2014-09-18 sjenaUpdate PR : drathee
2014-09-18 rhaakeCharged jets (pPb): Cosmetics
2014-09-18 sjenaUpdate from PR: drathee
2014-09-18 ihrivnacFixed calculation of fluctuations of energy loss in...
2014-09-18 mbrozAdding TOF PID
2014-09-18 lramonaAddendum to previous commit
2014-09-18 lramonaMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-09-18 lramonaChange in particle selection (t-->3He)
2014-09-18 mverweijstore distance to leading Pb-Pb jet
2014-09-18 mverweijadd tag to wagon name
2014-09-18 agheataFixed check for library loaded in AliAnalysisTaskCfg...
2014-09-18 maszymanupdated macro for V0 femtoscopy
2014-09-18 fbock- fix in Calo-Calo task
2014-09-18 prsnkoAdded LHC11h_pass2 calibration
2014-09-18 lramonaMinor change in container name definition (Domenico C.)
2014-09-18 rhaakeCharged jets (pPb): Added debugging output
2014-09-18 bogdanBug fix in TString access.
2014-09-17 sjenaUpdate PR task : drathee
2014-09-17 rgrossoUpdated Shuttle<->DQM connections.
2014-09-17 mcosentimodif from Alexis: trigger random patch
2014-09-17 rgrossoAdd new global configuration for prod shuttle.
2014-09-17 ssakaiupdated
2014-09-17 rgrossoUpdated global configuration for prod shuttle.
2014-09-17 rgrossoUpdate Shuttle<->DAQ connection params
2014-09-17 fbock- added histograms for pi0.eta efficiency versus alpha
2014-09-17 fbock- changes by Daniel to make CaloConv, Calo run on AODs...
2014-09-17 mfaselMove trigger container name to the add macro level
2014-09-16 mfaselRemove other compiler warnings
2014-09-16 pcrochetAnalysis task for muon triggers normalization (Cynthia)
2014-09-16 pcrochetCorrectly handle non-default versions of Pythia6 (Diego)
2014-09-16 sjenaUpdate PR: drathee
2014-09-16 mfaselRemove leftovers in order to avoid compiler warning
2014-09-16 azimmermpT correlation plots binning increased
2014-09-16 mcosentimodif from Alexis: re-enabling the complementary track...
2014-09-16 rhaakeCharged jets (pPb): Introduce setting for min track...
2014-09-16 mverweijinclude memory lib
2014-09-16 mfaselNew interface for track selection
2014-09-16 mfaselMajor refactoring of the code - Rebase task from AliAna...
2014-09-16 mfaselBugfixes: - Do not remove MC Label in case of 0 - Add...
2014-09-16 pgonzaleNew changes for Eta shift
2014-09-16 mcosentiincluding a parameter in the addtask to switch on/off...
2014-09-16 mcosentiincluding complementary tracks (like in Gustavo's task)
2014-09-16 mverweijincrease ClassDef
2014-09-16 agrigoraFix for pow() for SLC5 gcc 4.2.1
2014-09-16 agrigoraRevert "Revert git "Femto ESE code updates (Alice Ohlson)""
2014-09-15 rhaakeCharged jets(pPb): Fix typo in macro
2014-09-15 mcosentiincluding an extra QA histogram for track-matched clust...
2014-09-15 mcosentimodif from Alexis: histogram bin limits
2014-09-15 rbertens use tchain of files in example macro
2014-09-15 agrigoraRevert "Femto ESE code updates (Alice Ohlson)"
2014-09-15 mcosentiincluding option to apply a cut in the distance to...
2014-09-15 mfasel- Incorporate changes from Jiri for the gamma trigger...
2014-09-15 lramonaImproved particle selection in TOF
2014-09-15 maseraLatest version of the CA tracker.
2014-09-15 rbertens add use of TF1 based input as prior in addition to...
2014-09-15 mverweijcosmetics
2014-09-15 lcunqueiAdd sigma2 jet shape and fill constituent info. for...
2014-09-15 dgangadhFemto ESE code updates (Alice Ohlson)
2014-09-15 pluettigmodified deltaphi calculation and supporting binning
2014-09-15 rbertens fix for minor mistake in macro
2014-09-15 rbertens add example macro to run flow package ttree filter...
2014-09-15 rbertens remove redundant check from run macro
2014-09-15 jniedzieSwitching between data sources added to alieventserver...
2014-09-15 belikovPrecalculating cluster reference plane positions, clust...
2014-09-15 maszyman 1. Fixing memory leaks in alistorage
2014-09-15 saiolaAdd option to keep the same pt hard bin till the end...
2014-09-15 saiolaAdd option to embed centrality
2014-09-15 saiolaFix typo
2014-09-14 morschI have to recenter the TPC event plane (for LHC11h...
2014-09-14 sjenaUpdate for PR: drathee
2014-09-14 dgangadhInclude 3 collision types
2014-09-14 dgangadhInclude EAs from offline c3 fits
2014-09-14 saiolaFix streaming issues
2014-09-13 mivanovATO-1 - Modification for the stautus bars and status...
2014-09-13 mivanovATO-1 Adding new function to create a status lines...
2014-09-13 shahoianAdded comment on usage of AliGenQEDBg with AliGenCocktail
2014-09-13 shahoianDerived from AliGenEpEmv1 a new generator AliGenQEDBg...
2014-09-13 zconesaSet specific flag to decide whether to use the multipli...
2014-09-13 sjenaUpdate EbyEPR: drathee
2014-09-13 gconesabit is not possible to have the label of more than...
2014-09-13 prsnkoCoverity fix
2014-09-12 shahoiancreate new gaussian f-n for TOF fits to not be affected...
2014-09-12 mcosentiincluding an extra label in some of the QA histos to...
2014-09-12 mcosentidetailing more one debug printout
2014-09-12 sjenaUpdate PRTask: drathee
2014-09-12 tbreitneALIROOT-5600 - skip non-participating detector modules
2014-09-12 mcosentiincluding a setter to turn on pile-up rejection with...
2014-09-12 sjenaUpdate to add PidRatio: sjena
2014-09-12 sjenaParticleRatio Class: Deepika
2014-09-12 rgrossoCorrect include dirs in SHUTTLE Makefile
2014-09-12 richtermbugfix: input to the TPC data compressor chain had...
2014-09-12 maszymanFixes for memory leaks
2014-09-12 jklein- add setter for error in tracklet y
2014-09-12 shahoianmacros developed by Luca Barioglio for patterns analysis
2014-09-12 ssakaiupdated
2014-09-12 sjenaUpdate NetParticle: sjena
2014-09-11 sjenaUpdate NetParticle: sjena
2014-09-11 sjenaUpdate NetParticle: sjena
2014-09-11 saiolaAdd option to use pTdet instead of pTgen as denominator...
2014-09-11 maseracomposition of the Alluminum alloy that constitutes...