong LED firing when clusterizing...
2011-09-17 hristovRestoring coverity fix
2011-09-16 loizidestrack iso fix
2011-09-16 gconesabAdd histograms to: study average time of cells in clust...
2011-09-16 daineseFix (Davide)
2011-09-16 gconesabAdd histograms with shower shape selections, remove...
2011-09-16 cblumeIn case of very short run: instead of asking for the...
2011-09-16 loizidespileup info for lhc11c
2011-09-16 pulvirAdded a new set of cuts for daughters of Lambda Star
2011-09-16 shahoianFix for coverity warning
2011-09-16 loizidesfix
2011-09-16 loizidesFix from Mateusz
2011-09-15 aszostakReverting the change to the statistics printing since...
2011-09-15 aszostakReverting the fix since another side effect bug in...
2011-09-15 richtermremoving unused histogram
2011-09-15 hdalsgaaBinning in occupancy plots
2011-09-15 amastrosparticle density corrected (Ruben)
2011-09-15 decaroChange in Float-to-Int conversion: closest integer...
2011-09-15 agheatafixed typo (Christian Holm)
2011-09-15 amastrosFast Tool updates to compute efficiency with at least...
2011-09-15 cholmAdded MakeForwardQA.C to install
2011-09-15 morschMemory leak corrected.
2011-09-15 pulvirFix for PAR library
2011-09-15 morschCoverity fixed
2011-09-15 pulvirFix for PAR library
2011-09-15 hristovFix for coverity 17562
2011-09-15 daineseUpdate D+ systematics for 7 TeV (Renu)
2011-09-14 sgorbunomemory usage optimised
2011-09-14 aszostakBug fix for https://savannah.cern.ch/bugs/?86055, crash...
2011-09-14 mflorisFitParticle: adding more funcs
2011-09-14 gconesabAdd histograms for cluster with origin a Eta, correct...
2011-09-14 richtermcalculating entropy for parameter histograms
2011-09-14 richtermupdate of track model compression
2011-09-14 richtermcorrecting calculation of padrow crossings for tracks...
2011-09-14 loizidesAdded triggers from FEE, more header info, et for iso
2011-09-14 gconesabProtection against negative argument of log, add histog...
2011-09-14 prinoFix in error propagation
2011-09-13 amastrosGeneral macro to estimate tracking efficiency
2011-09-13 snellingsupport new refmult
2011-09-13 richtermadding new component to agent; adding configurations...
2011-09-13 richtermadding TPC data compression monitoring component to...
2011-09-13 richtermadding component for monitoring the TPC data compression
2011-09-13 richtermadding histograming functionality for defined parameters
2011-09-13 loizidesreturn diff phi between -pi and pi
2011-09-13 pulvirMinor upgrades to the cut and to the mini-event. Added...
2011-09-13 mflorisImplemented machinery to compute dmt/deta
2011-09-13 amastrosTwo bug fixes (S. Rossegger)
2011-09-13 loizidesuse regexp
2011-09-13 gconesabQA, change cut to select bad channels, add a couple...
2011-09-13 hdalsgaaUpgrade to the Poisson calculation
2011-09-13 sgorbunouse-timebin-window and -deconvole-time options are...
2011-09-13 sgorbunosmall fix in pad deconvolution
2011-09-13 shahoianbad Coverity fix fixed
2011-09-13 gconesabremove not used method