2013-07-25 mivanovUpdating the effecftive multiplicity calculation using...
2013-07-25 mivanovNew functions to visualize the fluctuation - for the...
2013-07-21 wiechulao add possibility of long t0 seeds (over full seeding...
2013-07-19 wiechulao improve
2013-07-19 wiechulao fix new ITS propagations in the tree
2013-07-18 wiechulao limit vertex to +-10
2013-07-18 mivanovExample macro to define the 1/pt resouttion
2013-07-18 wiechulao adapt macro to set the rate
2013-07-18 wiechulao Add setter for interaction rate in simple sim
2013-07-18 wiechulao remove a few printouts
2013-07-18 wiechulao updates for seeding and tracking
2013-07-17 miweberlarger canvases for better pngs
2013-07-16 mivanovAdding "standard" plots for fluctuation
2013-07-16 miwebercorrected track comparison at ITS outer layer
2013-07-15 miweberMatching to external detectors:
2013-07-15 wiechula o latest updates
2013-07-14 wiechulao implement seeding
2013-07-12 miweber- Start own free seeding (to be completed)
2013-07-11 wiechulao remove some warnings
2013-07-11 miweberuse the standard tracking (fSeeds needs to be set)
2013-07-10 wiechulao Make simulation factor 10 faster
2013-07-10 miweberadding next sector check (to be improved)
2013-07-10 miwebercluster to track association for free seeding (to be...
2013-07-09 miweberPreparation for seeding efficiency/purity
2013-07-08 miweber- normalization to integral for SpaceCharge Map creation
2013-07-07 wiechulao add simple macros from running simulation and reconst...
2013-07-07 wiechulao Change from AliTPCSpaceCharge3D to general AliTPCCorr...
2013-07-05 wiechulao add lookup tables
2013-07-24 alinagcommit to fix original 63354 broken commit
2013-07-24 alinagCommitting a file to replace 63348
2013-07-04 wiechulao correct examples
2013-07-04 wiechulao fix
2013-07-04 miweberAdding possibility to change the exponent of the radius...
2013-07-04 wiechulao small updates
2013-07-04 wiechulao rename
2013-07-04 wiechulao make LUT creation paralellisable
2013-07-04 wiechulao macros and scripts to paralellise lookup table creation
2013-07-04 wiechulao adjust limits for Dz calculation close to the CE...
2013-07-04 wiechulao rename Limits
2013-07-03 wiechulao update correction/distortion integration
2013-07-03 hljunggrAdded example file containing histograms of eta, pt...
2013-07-03 hljunggr-ToyMCTrack: added two new tclonesarray of AliCluster...
2013-07-02 miweberbugfix: use time, when looking for next cluster, except...
2013-07-02 miweberNext Steps for tracking from seed of associated clusters:
2013-07-02 wiechulao add first version of lookup table corrections
2013-07-01 miweberFirst Steps for tracking from seed of associated clusters:
2013-07-01 miweberImplement AliTPCtracker::Clusters2Tracks() for all...
2013-07-01 mivanovexpanding the toy MC
2013-06-30 miweberFirst attempt to implement tracking from all clusters
2013-06-28 hljunggradded method RunSimulation2(const Bool_t equalspacing...
2013-06-28 hljunggrfixed bug that set visualization time to wrong value
2013-06-28 wiechulao update readme with simple example
2013-06-28 miweberadding name strings for canvases and histograms, adding...
2013-06-28 miweberrobust drawing also for 2D, adding axis titles
2013-06-27 miweberrobust drawing in TStatToolkit::DrawHistogram (1D only...
2013-06-27 wiechulao add function to connect output trees
2013-06-27 mivanovBug fix. Adding the header files
2013-06-27 wiechulao fixes
2013-06-27 wiechulao update reco
2013-06-27 hljunggradded track ID also for the tracks from ESD input
2013-06-27 hljunggradded method RunSimulationBunchTrain(constInt_t nevents...
2013-06-27 hljunggrVisualization class. To use
2013-06-27 hljunggrDrawer class header file
2013-06-26 wiechulao make reconstruction macro compilable
2013-06-26 mivanovref X as na argument
2013-06-26 hljunggrAdded possibility to use ESD input
2013-06-26 hljunggrAliToyMCEventGenerator would crash if a sector only...
2013-06-25 mivanovadding code to visualize the current drawing
2013-06-25 mivanovAdding draw function
2013-06-25 mivanovAdding print function and constant getter to the array...
2013-06-24 mivanovAdding functions to calulate and store the space carge...
2013-06-24 mivanovAdding macros to visualize trending of distortions
2013-06-24 wiechulao comment out printf
2013-06-21 wiechulao update resolution test part
2013-06-21 wiechulao add Propagate function with return value for debugging
2013-06-20 wiechulao add function for track propagation and resolution...
2013-06-19 miweber1) add debug streamer for failed seeding 2) default...
2013-06-19 miwebersmall modifications in recTest.C: 1) A/C side correctio...
2013-06-19 wiechulao add step distortion
2013-06-18 wiechulao add setters for space charge files
2013-06-17 wiechulao add epsilon 20 precalculated map
2013-06-14 miweberadding space charge map with epsilon 20
2013-06-14 wiechulao small updates
2013-06-14 wiechulao add precalculated space charge for eps 10
2013-06-14 miweberadding space charge map with epsilon 10
2013-06-14 miweberadding z0 information to event
2013-06-13 wiechulao Update treatment of AliTrackPoint creation from AliTP...
2013-06-13 wiechulao add possibility to switch off Material budget correction
2013-06-09 miweber1) committing obsolete lines for OCDB in AliToyMCEventG...
2013-06-09 hljunggradded macro makeTree.C
2013-06-09 wiechulao first test macro to try track extrapolation
2013-06-09 wiechulao add comments in Generator
2013-06-08 wiechulao Minor code cleanup
2013-06-08 wiechulao add space charge maps needed for toy event generator
2013-06-08 wiechulao rename ToyMC->AliToyMC
2013-06-08 wiechulao add missing files for upgrade lib
2013-06-08 wiechulao rename Toy -> AliToy
2013-06-08 wiechulao small fixes
2013-06-07 wiechulao test
2013-06-07 mivanovDefault OCDB setup (Jens)