2011-05-06 fcaNew version of rulechecker
2011-05-06 loizidesimproved handling of aods, added beginning of mc info
2011-05-06 gconesabadd protection in reader against missing output event...
2011-05-06 gconesabadd protection in reader against missing output event...
2011-05-06 cnattrasTurning off MC histograms for pure data
2011-05-06 cnattrasadding some functions
2011-05-06 cnattrasChanging range of PbPb histograms and fixing minor...
2011-05-05 cnattrasChanging PYTHIA scales to Perugia-0
2011-05-05 mflorisMacro for combined spectra (Marek)
2011-05-05 jgrosseofix for run 146857 (LHC11a) where an -ALL trigger was...
2011-05-05 kkanaki- fix the the V0 centrality plot for Pb+Pb runs
2011-05-05 kkanaki- included the vertex z coordinate in the list of cuts...
2011-05-05 kkanaki- introduction of array of data structures for holding...
2011-05-05 cholmAdded template script to draw final pp dN/deta
2011-05-05 loizidesForgotten debug statement
2011-05-05 loizidesIndicate whether pool is full the first time. Only...
2011-05-05 jgrosseoadding centr comparison study
2011-05-05 kleinbadded switch for event slection in cluster task, update...
2011-05-05 kleinbFixes to track selection for embedding in cluster task...
2011-05-05 cblume- bugfix for drift length: m instead of cm (Benjamin)
2011-05-05 cblume- add support for SM header version 0xc
2011-05-05 alla Axis names added
2011-05-05 alla better rusults with beam with high background
2011-05-05 allafix for Savannah bug #81846
2011-05-04 jgrosseooptimizations after profiling
2011-05-04 gconesabadd new time cut, time histograms
2011-05-04 daineseRejection of centrality outliers in AOD049 (Giacomo)
2011-05-04 gvolpeTracking procedure updated, it is based now on AliTrack...
2011-05-04 jotwinowprotection against wrong esd track labels
2011-05-04 martinezNew Analysis task for upsilon anlaysis (Sang-un)
2011-05-04 daineseUpdate errors for D0 PbPb
2011-05-04 cblumeFix for savannah entry #81839
2011-05-04 cholmAdded some extra scripts.
2011-05-04 slindalcoverity bug 15108
2011-05-04 kowal2secure code fixes
2011-05-04 sgorbunoprotection for division by 0
2011-05-04 jgrosseooutput file name configurable
2011-05-04 slindalCoverity fix, report 10667
2011-05-04 hristovFixed copy constructor (Constantin)
2011-05-04 richtermmoving AliHLTComponentBenchmark to HLTbase
2011-05-04 kleinbadding forward declaration
2011-05-03 daineseUpdate (Chiara)
2011-05-03 daineseUpdate (Gicaomo)
2011-05-03 daineseCoverity (Francesco)
2011-05-03 loizidesAdded more severe checks if emcal matrizes are there
2011-05-03 hristovCoverity (Jens)
2011-05-03 belikovUsing an explicit initialization (Savannah #81796)
2011-05-03 gconesabloop till last cluster in the loop when recalibrating
2011-05-03 kleinbfixed trailing character
2011-05-03 kleinbchanging the output format to thnsparse, only for all...
2011-05-03 kleinbAdd delta area to THnSparse for delta pT output
2011-05-03 hristovClean-up
2011-05-03 hristovClean-up
2011-05-03 hristovClean-up
2011-05-03 richtermfixing typo
2011-05-03 daineseUpdate LHC11a: 14 runs, good on RCT 3 May
2011-05-03 slindalMoving aod cleanup to earlier point to prevent reuse...
2011-05-03 jgrosseocoverity fixes
2011-05-03 fcaAdding valgrind suppression file for AliRoot
2011-05-03 cvetanBug fix + introduction of a monitoring histo useful...
2011-05-03 hristovUpdate of the TRD PID Response:
2011-05-03 slindalUpdating AOD filter
2011-05-03 slindalChanges from GSi train
2011-05-03 richtermcoverity 15108, the code needs further revision since...
2011-05-03 richtermcorrected bug introduced in r49225: cleanup in DoDeinit...
2011-05-03 richtermget rotating angle of the local coordinate system
2011-05-03 richtermcreate 2D projections of space points, adding interface...
2011-05-03 snellingcoverty fixes + QA
2011-05-03 hristovFix for #81567: fix in SetTOFResponse method (AliESDpid)
2011-05-03 srosseggCoverity fixes: two minor resource leaks
2011-05-03 hristovCoverity 11288
2011-05-03 prinoCoverity fix
2011-05-03 hristovCoverity 14190
2011-05-03 gconesabcoverity
2011-05-03 hristovCoverity 11375
2011-05-03 hristovCoverity 14106
2011-05-03 hristovCoverity 16620
2011-05-03 allacoverity
2011-05-03 richtermignore HLTOUT if option 'run-online-config' is found...
2011-05-03 richtermParsing of online configuration (Lars)
2011-05-03 richtermadding option 'run-online-config' to run from configura...
2011-05-03 richtermschedule registration of configuration if handler is...
2011-05-02 cnattrasChanging range on PbPb histograms
2011-05-02 jotwinowcode cleaning and addition Michael Knichel and Jacek...
2011-05-02 richtermhelper function to read track data block from file...
2011-05-02 richtermpublic copy constructor
2011-05-02 richtermdraw point sets from cluster collections
2011-05-02 richtermadding handler for HLT TPC space point data blocks
2011-05-02 richtermAdded base class for HLT space point data block handlers
2011-05-02 richtermadding list of generalized functions
2011-05-02 daineseFix to new BB for PbPb MC
2011-05-02 gconesabadd posibility to reduce number of QA histograms, chang...
2011-05-02 gconesabremove setting moved to AliEMCALRecoUtils
2011-05-02 gconesabremove print
2011-05-02 daineseFix
2011-05-02 gconesabchange switch of exotic clusters to recoutils, add...
2011-05-02 smaFix coverity defects
2011-05-02 marianCoverity warnings
2011-05-02 hristovCoverity 15064
2011-05-02 hristovCoverity 14106