2010-12-14 haavardCoverity fixes
2010-12-14 gconesabdeclare the size of this histograms array in the header...
2010-12-14 kkanaki- added new QA task for HLT and offline tree comparison...
2010-12-14 cvetanFix for -WConversion option of gcc. Has no effect on...
2010-12-14 pavlinovCompilation warnings were fixed
2010-12-14 cblumeFix compiler warnings (Frederick)
2010-12-14 cblumeFix compiler warning
2010-12-14 marianFixed warning.
2010-12-14 marianTPC/AliTPCcalibDButil.cxx(1356): warning #191: type...
2010-12-14 marianCoverity does not like to count the
2010-12-14 jthaederfixing coding viols
2010-12-14 marianBug fix indicated by Valgrind
2010-12-14 cblumeFix coverity defect (Julian)
2010-12-14 cblumeRemove old tracking code
2010-12-14 cvetanFix for coverity defect.
2010-12-14 haavardFixed coverity defect (missing check on return value)
2010-12-14 cvetanBug fix discovered by coverity. Had no impact on raw...
2010-12-14 mtadelFix coverity report -- missing check on AliRawReader...
2010-12-14 cvetanFix for coverity report.
2010-12-14 gconesabadd tag for antiprotons and antineutrons
2010-12-13 snellingRetrieving the number of analyzed events
2010-12-13 mflorisCombineSpectra:
2010-12-13 decaroWarning fixed (F.Carminati)
2010-12-13 belikovAn additional new function for calculating the fraction...
2010-12-13 morschHisto range corrected. (Alberica)
2010-12-13 cblumeImplementation of pass0 in automatic procedure (Julian)
2010-12-13 daineseMacro for calculating the mean pt in the bin (AndreaR)
2010-12-13 daineseAdded counting of high-mult triggers for PbPb (Chiara)
2010-12-13 ivanaFixing loadlibs.C macro (which failed on FC14)
2010-12-13 decaroFixed bug into TOF time resolution control (F.Noferini)
2010-12-13 allaAliT0Reconstructor with season time shift correction
2010-12-13 allaAliT0Reconstructor with season time shift correction
2010-12-13 agheataSetRunPrefix can take now also a format like %09d
2010-12-13 allaAliT0Reconstructor with season time shift correction
2010-12-12 kleinbupdates for running on the grid
2010-12-12 hristovReverting commit 45992: the ifdefs are needed to compil...
2010-12-12 miskoAliUnicorHN: fNbins and fMbins initialized in the defau...
2010-12-12 fcaChanges for new intel compiler
2010-12-12 fcaBackward compat changes do not need ifdefs
2010-12-12 fcaChanges for intel compiler
2010-12-11 richtermextending AliHLTSystem to support separate chains for...
2010-12-11 kleinbAdded protections in case std branches are missing
2010-12-11 richtermadding specific instances of the component for writing...
2010-12-11 morschCoding violations corrected.
2010-12-11 morsch 3 new histos.
2010-12-10 andronicMajor dielectron framework update; includes "alignment...
2010-12-10 richtermchanging name of internal variable steering the build...
2010-12-10 agheataupdated version of the AliCentralitySelectionTask with...
2010-12-10 gconesabpass the TString with & to avoid crashes
2010-12-10 decaroAdded possibility to run without AliTOFcalib object...
2010-12-10 slindalDestroy flabel in destructor
2010-12-10 snellingupdate matching updates in centrality framework
2010-12-10 martinezCorrect the name of the output objects for the merging...
2010-12-10 slindalEnabling writing pion aod branch with new class
2010-12-10 hristovSetChi2 is not yet implemented in STEER/AliAODPWG4Particle
2010-12-10 agheatanew PilotTrain.C containing centrality
2010-12-10 agheatafixes in the centrality task
2010-12-10 slindalAdding AliAODConversionParticle class
2010-12-10 ivanaIn AliMUONESDInterface:
2010-12-10 hristovPreparation for the next Root release
2010-12-10 hristovUsing TComplex::Abs instead of fabs
2010-12-10 mflorisAdded AliBWTools::GetdNdptFromdNdmt
2010-12-10 miskoCentrality files taken from $ALICE_ROOT/ANALYSIS/macros.
2010-12-10 agheatasmall fix
2010-12-10 agheatanew AddTaskCentrality putting the centrality output...
2010-12-10 agheatanew PilotAnalysis containing the centrality task
2010-12-10 miskoAliAnalysisTaskUnicor*.cxx: SetOwner moved to the right...
2010-12-10 agheatanew centrality files (Alberica)
2010-12-10 agheataNew version of the centrality task (Alberica)
2010-12-10 pulvirAdded macros for K* analysis
2010-12-10 pulvirUpdate of analysis macros
2010-12-10 agheataNew directory examples added, together with the first...
2010-12-10 slindalUpdated to use new AOD class
2010-12-10 slindaluse PWG4 particle instead of pwg4 particle correlaton
2010-12-10 pchristNew classes for the EBYE charge and multiplicity fluctu...
2010-12-10 snellingcentrality fixes and ....
2010-12-10 gconesabcorrect bug in case of conversion removal-recombination...
2010-12-10 kkanaki- small fix in the documentation
2010-12-10 gconesabremove JetCorrel
2010-12-10 gconesabremove JetCorrel
2010-12-10 gconesabremove JetCorrel from Makefile
2010-12-10 pulvirImplemented a static AliRsnEvent pointer to point to...
2010-12-10 gconesabremove non maintained JetCorre code
2010-12-10 kkanaki- added a few documentation lines
2010-12-10 miskoFixes of older problems and adaptation to heavy ions.
2010-12-10 fcaFix for Intel compiler
2010-12-10 cnattrasAdding some histograms for PID systematic error, adding...
2010-12-10 cnattrasFixing some coding violations. Mostly not enough comme...
2010-12-09 martinezFixing violations to the coding convention rules of...
2010-12-09 richtermbugfix: proper cleanup of global instances of configura...
2010-12-09 richtermimproving handling of processing failures in event...
2010-12-09 richtermoutput size estimator evaluated depending on the compon...
2010-12-09 hristovAdding EVE libraries
2010-12-09 loizidesfix
2010-12-09 agheataCentrality task now compiled in PWG1 library
2010-12-09 daineseAdded counting of high-mult triggers in PbPb (Chiara)
2010-12-09 rpreghenTOF readout efficiency measurements added to TOF recons...
2010-12-09 fcaCorrect subscript out of range
2010-12-09 fcaTypos
2010-12-09 snellingprotect against root tprofile bug