2004-05-27 alibraryNew split libs
2004-05-27 alibraryNew split libs
2004-05-27 alibraryNew split libs
2004-05-27 morschClean-up. (E. Futo)
2004-05-27 morschUpdates needed for fluka. (E. Futo)
2004-05-27 morschSync with TFlukaGeo.h
2004-05-27 morschClean-up. (A. Gheata)
2004-05-27 morschMany corrections and upgrades. (A. Gheata)
2004-05-27 morschAbort statement commented out. (A. Gheata)
2004-05-27 morschParticle code range protection. (A. Gheata)
2004-05-27 morschClean-up (A. Gheata)
2004-05-27 morsch- Use new methods from AliQuenchingWeights ("Integral...
2004-05-27 hristovAdditional protection
2004-05-27 loizidesAdded function to get P(Delta E=0)
2004-05-27 loizidesAdded function to return production point of partons.
2004-05-26 hristovstdlib.h needed on HP to declare exit
2004-05-26 hristovCoding conventions
2004-05-26 tkuhrreplace fabs by TMath::Abs
2004-05-26 morschcrnkvp.f
2004-05-26 morschFirst commit.
2004-05-26 hristovAdding possibility to change the tracking window in...
2004-05-26 tkuhradaptation for HLT transition from standalone code...
2004-05-26 tkuhrbugfix
2004-05-26 loizidesBugfix for missing include.
2004-05-26 hristovReducing the size of HLT ESD (C.Cheshkov)
2004-05-26 hristovSplitting of TRD library (T.Kuhr)
2004-05-25 gamezRemoved unused data members and methods
2004-05-25 gamezAngular distribution generation, corrected
2004-05-25 gamezUpdating geometry for new scintillaton modules
2004-05-25 gamezCleaning violation codes
2004-05-25 maseradependences on TPC eliminated
2004-05-25 martinezCode revision:
2004-05-25 morsch- Welding section on absorber side (LHCVC2C_001)
2004-05-25 martinezAdding renormalisation of the combinatotial bgk for...
2004-05-25 martinezBug in AliMUONSegmentationV01.cxx. Data member fSector...
2004-05-24 cvetanAdded a method which loads TPC parameters in AliL3Trans...
2004-05-24 hristovUpdated version needed by AliITStrackerSA
2004-05-24 maseraspeed optimization
2004-05-24 skowronNew cuts added on pair open angles
2004-05-24 skowronBug Correction
2004-05-24 morschStatic method SetReadField() to enable/disable reading...
2004-05-24 morschIntial state radiation jets are also quenched.
2004-05-21 schutzPi0 identification with PID was wrongly done, changes...
2004-05-21 schutzChanged maximum distance between TPC track and CPV...
2004-05-19 martinezReading MUONtracks from new ESD object tree
2004-05-19 cvetanMerge MC labels for 4 neighbour bins in the Hough space...
2004-05-19 cvetanFix for memory leak in fClusters
2004-05-19 hristovRemoving warnings
2004-05-19 hristovModifications needed by Geant4 (I.Hrivnacova)
2004-05-19 hristovBug fixes
2004-05-19 bnandiadded raw data class
2004-05-19 bnandiEnergy deposition converted to 12 bit ADC
2004-05-19 bnandiPMD DDL raw data
2004-05-19 hristovRemoving warnings (gcc)
2004-05-19 cvetanLess verbose output
2004-05-19 cvetanLess verbose output for file and memory handlers
2004-05-19 cvetanWrong CVS merging corrected
2004-05-18 mhornerMinor change
2004-05-18 mhornerAdded weighting for histograms
2004-05-18 hristovSplitting TPC library (T.Kuhr)
2004-05-18 mhornerModified plots and made jet finder use SDigits
2004-05-18 martinezMacro for generation of quarkonia pT distribution ...
2004-05-18 martinezRemoving not necessary files (Gines)
2004-05-18 hristovRemoving warnings (Sun)
2004-05-18 hristovCompilation on HP
2004-05-18 loizidesFixed to memory leaks (Thomas Kuhr).
2004-05-17 hristovCompilation on Sun
2004-05-17 tkuhrreduce printout
2004-05-17 martinez2D Invariant Mass plots
2004-05-17 martinezVertex from from Kine root. Temporary solution (Christian)
2004-05-17 martinezClean-up AliMUON (Christian)
2004-05-15 hristovCorrections to avoid reading outside clusters array
2004-05-14 morschUpdated bellow geometry.
2004-05-14 cvetanRemove some debug information for HLT PID calculations
2004-05-14 maseraOption to select a vertexer
2004-05-14 hristovUse ESD objects from a tree (T.Kuhr)
2004-05-14 tkuhroption for reconstructors added
2004-05-14 loizidesAdded AliL3Log.h
2004-05-14 loizidesReduced logging in Reconstrucion.
2004-05-14 tkuhrwrite ESD objects to a tree
2004-05-14 morschCorrect initialisation of map when read from file.
2004-05-13 morschUse CTEQ5L for kPyMb.
2004-05-12 alibrarySmall fix for non flat structures
2004-05-12 schutzBayesian weight for PID calculated for time of flight...
2004-05-12 loizidesSolved warning.
2004-05-12 cvetanSmall bugfixes fur runloader.
2004-05-12 loizidesFixes.
2004-05-12 loizidesMerged Bergen, mergen Cvetan TransformerRow and
2004-05-12 loizidesAdded missing files and defines, compilation should...
2004-05-11 loizidesAdded ROWHOUGHPARAMS.
2004-05-11 loizidesInverted Feds commit.
2004-05-11 loizidesAdded AliHLTReconstructor.cxx
2004-05-11 martinez-Added protected copy constructors and assignment opera...
2004-05-11 martinez-Added arguments names in function declarations. -Publi...
2004-05-11 martinez-Added protected copy constructors and assignment opera...
2004-05-11 martinezPublic data members moved to private area, added setter...
2004-05-11 martinezAdded arguments names in function declarations. (I...
2004-05-11 martinezAdded protected copy constructors and assignment operat...
2004-05-11 tkuhruse dummy reconstructor only if detector exists
2004-05-11 schutzAdded Debug options to control verbosity