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2003-08-26 skowronBug corrections. New monitoring functions added (Q...
2003-08-25 skowronProcess*** methods should be public not private
2003-08-25 skowronCorrFit function added.
2003-08-22 skowronBug correction (uninitialized pointers)
2003-08-21 skowronBug correction
2003-08-21 martinezOption param for J/Psi and Upsilon working
2003-08-21 martinezMUONrawcluster ready to compile
2003-08-21 martinezMUONrawcluster ready to compile
2003-08-21 skowronIn two-pair fctn, track pair must be also swapped if...
2003-08-21 skowronDebug information printout corrected
2003-08-20 skowronAdditional debug printout
2003-08-20 skowronLL Weights Out Side Long Theoretical Functions and...
2003-08-20 skowronFlag for writing num and den implemented
2003-08-20 skowronRedundand if removed
2003-08-19 martinezRemoving warnings ...
2003-08-19 hristovAdditional protection (P.Skowronski)
2003-08-19 hristovWorking version (P.Skowronski)
2003-08-19 hristovUpdated Unload functionality (P.Skowronski)
2003-08-19 skowronBug correction (energy recalculation when adding new...
2003-08-19 skowronMixing informative pritout corrected
2003-08-19 skowronProper data members initialization in constructors.
2003-08-18 hristovCorrected creation of shared libs (ecc)
2003-08-18 hristovTMPLIB needed by Makefile.icc and Makefile.ecc
2003-08-18 skowronBug correction
2003-08-18 martinezGenerated particle in MUONrecoNtuple (Barbara Mongero)
2003-08-18 skowronBugs correction
2003-08-18 martinezRemoving warnings ...
2003-08-18 martinezRemoving warnings ...
2003-08-18 martinezRemoving warnings ...
2003-08-18 martinezRemoving warnings ...
2003-08-18 martinezTrack charge of the digit for 2nd file
2003-08-18 martinezRemoving warnings ...
2003-08-15 hristovEmpty CINT flags
2003-08-15 hristovEmpty CINT flags
2003-08-15 skowronUpdating Event Randomizer to new reader schema
2003-08-15 hristovProfiling target fixed
2003-08-15 alla Digits and RecPoint with NewIO
2003-08-15 alla STARTLoader for TObject Digits and RecPoints
2003-08-15 hristovTypo fixed
2003-08-14 nilsenremoved unused variables warnings
2003-08-14 nilsenFixed compiler warnings with regards to copy construtor...
2003-08-14 nilsenClass now derived from TObject as required. Fixed copy...
2003-08-14 nilsenFixed up some copy constructors, removed some unused...
2003-08-14 nilsenMinor Update. Added calculation of detector cylinderica...
2003-08-14 skowronNon-buffering readers implemented, proper changes in...
2003-08-14 hristovDummy copy constructor
2003-08-14 martinezRemoving warnings ...
2003-08-14 martinezRemoving warnings ...
2003-08-14 morschOutput file not written.
2003-08-14 morschOption to remove output files.
2003-08-14 martinezRemoving warnings ...
2003-08-14 martinezRemoving warnings ...
2003-08-14 hristovCorrected new/delete mismatch (valgrind)
2003-08-14 martinezRemoving warnings ...
2003-08-14 morschSource passes also untracked secondaries to FLUKA
2003-08-14 hristovCorrected memcpy arguments to avoid copying of uninitia...
2003-08-14 hristovString initialization to avoid valgrind warnings
2003-08-14 hristovInitialization to avoid valgrind warnings
2003-08-14 morschProdProcess corrected.
2003-08-14 morschCode causing warning messages during compilation corrected.
2003-08-14 schutzchanged the QA check on digits
2003-08-14 morsch- IdFromPdg: special case for optical photons
2003-08-14 hristovPointer fGeom initialized
2003-08-14 hristovDummy copy constructor
2003-08-13 hristovBug fix (Alpha)
2003-08-13 hristovMethod for file synchronization (P.Skowronski)
2003-08-13 martinezRemoving warnings ...
2003-08-13 martinezConfig_MUON_test.C
2003-08-13 hristovInclude file instead of forward declaration
2003-08-12 nilsenRemoved unneeded forward declarations and includes.
2003-08-12 morschInitial energy density as function of impact parameter...
2003-08-12 hristovImplementing SetTreeAddress
2003-08-12 hristovCreate fHits in SetTreeAddress only if it was not creat...
2003-08-12 morschSaver initialisation of fFitp array. (Lenaic COUEDEL)
2003-08-12 morschPathLength functions added.
2003-08-11 martinezREADME
2003-08-11 martinezReseting rawclusters at the end of the event loop
2003-08-11 martinezfDchamber allocation for digitalisation in MakeBranchIn...
2003-08-11 morschUpdates for B->J/Psi (psi') X decays.
2003-08-11 martinezUpdating Config_MUON_test.C from macros/Config.C
2003-08-06 skowronBug correction (units fm/GeV). Removing compiler warnings
2003-08-06 skowronIntroduction of ESD and combined PID
2003-08-06 hristovNonimplemented methods commented out
2003-08-06 barberaA problem with endianity fixed (thanks to F. Carminati)
2003-08-06 hristovCleaning of warnings (gcc -W)
2003-08-06 hristovObsolete class AliFMDv2 removed
2003-08-06 hristovObsolete FMD parameters removed
2003-08-06 allaeliminate warnings
2003-08-06 allaremove unused files
2003-08-06 allaAliFMDMerger.h
2003-08-05 nilsenRemoved some dead code.
2003-08-05 cheynisTreeAddress fixed
2003-08-05 morschSome problems with too big fluctuations corrected....
2003-08-05 morschLook-up table for new reconstruction.
2003-08-05 cheynisNewIO Implementation
2003-08-05 hristovWriting again fChambers ans fTriggerCircuits
2003-08-04 loizidesMoved to head version of HLT, main difference to v1...
2003-08-04 skowronBug correction (catch up to Release)
2003-08-04 skowronCompilation warnings removed
2003-08-04 skowronCompilation warnings removed