2007-01-24 jgrosseointroducing multiplicity measurement with the ITS or TPC
2007-01-24 jgrosseosmall fix, enhanced comments
2007-01-24 jgrosseomoving to new PROOF api
2007-01-24 schutznew files
2007-01-24 hristovUsing ALICE_ROOT instead of ALICE/ALICE_LEVEL
2007-01-24 hristovAdding PWG4 to the compilation
2007-01-24 maseraNew SPD pre-processor (H. Tydesjo)
2007-01-24 schutzChange the name adding PWG4
2007-01-24 hristovFMD zero-misalignment objects using symbolic names...
2007-01-24 hristovRemoving dead code (Raffaele)
2007-01-24 arcelliModify ProcessData to return a logical (CZ)
2007-01-24 marianReduced size of output in debug mode, maximal debug...
2007-01-24 cvetanAdd additional function GetSize (Marian)
2007-01-24 hristovRemoving extra semicolon
2007-01-23 acollaRemoved old ldif files, added TOF, MCH ldif files....
2007-01-23 pavlinovfixed compilation warning
2007-01-23 schutzNew Gamma package
2007-01-23 hristovAdditional protection, to be tuned later
2007-01-23 alibraryAdding include files where needed for latest ROOT
2007-01-23 morschMemory leaks corrected (Ch. Klein-Boesing)
2007-01-23 alibraryAdding include files where needed for latest ROOT
2007-01-23 nick23-jan-2007 NvE Bug fixed by Garmt in IceMakeHits.cxx.
2007-01-23 kharlovTime histogram filling is corrected to a version 1.118
2007-01-22 kharlovTime of samples is read from raw data
2007-01-22 kharlovRealistic pulse shape parameters
2007-01-22 philleCosmetic changes
2007-01-22 philleSpecification ov pointer sizes in order not to get...
2007-01-22 philleHLT component to merge four readout partitions to a...
2007-01-22 pavlinovEMCAL geometry can be created independently form anythi...
2007-01-22 philleFirst working implementation of the online cell energy...
2007-01-22 marianCut on minimal amplitude to dump
2007-01-22 cblumeGo back to raw data version 0 for the time being
2007-01-22 morschSome corrections for thermal shield dimensions.
2007-01-22 marianDebug information attached to AliTPCclusterMI in debug...
2007-01-22 marianAdd cluster error and shape parameterization class...
2007-01-22 marianAdd cluster error and shape parameterization class...
2007-01-22 philleRemoving blanks after \
2007-01-22 philleAdded AliHLTPHOSDefinitions.cxx and AliHLTPHOSDefiniti...
2007-01-22 cvetanMake NextEvent() method compatible with the other RawRe...
2007-01-22 nick20-jan-2007 NvE AliMath extended with Nfac(), LnNfac...
2007-01-22 philleStarted the implemetation of the online analysis
2007-01-22 morschSmall correction.
2007-01-22 gustavoMove shuttle classes from shuttle library to base library
2007-01-22 gustavoNo need of shuttle library, classes moved to base library
2007-01-20 philleAdded additional neccessary libraries
2007-01-19 kharlovImproved formatting for Print()
2007-01-19 kharlovRemoval of double digits with high and low gains
2007-01-19 cvetanTypo
2007-01-19 kharlovIn ReadRaw(): create pulse generator in stack instead...
2007-01-19 kharlovAdd digitization of amplitudes, baseline and noise
2007-01-19 jgrosseofix for build server
2007-01-19 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-01-19 mtadelAvoid usage of script-global variables as they get...
2007-01-19 mtadelUse RGTopFrame::RedrawDisabler in GotoEvent(Int_t).
2007-01-19 philleremoved debugg message when calling default constructor
2007-01-19 mtadelAdded nested class RedrawDisabler allowing exception...
2007-01-19 philleminor changes
2007-01-19 philledeleted debug messages when calling main constructor
2007-01-19 philledeleted some obsolete code
2007-01-19 mtadelExpanded description on how to run display macros.
2007-01-19 philleStarted the implementation of the online monitoring
2007-01-19 mtadelAdded instructions to run scanning interface.
2007-01-19 phillescript to create PHOS HLT configuration
2007-01-19 phillescript to start the TM GUI
2007-01-19 phillexml configuration file for PHOS HLT
2007-01-19 phillemoving to the script directory
2007-01-19 philleMoving to the script directory
2007-01-19 cvetanInterface to the new class for storing and retrieving...
2007-01-19 cvetanNew class for storing and retrieving of the raw-data...
2007-01-19 philleScript to start the PHOS/HLT graphical user interface
2007-01-19 phillexml file example for creation of HLT/PHOS taskmanger...
2007-01-19 philleExample script on how to create a PHOS HLT Taskmanager...
2007-01-19 richterm- AliHLTFileWriter added
2007-01-19 richtermminor fix in function definition; missing header files...
2007-01-19 jgrosseoadded Print method, fixed missing virtual
2007-01-19 philleChange of naiming convention
2007-01-18 maseraMethod GetTrackPoint now works with mis-aligned geometr...
2007-01-18 mtadelRecord changes.
2007-01-18 mtadelUse the right function to get position of primary verte...
2007-01-18 hristovDistributed analysis documentation
2007-01-18 hristovAdded descrioptions of the event tag system and alignme...
2007-01-18 cvetanNew raw-data TAGS infrastructure
2007-01-18 jgrosseochanging spaces to tabs ;-)
2007-01-18 jgrosseoadding the possibility of defining DCS alias and data...
2007-01-18 philleRemoving old files
2007-01-17 philleAdded source code to the hrml documentation
2007-01-17 philleAdded source code to the html documentation
2007-01-17 hristovFixed assignment operator
2007-01-17 philleNew html documentation
2007-01-17 philleRemoving obsolete documentation
2007-01-17 philleemoving obsolete documentation
2007-01-17 philleBasic functionality of the HLT components is achieved...
2007-01-17 philleChanges of naiming convention
2007-01-17 kharlovLogical expression in a loop corrected
2007-01-17 kharlovExtract ALTRO sample generation to a separate class...
2007-01-17 philleBug fixes
2007-01-17 philleChange of naming convention from Analyzer to RawAnalyse...
2007-01-17 allabug in alignableVolumes fixed
2007-01-17 mtadelChange number-format for event-id.
2007-01-17 cvetanNew version (3.8) of the DATE event header