2009-10-31 fcaBuild reco and log dir if needed
2009-10-31 fcamissing file
2009-10-31 fcaAdding config for acr caf
2009-10-31 richtermactivating initialization of Streamer Info from the...
2009-10-31 fcaReverting previous change
2009-10-31 fcamove production scripts out of test
2009-10-31 fcamove production scripts out of test
2009-10-31 basantasegmentation fault in daq machine is fixed
2009-10-31 fcaObsolete macros
2009-10-31 fcaObsolete macros
2009-10-31 fcaObsolete macros
2009-10-31 fcaObsolete macros
2009-10-31 bhippolycorrect initialization warnings (fca)
2009-10-31 sgorbunoupdae of the GPU framework
2009-10-30 fcaUse of .so libs instead than .dylib
2009-10-30 marianBug fix.
2009-10-30 sgorbunodata transport between the tracker and the merger is...
2009-10-30 bhippolyone more change (from P.Ganoti pganoti@phys.uoa.gr)
2009-10-30 morschmrst pdfs restored.
2009-10-30 morsch- Signature if CompVtx changed
2009-10-30 cvetanTOF/AliTOFDigitMap.h -- make enum {kMaxDigitsPerPad...
2009-10-30 laphecetFixing doxygen warnings
2009-10-30 sgorbunochange of a range of a histogram
2009-10-30 laphecetUpdating doc
2009-10-30 sgorbunochange a default cut
2009-10-30 sgorbunoPi0 histogram range changed
2009-10-30 sgorbunoPi0 finder added
2009-10-30 sgorbunohard-coded cuts are moved to the parameter set
2009-10-30 jklayfinal plotting macros
2009-10-30 haavardAdd protection for missing pressure sensors
2009-10-30 jotwinowchanges related to PWG1 train and small cleaning (A...
2009-10-30 sgorbunovertex finder moved from GlobalESDConverter to a separa...
2009-10-30 abercucifix compilation
2009-10-30 abercucifix BxByBz - testing
2009-10-30 abercucibetter ESD performance plot
2009-10-30 abercucifix compilation mismatches in the new framework
2009-10-30 morschProcess kPyMbAtlasTuneMC09 added
2009-10-30 lietavaFix in LoadCTPTimeParamsCDB() (Plamen)
2009-10-30 cheynisQA for shifters revisited - Custom object removed
2009-10-30 kaamodtChanged logging level
2009-10-30 laphecetInit event before deleting it !
2009-10-30 mtadelAdd example of how to assign lines to a module.
2009-10-30 laphecetOups. We probably do not want the memory leak checks...
2009-10-30 laphecetFixing a serious memory leak
2009-10-30 kleinbLimited printout
2009-10-30 kleinbExtended the set of deltaAOD jets and added general...
2009-10-30 abercucicopy TRD performance train to PWG1
2009-10-30 cblumeRelease the error coming from HLT
2009-10-30 maseraNew class for SSD QA checker (Panos)
2009-10-30 kleinb added high p_T track cut, standard loose cuts + ITSRefit
2009-10-30 dperrinoProtection reinforced
2009-10-30 dperrinoAdded setter for jet "radius" in DA
2009-10-30 gconesabAliAnaCalorimeterQA: add PWG1 validation train wagon...
2009-10-29 jklayadd pid comparison macro
2009-10-29 aszostak* Adding explicit priority settings for the global...
2009-10-29 cblumeFix coding violations
2009-10-29 aszostakFixing bug in destruction of global instance.
2009-10-29 bhippolyRulechecker-complying update from P.Ganoti (pganoti...
2009-10-29 dainesePossibility to read as input the AOD that was just...
2009-10-29 kleinbAdded method to add a default set of jet fidners for...
2009-10-29 cblumeFix compiler warning
2009-10-29 jotwinowchange clashing names
2009-10-29 sgorbunowarning fix
2009-10-29 abercucinew performance graph for energy loss in different...
2009-10-29 zampolliAdding GRP/CTP/CTPtiming OCDB entry in AliRoot, from...
2009-10-29 abercucimove trending variables from ASCII to binary (TList...
2009-10-29 cholmBug fix
2009-10-29 belikovCreating the detector-specific subdirectories
2009-10-29 lietavaAliCTPTimeParams added (Plamen,Cvetan)
2009-10-29 zampolliUpdating dummy file for CTPtime params, and file used...
2009-10-29 kleinbfunction to create the standard jets added
2009-10-29 kleinbaccount for limits of thrust variable (Sona)
2009-10-29 agheataFix for the merged xml file name to be copied in alien...
2009-10-29 jklaymajor updates to plotting macros
2009-10-29 sgorbunoBug fix: the TObjArray of input objects was not properl...
2009-10-29 kaamodtFixed bug in NoCutV0s and moved the xy calculation...
2009-10-28 daineseOCDB map, OCDB file list and Bz written to UserInfo...
2009-10-28 belikovFixing compilation warnings
2009-10-28 sgorbunoGPU update from David Rohr
2009-10-28 morschStore list of fired trigger classes.
2009-10-28 shahoianAdding a fast parametric fitter
2009-10-28 morschPreReading of MC information on demand.
2009-10-28 fcaWarnings...
2009-10-28 dsilvermcoding violations fix (changed naming, added comments...
2009-10-28 morschWarning corrected.
2009-10-28 bhippolyUpdating Strange tasks (by H.Ricaud, hricaud@gsi.de)
2009-10-28 ivanaIn AliMUONTriggerQADataMakerRec:
2009-10-28 daineseWarning corrected
2009-10-28 abercucimake definiton of number of clusters robust
2009-10-28 abercucifix compiler warnings
2009-10-28 odjuvsla- fixing compilation warning
2009-10-28 cholmFix to the raw reader that properly decodes the paramet...
2009-10-28 cblumeFix compiler warnings
2009-10-28 fcaMods for Solaris
2009-10-28 kleinbremoved GetThrustAxis
2009-10-28 hdalsgaanew energy distributions for 900 GeV
2009-10-28 kkanaki- added OCDB folder and respective entry for the config...
2009-10-28 cblumeFix coding rule violations
2009-10-28 ivanaCorrected comments for Doxygen
2009-10-28 maseraUpdate of 2 SSD macros (Panos)