2013-11-27 shahoianMade InitMagneticField a virtual method of the AliVEvent
2013-11-27 shahoianVarious fixes
2013-11-27 shahoianFixed alternative version, allows to access low pt...
2013-11-27 lmilanoTOF matching from PIDResponse task
2013-11-26 zconesaAdd 2 histograms for the combined multiplicity estimators
2013-11-26 shahoianInit raw cdb path if the storage is not initialized
2013-11-26 shahoianFix in the CheckCovariance to not rescale properly...
2013-11-26 spyropokinks in MC new binning
2013-11-26 morschAliRoot - Bugs: bug #103284, Urgent change in TOF PID...
2013-11-26 pchristaRemoving obsolete call
2013-11-26 lmilanocode cleaning + kTOFpid added to check TPOF matching
2013-11-26 lmilanopt axis extended
2013-11-26 rbertens - coverity fixes for AliFlowVector and AliFlowTrackCuts
2013-11-26 morschtypo fix
2013-11-26 lmilanosmall fix
2013-11-25 zconesafix histogram filling
2013-11-25 kharlovMacros for post-processing histograms produced by AliAn...
2013-11-25 lmilanocoverity fix
2013-11-25 akalweitWarning fix from coverity.
2013-11-25 miweberFlag for checking AliAODTrack::kPrimary
2013-11-25 miwebercoverity fix (NULL pointer check for binning in event...
2013-11-25 miweberremove dca cut (Prabhat Ranjan Pujahari <p.pujahari...
2013-11-25 fprinoUsage of multi-vertexer to tag pileup events in D meson...
2013-11-25 jbook-add pt^2 variable
2013-11-25 loizidesTypo (Chiara)
2013-11-25 jbook-coverity
2013-11-25 jgrosseocoverity fix
2013-11-25 jbook-ownership fix
2013-11-25 gconesabcoverity
2013-11-25 jgrosseobug fix getting the event header
2013-11-25 pchristafixing bug in PID and optimizing PID (Alis)
2013-11-25 maszymankaon train updates
2013-11-25 jbook-add mc particles impact parameter
2013-11-25 zampolliAdding Delta_time vs Eta histogram.
2013-11-25 jgrosseoanalysis macro for minijet analysis in pA (Emilia)
2013-11-25 shahoianProvisionary fix to comb.mult. estimate, to be confirme...
2013-11-25 lmilanodefault vertex cut at 10 cm
2013-11-25 jgrosseomixed event stat also for MC
2013-11-25 spyropo data kinks new binning
2013-11-25 miweberbugfix AddTask macro (Debojit Sarkar <debojit.sarkar...
2013-11-24 spyropokinks new binning
2013-11-23 dgangadhAdd Centrality vs Mbin histogram
2013-11-22 rbailhacPlace the config and root file at the right place
2013-11-22 shahoianChanged AliFatal to AliWarning in case of problems...
2013-11-22 rbertensupdates and bugfixes to unfolding class
2013-11-22 quarkNo need to set the lenght of the buffer
2013-11-22 slindalupdate the tracks and gammas array set up
2013-11-22 jgrosseomixed event normalization optional
2013-11-22 mkrzewicload properly when building the par file from bare...
2013-11-22 slindalRevert to previous version of dphi task
2013-11-22 gconesabmacro to plot ouput file from QA analysis wagon
2013-11-22 rbailhaclego train PbPb
2013-11-22 gconesabadd few histograms to CaloQA task, activate filling...
2013-11-22 eserradifix index typo
2013-11-22 eserradiAdded support for He3 and BA
2013-11-22 deliaDefects fixed
2013-11-22 maszymannew config macros for charged kaon analysis
2013-11-22 maszymannew config macros for Kaon Analysis
2013-11-22 maszymanupdates for Kaon Analysis
2013-11-22 maszymanupdates for Kaon Analysis
2013-11-21 loizidesfrom Chris
2013-11-21 loizidesFrom Marta
2013-11-21 shahoianAdded dummy vertexer (meanSPDvertex will be added as...
2013-11-21 ddobrigkExploratory commit to compare DCA of V0 to PV versus...
2013-11-21 miwebersmall update trigger PID (Debojit Sarkar <debojit.sarka...
2013-11-21 pchristaPID AOD additions (Alis)
2013-11-21 fnoferinadd one addtask for VZERO SP pid hadrons, other centralites
2013-11-21 mcolocciAdded some plots in order to further investigate the...
2013-11-21 jbook-add qa histograms
2013-11-21 shahoianAdded default "raw://" path to AddTaskCDBconnect
2013-11-21 gconesabuse switch for trigger related histograms only on trigg...
2013-11-21 mbrozUpdating ESD side of the QA part
2013-11-21 lmilanoadded task for the unidentified spectra vs q vector...
2013-11-21 jbook-add ownership for two parts of histogram list
2013-11-21 fbelliniAdded optimal cuts on vertex position for pPb analyses
2013-11-21 dgangadhPlotting macro updates
2013-11-21 dgangadhGenerator only option added
2013-11-21 miweberadding correction maps for Hybrid tracks for PbPb ...
2013-11-21 shahoianFinal fix for combined multiplicity estimator from...
2013-11-21 xsanchezmodifying AddTaskLambdaOverK0sJets to perform systemati...
2013-11-21 fbockmodified QA task
2013-11-21 zconesaadd external variable
2013-11-21 shahoianAnother fix of combined mult. estimate from Anton
2013-11-21 ssakaiupdated
2013-11-21 pchristaBug fix
2013-11-21 miweberimprovement for train running + pPb readiness (Prabhat...
2013-11-21 jbook-solve coverity defect
2013-11-21 pchristaAdding protections (Alis)
2013-11-21 shahoianFix to account for single-cluster track-tracklet associ...
2013-11-20 pchristaFixing bugs and allowing to run without centrality...
2013-11-20 ddobrigkModification to allow for checking cosPA of v0 wrt...
2013-11-20 ddobrigkAdded extra branch containing cosine of PA of V0 wrt...
2013-11-20 hristov##103093 change in STEERBase for PID
2013-11-20 slindal-update track cuts
2013-11-20 cholmMake sure current dir is in load path, so that we do...
2013-11-20 cholmAttempt to enable monitor objects in Proof(Lite) -...
2013-11-20 cholmFixed wrong filename when finding PAR file
2013-11-20 cholmMinor fixes
2013-11-20 dcaffarrAdding QA histos for triggers EMCJET(GA)7 and 8 (C...
2013-11-20 gconesabAdd histo with split mass vs sum of energy of split...