2012-07-19 cvetanUpdate of the flatenning task and macros
2012-07-19 jklein- bugfix to correctly handle stack 0 active but with...
2012-07-19 gconesabtask to do the isolation and correlation analysis only...
2012-07-19 dsilvermfrom Francesco Blanco - skip a few min/max settings
2012-07-19 rbailhacAs cross-check
2012-07-19 mcosentichanges from soh
2012-07-19 jbook-update on HF
2012-07-19 ddobrigk---> Modified AddTask macro to go with new performance...
2012-07-19 ddobrigk---> Added Cascade information to the histograms acquired:
2012-07-19 ssakaiupdated
2012-07-19 jgrosseofixing trigger selection
2012-07-19 deliaAdded centrality axis to 3D histo of generated particle...
2012-07-19 cbaumannupdate from Markus
2012-07-19 mcosentiincluding isolation using cluster Et instead of the...
2012-07-19 lmilanodefault centrality cut using TRK. Setter to use V0M...
2012-07-19 prinoUpdated D+ syst unc (Elena, Renu)
2012-07-19 deliaMin pt cut on cascade daughter tracks added (parameter...
2012-07-19 prinoFix in the outlier rejection cut
2012-07-19 gconesabadd protections in case of analysis at generator level...
2012-07-19 prinoUpdate in D-electon correlation code (Hege, Matthias)
2012-07-19 prinoBig fix + updates in D0-h THnSparse (Fabio)
2012-07-19 mcosentichanges from SOH
2012-07-19 mcosentiincluding cluster eta and phi
2012-07-19 shahoianAdded class AliITSgeomTGeoUpg, works both for old and...
2012-07-19 agheataAdded missing check for T0 and PtFix supplies
2012-07-19 cblumeReduce verbosity in case of undefined number of time...
2012-07-18 zconesaProper call for Ds systematics
2012-07-18 gconesabadded more MC related histograms, in case of SS analysi...
2012-07-18 gconesabAdded methods to recover the kinematics of the mother...
2012-07-18 hanrattyFixed bug with half-and-half v0s identified as whole...
2012-07-18 rbailhacFor multiplicity plot
2012-07-18 gconesabfill one histogram per vz bin only on request and other...
2012-07-18 jbook-forgot to add the classes
2012-07-18 jbook-add first version of hist framework
2012-07-18 jbook- add new classes
2012-07-18 gconesabnew non linearity function and parameters for latest...
2012-07-18 belikovImplementing Physics Forum's suggestions
2012-07-18 aurasModified init of AliMuonForwardTrack
2012-07-18 aurasModified destructor of AliMuonForwardTrack
2012-07-18 cnattrasAdding histos to look at MB trigger efficiency
2012-07-17 prinoSystematic errors for Ds PbPb 2011 (Gian Michele)
2012-07-17 prinoUpdated D* syst error for PbPb2011 (Alessandro)
2012-07-17 gconesabadd missing comma
2012-07-17 gconesabremove print
2012-07-17 gconesabadd new parametrization for non linearity in MC - Evi
2012-07-17 cholmUpdate
2012-07-17 cholmUpdates for better DQM.
2012-07-17 shahoianUpdate for wide eta analysis
2012-07-17 sgorbuno- support compilation with GCC 4.1 and 4.2
2012-07-17 agheataFrom Theodor Rascanu: These changes are necessary since...
2012-07-17 zampolliCommenting out processing of TimeGain and TimeDrift...
2012-07-16 zconesaUpdates for Raa calculation
2012-07-16 prinoShorten names of D+ containers
2012-07-16 mikolajremoves OCDB access during merging by splitting out...
2012-07-16 mikolajfixes the out of bounds messages on accessing empty...
2012-07-16 cblumePatch to load 1DLQ PID references
2012-07-16 mcosentiincluding clusters eta and phi in the thnsparse
2012-07-16 mcosentichanges from soh
2012-07-16 sgorbunooptimised memory allocation for vector data
2012-07-16 cbaumannupdates from Taku
2012-07-16 simonesadd name extention and default y range
2012-07-16 simoneschange foldername
2012-07-16 sgorbuno- Speedup of cluster transformation in two times by...
2012-07-15 zconesaRefine syst for D0 in the 0-7.5%CC 2011 data (AR)
2012-07-15 loizideschanges from Salvatore
2012-07-15 shahoianFix in protection in Set with track momentun along...
2012-07-14 zconesaFix for the In/Out of plane correction
2012-07-14 hristovNew class AliFigure (Jochen)
2012-07-13 zconesaFlag for In/Out of Plane Analysis
2012-07-13 rbailhacSmall fix Sarah
2012-07-13 belikovUsing a conservative 3% estimate for the K0s signal...
2012-07-13 prinoAdd syst err for D+ (prelim) and adapt drawing method...
2012-07-13 mcosentichanges from saiola
2012-07-13 hanrattyReintroduced Generated AntiLambda Spectrum
2012-07-13 aurasMacros for creating OCDB
2012-07-13 belikovBug fix in combining the systematic errors
2012-07-13 zconesaPatch to run on the lego train
2012-07-13 agheataMore precise timing for the throughput calculation
2012-07-13 miweberpkg and CMakelib for BF efficiency task (forgot for...
2012-07-13 miwebercoding/naming rule fixes
2012-07-12 prinoSystematic errors for D0 and D* in 2011 PbPb in 0-7...
2012-07-12 iselioujFigure macros for the short CME paper
2012-07-12 mcosentifix
2012-07-12 mcosentichanges from mconnors
2012-07-12 mcosentiupdato on how to read the tracks
2012-07-12 cbaumannchange analysis macros
2012-07-12 mcosentichanges from hanseul
2012-07-12 sgorbunosome GCC versions still do not manage to compile the...
2012-07-12 sgorbunofix -fPIC compilation on i386
2012-07-12 agheataAdded possibility to collect input file information...
2012-07-12 prinoAdapt D0-h correlation task to modifs in AliHFCorrelato...
2012-07-12 miweberEvent Mixing for Balance Function Psi Task (PhiCorrelat...
2012-07-12 hdalsgaaversion for PWGLF approval
2012-07-12 jgrosseosupport for central and semicentral triggers
2012-07-12 cholmMultiple fixes:
2012-07-12 mcosentichanges from fzhou
2012-07-12 cholmThe train setup can now find the available packages
2012-07-12 quarkFix when called from CINT
2012-07-12 prinoPossibility to select positive and negatiev eta regions...
2012-07-12 mcosentichanges from mconnors