2012-12-20 mkrzewicrestructure the output container for the TPC calib
2012-12-20 miwebercoverity fixes
2012-12-20 hristovDo not delete pointer to singleton object
2012-12-19 morschTake fMCEvent from AlAODInputHandler if used.
2012-12-19 ihrivnacFixed Coverity defect (DIVIDE_BY_ZERO)
2012-12-19 wiechulao updates (Markus, Daniel)
2012-12-19 pcrochetHandle trigger inputs in AliMuonEventCuts (Diego)
2012-12-19 loizidesChanged to skim task.
2012-12-19 hqvigstanew macro for merging sets of runs, GoodTpc, SemiGoodTp...
2012-12-19 hqvigstaRe-organized histogram creation.
2012-12-19 mcosentiincluding histos to tag the isolation distribution...
2012-12-19 rgrossofour new aliases for TPC (two voltages, two currents...
2012-12-19 belikovAdding the Armenteros cut
2012-12-18 fprinoFix in the removal of auocorrelation in case of using...
2012-12-18 gconesabimprove M02 cut
2012-12-18 rbailhacCoverity defect
2012-12-18 rgrossoimproving english
2012-12-18 haavardNew HV current point removed (voltage points kept).
2012-12-18 hansenaBug fixes for rapidity gap in flow code, changes to...
2012-12-18 hansenaAdded ttl option to GridHelper and fixed possible seg...
2012-12-18 morschChanges needed for MC production of J/psi from B with...
2012-12-18 cholmCoverity fixes etc.
2012-12-18 cholmCoverity fixes etc.
2012-12-18 gconesabchange Long_t to Double_t
2012-12-18 rgrossoadding else statement in case the grid query returns...
2012-12-18 agheataNew production macros from Mihaela
2012-12-18 eserradiinclude B2 analysis task
2012-12-18 freidtbug fix / Coverity 20826
2012-12-18 richtermimplementing component benchmark and persistent decoder
2012-12-18 richtermminor code cleanup to prepare renaming of methods to...
2012-12-18 miwebercoverity fixes + adding HM toy model in CMakelibPWGCFeb...
2012-12-18 pcrochetCoverity fix (Diego)
2012-12-17 gconesabadd bad channels up to LHC12h, update LHC11h - Marcel
2012-12-17 gconesabadd bad channels up to LHC12h, update LHC11h - Marcel
2012-12-17 dsilvermfollowing a suggestion from Gustavo - add extra/dummy...
2012-12-17 morschWorks with plugin now
2012-12-17 gconesabcorrect the condition to select asymmetry in Pi0EbE...
2012-12-17 prsnkocoverity fixes
2012-12-17 gconesabupdate asymmetry selection for split clusters
2012-12-17 snellingcentrality selection
2012-12-17 mchojnacCoverity fix
2012-12-17 shahoianAdded filling of data structures for Kalman smoothing
2012-12-17 jbook-update of v2 task
2012-12-17 aurasAliMuonForwardTrack class updated
2012-12-17 coppedisUpdating limits to cope both with p-A and A-p ZDC timing
2012-12-17 akalweitremoving deprecated directory
2012-12-17 jbook- add more ep variables
2012-12-17 pkalinakRemoving proglem with null dereference
2012-12-17 pcrochetcoverity fix (Laurent)
2012-12-17 mcosentichanges from fzhou
2012-12-17 fprinoCoverity
2012-12-17 fprinoCoverity
2012-12-17 akalweitAdding Eulogios analysis
2012-12-17 prsnkocoverity fixes
2012-12-17 shahoianreverted back deleting of fReconstructor,fLoader,fTrack...
2012-12-17 zconesaCoverity fix
2012-12-17 xsanchezsprintf->snprintf
2012-12-17 belikovDirectory name fixed
2012-12-17 jbook- coverity fixes
2012-12-17 zampolliUpdate MeanVertex CPass calibration task (Davide).
2012-12-17 richtermcoverity 20341: using auto ptr to avoid resource leak...
2012-12-17 gconesabAdd histograms to check effect of M02 cut on split...
2012-12-17 gconesabcoverity, check if pointer was null
2012-12-17 gconesabcoverity: uninitialized arrays, missing check if pointe...
2012-12-17 gconesabcoverity, remove unneeded check on existence of ESDEven...
2012-12-17 belikovSelecting pure Hijing particles from injected MC produc...
2012-12-17 mcosentiimproving cell time cuts in a way that MC productions...
2012-12-17 wiechulao updates (Alla)
2012-12-17 jklein- support for stack header version 0xb
2012-12-17 haavardCleanup of TPC/Config/HighVoltage directory
2012-12-17 allacoverity fixed
2012-12-16 sgorbunoCoverity fix 20261
2012-12-15 hristovTOFrec depends on TOFsim via AliTOFTrigger
2012-12-15 gconesabAdd histo to check Ue region in Mixed event
2012-12-15 hqvigstabug fix: histograms for one more centrality bin then...
2012-12-15 fprinoFix in the computetion of <pt>
2012-12-15 fprinoUpdated macro tocheck SDD data size
2012-12-14 rbailhacCoverity
2012-12-14 fprinoUpdates in the ITSsa track QA plotting (Leonardo)
2012-12-14 haavardEntry containing new TPC High Voltage sensors
2012-12-14 mcosentibug-fix and increase in the range of the axis for in...
2012-12-14 jgrosseomacro updates
2012-12-14 agheataCoveryty fix for 20350: restoring fmtflags needed
2012-12-14 fprinoCoverity
2012-12-14 fprinoCovertiy warnings
2012-12-14 miweberuse particle charge in AOD analysis instead of PDG...
2012-12-14 shahoianCoverity fixes
2012-12-14 shahoianCoverity fixes
2012-12-14 shahoian1) coverity fix
2012-12-14 gconesabIn case a run does not have T corrections, take the...
2012-12-14 akisielFix warnings
2012-12-14 hanrattyCoverity Fixes
2012-12-14 gvolpeFixing warning
2012-12-14 quarkexit loop when in external control
2012-12-14 miweberUpdate in AddTask macro (Nirbhay Kumar Behera <nirbhay...
2012-12-14 pcrochetAdding functionalities to transparently get trigger...
2012-12-14 hristovFixes for out-of-bounds read/write (Coverity 21070...
2012-12-14 hristovRemoving meaningless const (coverity)
2012-12-13 hqvigstaAdded Tender to PHOSPi0Flow single-task macros.
2012-12-13 kleinbcoverity fixes (Rongrong)