2010-12-03 kleinbupdates for differnt jet configs (including background...
2010-12-03 abercucineeded to get rid of AliTRDrawStreamerBase (Christoph)
2010-12-03 abercucifix memory leaks
2010-12-03 daineseBug fix
2010-12-02 snellingadded setter for the harmonic
2010-12-02 hristovRemoving all useless files
2010-12-02 allaleaving one single object
2010-12-02 alla1 object for all runs
2010-12-02 alladelete
2010-12-02 mflorisFixing bug in replay of offline HighMult trigger
2010-12-02 alladelete
2010-12-02 allacorrect objects
2010-12-02 snellingextra cuts for ZDC
2010-12-02 hristov#75811 ZDC: changes to be ported to the release
2010-12-02 marianRemoved user specific statements
2010-12-02 zampolliAdding class to store QA thresholds (Barthelemy von...
2010-12-02 kleinbadding control histgram before and after selection
2010-12-02 hristovChange for report #75852 EMCAL: New sampling and galice...
2010-12-02 daineseEnable D*
2010-12-02 daineseUpdates for QA and D0 analysis (ChiaraB)
2010-12-02 daineseAdded possibility to select with Kalman vertexing ...
2010-12-02 daineseSignatre for PbPb standard cuts
2010-12-02 daineseUpdate D* cuts (Alessandro)
2010-12-01 marianmacor -shell script for recursive merging
2010-12-01 pulvirBugfix: function SetEvent() in AliRsnTarget needs to...
2010-12-01 snellingswitches to using the centrality framework + some fixes
2010-12-01 pulvirBugfix: swapped event-preprocessing and computations...
2010-12-01 pulvirMoved the pointer to current event to the AliRsnTarget...
2010-12-01 zampolliReading dummy entry for LTU configuration if the run...
2010-12-01 snellingupdate macro for parity studies
2010-12-01 snellingfew bug fixes pid
2010-12-01 jgrosseoadding default constructor
2010-12-01 belikov Bug fix in the identification of the light nuclei...
2010-12-01 daineseSkip like-sign if array not present (Giacomo)
2010-12-01 daineseNew task for QA (Chiara)
2010-12-01 daineseUpdate (Chiara)
2010-12-01 daineseUpdate (Chiara)
2010-12-01 daineseUpdate (Chiara)
2010-12-01 daineseUpdate (Chiara)
2010-11-30 kleinbnew track cut, for loser ITS requirement (128+16)
2010-11-30 loizidesThe code we used for the analysis of the first PbPb...
2010-11-30 cholmAdded some ignores and moved script
2010-11-30 cholmAdded some ignores and moved script
2010-11-30 gconesabfix compilation warning
2010-11-30 cholmImproved eloss fitting - see NIM B1, 16
2010-11-30 pulvirFixed bug in the computation of dip angle value
2010-11-30 mflorisImplemented ZDC time cut in phsyics selection and in...
2010-11-30 cblumeUpdate of the calibration code for PbPb (Raphaelle)..
2010-11-30 jgrosseoupdate for azimuthal correlations
2010-11-30 mflorisremoved a relic debug hack in previous commit
2010-11-30 aszostakFix for updating CTP counters.
2010-11-30 allabug fixed
2010-11-30 snellingPID cuts + fixes
2010-11-30 dsilvermchanges from Per Thomas:
2010-11-30 slindalFrom P. T. Hille: Merging the use of constants. off...
2010-11-30 cvetanSome corrections to the correct and rescaled V0 amplitude.
2010-11-30 snellingsetting the number of bins
2010-11-30 pulvirAdded the possibility to include a function in the...
2010-11-29 cnattrasAdded mock up of baryon enhancement, added code 20100...
2010-11-29 cholmUpdated for changes
2010-11-29 cholmAdded script to show fits
2010-11-29 cholmShow examples of all parameters that can be tuned
2010-11-29 cholmAutomatically add files *AliESDs*.root in src directory...
2010-11-29 cholmAdded debug flags
2010-11-29 cholmAdded debug flags
2010-11-29 cholmNew sub-structure for fitting energy loss spectra with
2010-11-29 cholmNew energy fitter that uses Landaus convolved with...
2010-11-29 cholmAdded event inspector and energy distribution fitter.
2010-11-29 cholmMinor fixes
2010-11-29 cholmFixed up sNN recognision for Heavy Ion
2010-11-29 cholmadded script for visualising energy distributions
2010-11-29 cholmAdded script to run analysis locally, and visualise...
2010-11-29 dsilvermfrom Per Thomas: files for generation of PeakFinder...
2010-11-29 mflorisSafer rounding
2010-11-29 cholmBefore extracting fit code to utils
2010-11-29 cholmFirst shot at MC corrections
2010-11-29 cholmScript to run analysis locally
2010-11-29 cholmAlgorithm to do event inspection - trigger, vertex
2010-11-29 cholmFirst go of energy loss spectrum algorithm.
2010-11-29 mflorisChanged 1 significant digit notation
2010-11-29 kleinbset centrality from outside
2010-11-29 coppedisOCDB object updated without phys.sel.
2010-11-29 morschNew centrality file. (Alberica)
2010-11-29 richtermadding class to describe a component configuration...
2010-11-29 aszostakFix for printing statistics for both online and offline.
2010-11-29 aszostakAdding fixes to count CTP trigger correctly for multipl...
2010-11-29 richtermcode cleanup
2010-11-29 richtermputting back the lost statistics message at EOR
2010-11-29 coppedisUpdated class
2010-11-28 jotwinowinclease AlidNdPtAnalysisPbPb class version and clean...
2010-11-28 pavlinovnew value of sampling fraction 10.87 for last EMCAL...
2010-11-28 pavlinovMinor changing for TB setup possibility
2010-11-28 gconesabMove the non linearity correction after the cluster...
2010-11-28 cblumeRemove obsolete classes
2010-11-28 jotwinowchange histogram bining
2010-11-28 gconesabnew non linearity function
2010-11-28 mflorisIncreased size of collection in Merge and protected...
2010-11-28 jotwinowTPC tracks and ZDC centrality selection (Michael and...
2010-11-27 kleinbcorrected event selection for AODs
2010-11-27 sgorbunofast global merger installed. To use the previous versi...