2013-11-18 fbelliniUpdated macro for K* pA analysis
2013-11-18 rbertens SVD unfolding: bugfixes and optimization
2013-11-18 fbelliniNew (compact) macro for K* pA analysis - to replace...
2013-11-18 miwebernew analysis task: multiplicity fluctuations (Maitreyee...
2013-11-18 miweberadding V0A multiplicities (MW)
2013-11-18 rbertens new template classes which can serve as a starting...
2013-11-18 fbelliniAdded trigger selection for ESD analysis in mini task...
2013-11-18 jbook-add trigger mask variables
2013-11-18 fbockchanged AddTasks
2013-11-18 rbailhacTRD PID breaks in QA lego train
2013-11-18 zconesaAdd TRD triggers on 2012 pp data OADB configuration
2013-11-18 shahoianFatal will be produced if the field is requested w...
2013-11-18 lmilanoQA histos for VZERO detector
2013-11-18 agheataFixes in the CDBconnect task (Ruben) and adaptation...
2013-11-17 zconesaAdd centrality as variable
2013-11-16 deliaA few defects and warnings fixed
2013-11-15 pcrochetCalculate the trigger efficiency both in the standard...
2013-11-15 dgangadhPlotting macro updates
2013-11-15 gconesabcheck effect of E sub-cluster cut in split fraction...
2013-11-15 rbertens jet flow tools: SVD unfolding
2013-11-15 lmilanoVZERO on-line calibration and recentering + cleanup...
2013-11-15 gconesabwrong variable name
2013-11-15 raverbecfix bug in the cut on the z-vertex of produced particle...
2013-11-15 rbertenscoverity fixes
2013-11-15 jgrosseofolder for analysis QA train macros
2013-11-15 kleinb- Coverity fixes
2013-11-15 pcrochetAdd task to handle the muon type in simulations. The...
2013-11-15 maszymanreverting setting the magFieldSign
2013-11-14 shahoianGenCocktail and HijingPara were not adding their header...
2013-11-14 pchristaUpdates (Naghmeh)
2013-11-14 mkrzewicfix var init order
2013-11-14 gconesabremove duplication of histograms definition
2013-11-14 morschhttps://savannah.cern.ch/bugs/?103152
2013-11-14 morschbug #103052: Modification of AliGenDPMJet.cxx, .h
2013-11-14 loizidesup from Chiara
2013-11-14 lmilano1) Suppressed unnecessary output. 2) Added option to...
2013-11-14 lmilano1) Suppressed unnecessary output. 2) Added option to...
2013-11-14 jgrosseoadding possibility to use true impact parameter for...
2013-11-14 mbrozHistogram with triggers/run
2013-11-14 gconesabadd sub-cluster min energy cut
2013-11-14 tgunjiupdate from Mahmut
2013-11-14 tgunjiupdate from Mahmut
2013-11-14 deliaMacro QAphi.C moved to post-processing folder
2013-11-14 deliaFirst commit of multistrange QA post-processing macro
2013-11-14 lgraczykminor change when number is 0 or negative under square...
2013-11-14 loizidesup from Chris
2013-11-13 ssakaiupdated for backgrond study
2013-11-13 loizidesfrom Megan
2013-11-13 loizidesfix from Ruben
2013-11-13 rpreghenadding code for TOF pPb502 spectra analysis
2013-11-13 rpreghenadded UTILS dir with first macros
2013-11-13 maszyman fix in the average separation calculation
2013-11-13 maszymanfix the bug of setting extrance and exit points of...
2013-11-13 mkrzewicfrom Ante Bilandzic: update of the macro
2013-11-13 cholmAdded option to disable merging of shared signals compl...
2013-11-13 cholmConvert pattern to glob pattern when scanning directories
2013-11-13 shahoianWhen geometry is loaded, the call to MeanMaterialBudget...
2013-11-13 rbailhacTry to understannd
2013-11-13 kleinbUpdates from Filip
2013-11-12 mkrzewicset storage in CreateOutputObjects
2013-11-12 miweberupdate dptdpt (Prabhat Pujahari)
2013-11-12 jbook-small fix for pdg code of grandmothers
2013-11-12 slindalconv gamma dphi task:
2013-11-12 kleinbfixed compiler warnings (B. Hess)
2013-11-12 kleinbInitial Tasks and macros for PIDed Fragmentation Functi...
2013-11-12 cholmExport hit structure header
2013-11-12 cholmFix some documentation issues
2013-11-12 fbelliniFixing wrong commit (v.64906): Macros for Phi QA +...
2013-11-11 deliaFirst commit of post-processing macro for phi QA
2013-11-11 ddobrigkAdded V0 QA task in AOD to the list of compiled tasks.
2013-11-11 ddobrigkRemoved unnecessary data members from header.
2013-11-11 ddobrigkAdded QA Task for V0s, AOD version.
2013-11-11 pchristaUpdates (Naghmeh)
2013-11-11 ddobrigkMinor rebinning adjustment.
2013-11-11 ddobrigkFirst commit of post-processing macro for V0 QA. Refine...
2013-11-11 gconesabadd histograms with correlation between angle and showe...
2013-11-11 fbelliniMacros for Phi QA + option for BigOutput added to mini...
2013-11-11 fbockchanged addtask for PbPb
2013-11-11 dgangadhAdd monitor histograms
2013-11-11 rbailhacSmall update
2013-11-11 shahoianFix in the GetRefMultiplicity method: the id=0 in track...
2013-11-11 lmilanoFixed event selection bug for pPb
2013-11-11 miweberUpdate for systematic studies (Prabhat Ranjan Pujahari...
2013-11-11 hristovChange for Root6
2013-11-11 fnoferinreduce centrality bins in charged hadrons analysis
2013-11-11 ssakaiadded a histogram
2013-11-11 fprinoUpdates in the setting of the colliding system
2013-11-10 loizidesFrom Chiara
2013-11-09 mkrzewicreturn correct type
2013-11-08 raverbecfix bug in z-vertex cut
2013-11-08 mkretzfix libVc compilation
2013-11-08 jbook-fixes for MC pdgcodes used for cuts and plotting ...
2013-11-08 mkrzewicbug fix: use the NEW task
2013-11-07 slindal-Move cent, z axis into sparse
2013-11-07 mkrzewicsmall bugfix in case we run on a batch system
2013-11-07 akalweitAdding postprocessing macros.
2013-11-07 jbook-add pdg exclusion range for all open charm,beauty...
2013-11-07 rbertensfrom naghmeh: updates to higher orders pid flow addtask
2013-11-07 mkretzmerge from Vc: simplify avx_sorthelper compilation...
2013-11-07 mbrozAdding couple of QA histograms