2010-08-08 kleinbfixed warning, reduced printout
2010-08-06 aszostakfixing warnings
2010-08-06 aszostakfixing warnings
2010-08-06 kaamodtConv. PID improved; Energy now calculated from KFPartic...
2010-08-06 aszostakFixing library names
2010-08-06 aszostakFixing compilation problem for newest GCC versions.
2010-08-06 pulvirAdded new possibilities to standard cuts, update to...
2010-08-06 gvolpeReset of a 0 pointer deleted (from L. Molnar)
2010-08-06 kaamodtCorrected typo
2010-08-06 kaamodtUpdated Conversion AOD and functionality (Svein), Also...
2010-08-06 shahoianFixed TObjArrays ownerships to prevent mem.leaks (notic...
2010-08-06 abercuciaddition to commit 42747.
2010-08-06 abercucistream line task switch on/off for usage with PilotAnal...
2010-08-06 abercuciadd also V0 monitor in the list of switchable tasks
2010-08-06 abercucisimplified parameter list
2010-08-06 abercuciaddition to commit 42743
2010-08-06 abercucimove OCDB manipulation from local train (run.C) to...
2010-08-05 abercucifix cast statement
2010-08-05 abercuciadditional file needed
2010-08-05 abercuci set meaningful names for all TRD wagons
2010-08-05 abercuciset meaningful names for top TRD wagons
2010-08-05 abercuciadd individual wagons switch mechanism
2010-08-04 hdalsgaabug fix from prior checkin
2010-08-04 maseraChanges to speed-up the code - S. bug 70991 (F. Carminati)
2010-08-04 aszostakFixing typo.
2010-08-04 aszostakfixing typo.
2010-08-04 aszostakAdding one more test for cross checking the mapping.
2010-08-04 aszostakAdding useful methods for converting between DDL and...
2010-08-04 kleinbadded comments to new data members (Leticia)
2010-08-04 jgrosseochanging offline trigger definitions once more:
2010-08-04 odjuvsla- changed from <> to "" for some includes
2010-08-04 mflorisModifications and cleanup by Francesco Prino
2010-08-04 agheataFrom C.Loizides: Handle manual branch loading if reques...
2010-08-04 shahoianFixed storing size of singles -> track reference
2010-08-04 mfloris- Adding pt histograms for electrons and muons
2010-08-04 mflorisFixing some warnings and coding conventions
2010-08-04 zampolliUpdating responsibles (Giacinto de Cataldo added).
2010-08-04 pulvirUpdated definition of theta* and corrected a bug in...
2010-08-04 agheataMkdir uses option -p to create directories
2010-08-04 odjuvsla- the ALTRO mapping is now loaded from OCDB root objects
2010-08-04 odjuvsla- moving to access mapping from OCDB, not textfiles
2010-08-04 odjuvsla- adding debug messages
2010-08-04 odjuvsla- adding new component to the build system
2010-08-04 odjuvsla- changes needed to facilitate for the new clusterizer.
2010-08-04 odjuvsla- adding new component for the new clusterizer.
2010-08-04 odjuvsla- adding new clusterizer to build system
2010-08-04 odjuvsla- adding new clusterizer class. Basic algorithm that...
2010-08-04 shahoianFix for 64 bit constant creating problems on 32 bit...
2010-08-04 marianComment:
2010-08-04 jgrosseoupdate to MBNoTRD offline trigger class
2010-08-04 shahoianAdded optional scaling coeff. for cov.matrix (to effect...
2010-08-03 hristovChanges for report #68914: Improper usage of TClonesArr...
2010-08-03 hristovFix for report #70899 pp min bias Pythia simulation...
2010-08-03 snellingadded mc info for strong parity violation calculation
2010-08-03 kleinbadded the fragmentation function task to the train
2010-08-03 kleinbfixed usage of selection mask and fixed typo in histogr...
2010-08-03 dsilvermTObjArray ownership assignment
2010-08-03 morsch- Anti nuclei added
2010-08-03 cblumeProtection added to fix savannah bug #70982
2010-08-03 cblumeIntroduce proper destructor
2010-08-03 pulvirAdded the possibility to compute theta* of a pair
2010-08-03 maseraFix for bug 70942 (P. Hristov)
2010-08-02 pulvir- Added template class for fitting (work in progress).
2010-08-02 cblumeInvert check for the case that there is no data left...
2010-08-02 jgrosseoUpdating physics selection to support new MB trigger...
2010-08-02 aszostakGetting rid of error message in MD5 sum calculation.
2010-08-02 shahoianInstead just bit-flag marking used clusters store ID...
2010-08-02 agheataAll tasks must post data once for all outputs (AG)
2010-08-02 abercucifix codding violation in AliTRDseedV1 class
2010-08-02 abercucifix error during merging (https://savannah.cern.ch...
2010-08-02 maseraFixed size of two arrays (R. Shahoyan)
2010-08-02 agheataMake sure that the anchor output file used by CheckMerg...
2010-08-01 pulvirModified action ocut on primary vertex, removed some...
2010-08-01 kleinb Adding the possibility to filter for events containing...
2010-08-01 kleinbinitialise background estimates
2010-08-01 kleinbfixed typos in task configuration, reduced number of...
2010-08-01 kleinbadded Calo Conv, reduced number of tasks, switched...
2010-08-01 snellingreduce/fix number of bins 2D hist
2010-07-31 pulvirMajor upgrade to the package, in order to speed-up...
2010-07-31 gvolpefix for bug #70582 (change from L. Molnar)
2010-07-30 cvetanAddition to bug report #68837. The CTP timing info...
2010-07-30 bhippolyadding ITS standalone analysis... with files (F.Prino)
2010-07-30 bhippolyadding ITS standalone analysis (F.Prino)
2010-07-30 marianUpdated alignment:
2010-07-30 morschMemory leak corrected.
2010-07-30 marianadding the test for THnSparse
2010-07-30 hdalsgaaA few upgrades plus files missing from previous commit
2010-07-30 hdalsgaaChanging default range on x axis of histos
2010-07-30 allainput file for PhysDA
2010-07-30 agheataAdded: Workdirectorysize = {"5000MB"}; to generated...
2010-07-30 agheataFew fixes for staged merging.
2010-07-30 hristovHigh multiplicity settings
2010-07-30 lietavaAliTRiggerInput: TPC defined as trigger detector
2010-07-30 kleinbAdding correct usage of Trigger bit from event selection
2010-07-30 morsch- Update to pythia8140
2010-07-30 allamemory leak fixed
2010-07-30 kleinbfiexed typo
2010-07-30 agheata(Christian Klein-Boesing) This would allow to enable...
2010-07-30 allamacro to read ESD and to check calibration
2010-07-30 allamacro for set/get T0 OCDB