2011-11-14 coppedisChange in AliZDCDigitizer to work with cocktail generator
2011-11-14 akisielUpdate train macros
2011-11-14 cholmLet ROOT do the scaling of the monitor histograms....
2011-11-14 cholmUpdates to deal with an beam type of p-A.
2011-11-14 fcaCannot wait for the fix -- better do it myself
2011-11-14 cblumeNew version of fit of alternative ExB method (Theo)
2011-11-14 gconesabMove prints to debug, remove mapping corrections, modif...
2011-11-14 fcaRemoving non existent class
2011-11-14 fcaA better (?)
2011-11-14 jgrosseoChanging Pb-Pb to A-A in physics selection
2011-11-14 prinoFix for proper PID configuration for both sets of cuts
2011-11-14 laphecetcoverity fix
2011-11-14 shahoianSetting of beam info directly from GRP
2011-11-14 akisielFirst version of DEtaDPhi all wagon
2011-11-14 akisielFirst version of DEtaDPhi Kaon wagon
2011-11-14 zampolliAdding a line to avoid errors due to ClassImp.
2011-11-14 alla sorry , i fixed it
2011-11-14 wiechulao updated reconstruction pass extractron from file...
2011-11-14 maseraComments added
2011-11-14 maseraGeneral macro for QA checks
2011-11-14 agheatanew task AliGlobalFBFqa to be added to PWG1 QA train...
2011-11-14 maseradelete macro AliITSQAchecks_prova
2011-11-14 cvetanIntroduction of VZERO event plane using the equalized...
2011-11-14 maseraGeneral macro for QA checks
2011-11-14 guernanehardcode jet patch size to shortcut OCDB read till...
2011-11-14 guernanecorrect mask for V0 charge decoding in STU payload
2011-11-14 allacoverity fixed
2011-11-14 zampolliNew treatment of the beam type in the AliGRPObject...
2011-11-14 maseraCoverity
2011-11-14 cblumeFix problems in cpass0 (Raphaelle)
2011-11-14 cblume- In the ESD Run the beam type for PbPb has changed...
2011-11-14 cblumecoverity fit (Julian)
2011-11-14 agheataFix counting of events
2011-11-14 coppedisFix for coverity
2011-11-14 srosseggCoverity fixes:
2011-11-14 prinoPossibility to generate flat correction maps (to be...
2011-11-14 cnattrasFixing problem with Report function not recognizing...
2011-11-13 rgrossodelayed unload from cache of alignment objects and...
2011-11-13 morschQA update.
2011-11-13 shahoianProtection for the case when histo was cloned for part...
2011-11-13 smaFix
2011-11-13 maseraCompilation warnings
2011-11-13 maseraCompilation warnings
2011-11-13 daineseFiner binning
2011-11-13 maseramacro to fetch the AliITSRecoPAram object from the...
2011-11-13 cvetanCentrality update (Alberica)
2011-11-13 cvetanBetter precision of the equalization factors.
2011-11-13 cvetanFix for outliers in centrality.
2011-11-13 cvetanUpdate from Raphael.
2011-11-13 jotwinowchange settings from low flux to high flux
2011-11-13 maseraPart of the Warning messages changed to AliDebug messages
2011-11-13 morschMore protections needed for CAF
2011-11-13 lietavaFix for PF, coding conventions in
2011-11-13 gconesabMC histograms initialization in wrong place, corrected...
2011-11-13 gconesabremove hardcoded bad cells to be removed, pass run...
2011-11-13 gconesabput comments and titles and common v0 binning to new...
2011-11-12 marianUsing the robust option of AliRelAlignerKalman
2011-11-12 gconesabnew histograms from Rachid to check the v0/stu threshold
2011-11-12 cvetanCoverity
2011-11-12 morschCoverity fixes.
2011-11-12 cvetanCoverity
2011-11-12 morschCoverity corrections
2011-11-12 gconesabcorrect the trigger name for PbPb
2011-11-12 lietavaFix for PF, all information saved in ESD
2011-11-12 jthaedernew centrality
2011-11-12 cvetanNext version of centrality including other detectors...
2011-11-12 mrodriguCoverity related with QA fixed
2011-11-12 gconesabPi0 EMCAL analysis configuration for PWG4 QA train
2011-11-12 cvetanNew centrality OADB object for the runs >= 167693 ...
2011-11-12 jotwinowset max for the cluster in the production (Alexander...
2011-11-12 dsilvermaddressing coverity warnings: now checking return value...
2011-11-12 lietavaFix for PF
2011-11-12 dsilvermadd L1Gamma amp vs V0 plot to logbook image
2011-11-12 aszostakOutput buffer not sized correctly.
2011-11-12 aszostakOutput space too small by default.
2011-11-12 gconesabmacro to configure EMCAL trigger QA analysis
2011-11-12 gconesabCluster histograms: fill with clusters with more than...
2011-11-12 gconesabFix memory leak in QA checker, by Ruben
2011-11-12 aszostakBug fix, 50 CTP classes not 49.
2011-11-12 gconesabChange reco param default and OCDB settings, PbPb clust...
2011-11-12 daineseAdded possibility to request SPD kFirst for candidates...
2011-11-11 cvetanUpdate of the QA task (Raphael).
2011-11-11 cvetanProtection against division by 0.
2011-11-11 coppedisFix for wrong AliZDCRecoParam in Pb-Pb reconstruction
2011-11-11 cvetanUpdated macro to check the centrality trigger.
2011-11-11 coppedisUpdated macros
2011-11-11 morschRequest commit fixes and of new AN tag for QA on PROOF
2011-11-11 cvetanNext version of the analysis task used for extraction...
2011-11-11 belikovChanging ASin -> ATan (Karel)
2011-11-11 prinoSwicth on SDD maps in RecoParam for PbPb
2011-11-11 fbelliniMacro to plot QA results (single run and trending)
2011-11-11 zampolliAdding macro to run TOFqa task, and to plot output...
2011-11-11 jgrosseomodifying EMC triggers to ACE too
2011-11-11 jgrosseochange in MUON triggers for PbPB
2011-11-11 aszostakWill now forward the whole trigger meta data structure...
2011-11-11 cvetanUpdated version of the analysis task used to extract...
2011-11-11 belikovA little fix to the previous commit.
2011-11-11 belikovThe cut on V0 pointing angle is now momentum dependent...
2011-11-11 rpreghenphysics selection -> OFF in TOF calib task
2011-11-11 marianMaking drift velocity calibration more robust