2012-02-07 jthaederadded readme file with short description (Alberica)
2012-02-07 jthaederadded dir for code development (Taku and Alberica)
2012-02-07 gconesaboption to plot cluster contents in histograms, new...
2012-02-07 rgrossoadditional DPs for new supermodules 2,3,6
2012-02-07 morschFix related to change of data member name in the base...
2012-02-07 zampolliCoverity fixes.
2012-02-07 agheataFor some reason, the flag gROOT->fMustClean was set...
2012-02-07 belikovCoverity fixes
2012-02-07 kleinbcoverity fixes
2012-02-07 zampolliCoverity fixes.
2012-02-07 kleinbchangeing dphi histogram setting (O. Busch)
2012-02-07 ivanaIn AliMUONPedestal:
2012-02-07 morschCoding rule violations corrected.
2012-02-07 morschCoding rule violation corrected.
2012-02-06 loizidesswitch to std content
2012-02-06 loizidescompat task working version
2012-02-06 loizidescheck offline trigger if it was stored
2012-02-06 prinoFix dos-like end of line character
2012-02-06 hristovChanges for #90817 Please commit PHOS trigger part...
2012-02-06 loizidesclus/track match task
2012-02-06 loizidesCompat task
2012-02-06 kharlovPostData at centrality<0
2012-02-06 prinoUpdates in RAA error calculation (Zaida)
2012-02-06 mflorisdeprecated macro
2012-02-06 mflorisRemoving deprecated oadb spectra class
2012-02-06 prinoAdd option for centrality scan (Zaida)
2012-02-06 prinoUpdated normalization syst unc
2012-02-06 loizidesremove exec
2012-02-06 hristovChanges for #91126: Request to commit a patch for AMPT
2012-02-06 pcrochetInclude standard cuts in analysis. Make it more suitabl...
2012-02-06 prinoUpdated syst for D0 RAA vs. centrality (AndreaR, Davide)
2012-02-06 prinoUpdated MC pt shape syst err for D0 (AndreaR)
2012-02-06 rbailhacAdd class AliHFEdebugTreeTask
2012-02-06 rbailhacAdd class AliHFEdebugTreeTask
2012-02-06 rbailhacCoverity
2012-02-06 morschBugs: bug #91159, Vertex generation in AliGenCorrHF
2012-02-06 kleinbmacro updates for 2011
2012-02-05 prinoUpdated systematic ucnerainties on tracking efficiency...
2012-02-05 prinoUpdates D* syst unc for RAA vs centrality (Alessandro...
2012-02-05 prinoAdded syst unc dor D+ RAA vs. centrality (Renu, Elena)
2012-02-05 kleinbenabling different trigger classes for jet spectra...
2012-02-05 zampolliCoverity fixes.
2012-02-05 kleinbcoverity fix
2012-02-05 kleinbchanges for lego train running
2012-02-04 gconesabMove setting of ID number of new clusters before the...
2012-02-04 slindalMoving ME processing to corr object
2012-02-04 slindaldelete aodgamma array
2012-02-04 morschCoding rule violations corrected.
2012-02-04 morschCoding rule violation corrected.
2012-02-04 morschCoding rule violation corrected.
2012-02-04 gconesabremove print
2012-02-04 gconesabAliAnaInsideClusterInvariantMass : Improved calculation...
2012-02-04 kleinb- FF task: switch for analysis of jets with max track
2012-02-03 prinoUpdates Dstar syst unc (MC pt shape, cut eff
2012-02-03 prinoAdded methods for systematic errors of the RAA vs....
2012-02-03 kleinbAdding task for Parton Discrimination/mult in jet ...
2012-02-03 loizidesfix
2012-02-03 belikovUsing the "perfect PID" when running on Monte Carlo
2012-02-03 rbailhacUpdate of the hfe package
2012-02-03 gconesabinit the pid pointer when accessing checking the track...
2012-02-03 gconesabinit the pid pointer when accessing checking the track...
2012-02-03 prinoUpdated Ds PID information (Gian Michele)
2012-02-03 gconesabmoved methods to AliCalorimeterUtils which were duplica...
2012-02-03 gconesabAdd method to : calculate number of local maxima in...
2012-02-03 agheataEnabled vertexing QA
2012-02-03 hristovCoverity 18515
2012-02-03 aadareto produce histos for FourierPlus
2012-02-03 hristovMacros to run the analysis trains (Mihaela)
2012-02-03 hristovCoverity 10361
2012-02-03 hristovCoverity 15451,15156
2012-02-03 hristovCoverity 15480
2012-02-03 hristovCoverity 15482
2012-02-03 prinoUpdated D0 syst errors for 2010 PbPb RAA (AndreaR)
2012-02-03 hristovCoverity 18627
2012-02-03 hristovRemoving warnings (Gustavo)
2012-02-03 hristovCoverity 18711
2012-02-03 hristovCoverity 18636
2012-02-03 hristovCoverity 18816
2012-02-03 hristovCoverity 18818
2012-02-03 hristovCoverity 18569
2012-02-03 hristovCoverity 18819
2012-02-03 hristovCoverity 19006
2012-02-03 hristovCoverity
2012-02-03 hristovCoverity
2012-02-03 hristovCoverity
2012-02-03 fcaFix compilation error on clang
2012-02-02 prinoFix against crash of TFile::Open in case of missing...
2012-02-02 aadareanalysis code for harmonic decomposition paper
2012-02-02 gconesabcorrection to avoid crashes in tender when only track...
2012-02-02 jklein- coverity fixes
2012-02-02 gconesabmove include to header, avoid problems with DA compilations
2012-02-02 gconesabremove print
2012-02-02 gconesabaddapt to new naming of task, new paths of macros and...
2012-02-02 prinoUpdates D+ syst err
2012-02-02 ivana- Trigger chamber efficiency will be used by default...
2012-02-02 jklein- fix coding rule violations
2012-02-02 hanrattyChoice of injected/pure, BB cut not applied to MC,...
2012-02-02 gconesabChange the task name from AliAnalysisTaskParticleCorrel...
2012-02-02 belikovApplying the |eta|<0.8 cut for the daughter tracks
2012-02-02 hanrattyChoice of injected/pure, BB cut not applied to MC