2013-02-08 loizidesfix from Alina
2013-02-08 arossicorrections and update of macros (Hege, Matthias)
2013-02-08 arossi- update for electron selection, PID for TOF and TOF...
2013-02-08 aurasCharm and Beauty definitions updated
2013-02-08 fprinoNew histograms in task for MC checks
2013-02-08 rbailhacCoverity defect
2013-02-08 akisielLess bins in Mult monitors. New PID. Adapt to pPb analysis
2013-02-08 morschUpdate to pythi8.170
2013-02-08 loizidesup from Rosi
2013-02-08 zconesaInclude the possibility to set the ZNA & ZNC time cuts...
2013-02-08 zconesaFirst implementation of helper class to gather common...
2013-02-08 atoiafix oadb for MC
2013-02-08 morschMultiple scattering switched ON for A-p
2013-02-08 jbook- use base class for multidimensional objects
2013-02-08 mchojnacChange of runGridBoth.C macro. Now all data set configu...
2013-02-08 pchristaCoverity
2013-02-08 pchristaImplemented projections for per trigger yield (Alis)
2013-02-08 pchristaImplemented projections for per trigger yield (Alis)
2013-02-08 eserradirewrite d/p ratio and simplify some macros
2013-02-08 jgrosseocoverity fix
2013-02-08 coppedisTask added to libs...
2013-02-07 loizidespotential fix
2013-02-07 shahoianCoverity fix
2013-02-07 prsnkoCoverity fix
2013-02-07 miweberupdate Dhc task (Tim Schuster <Tim.Schuster@cern.ch>)
2013-02-07 loizidescl task
2013-02-07 prsnkoTurn off non-linearity by default
2013-02-07 loizidescl task
2013-02-07 jbook- update
2013-02-07 jbook- remove overwriting
2013-02-07 jbook-add multidimensional objects to histomanager
2013-02-07 loizidesupdate/fixes from Salvatore
2013-02-07 loizidesup from Chris
2013-02-07 ssakaiupdated
2013-02-07 fprinoNew histos in the task for checks on the MC kinematics
2013-02-07 morschAdd dedicated splines for LHC12c4 (Benjamin, Jens)
2013-02-07 quarkAdded a glow (bloom) effect and an option whether to...
2013-02-07 fbelliniUpdated task for Xi* analysis (D.Gangadharan)
2013-02-07 loizidesup from Fengchu
2013-02-07 rbailhacUpdate
2013-02-07 jotwinow- new class for pPb spectra analysis (M. Knichel)
2013-02-07 coppedisUpdating task
2013-02-07 hqvigstamoved output to dir based, and added a few histograms.
2013-02-07 hqvigstaMoved to use of Output object
2013-02-07 hqvigstaAdded Output object
2013-02-07 coppedisUpdating task
2013-02-07 rbailhacAdd Classes (Thanks Constantin)
2013-02-07 kleinbbug fixes
2013-02-07 cholmDoxygen updates
2013-02-07 zconesaCount also all events analyzed, not only the selected...
2013-02-06 fprinoFixes in HF QA task
2013-02-06 loizidesupdate from megan
2013-02-06 kleinballow for jet by jet comparisio
2013-02-06 coppedisTask for LEGO train
2013-02-06 ddobrigkAnother quick modification towards lightweight
2013-02-06 rbailhacUpdates
2013-02-06 ddobrigkAdd a boolean flag to enable a more lightweight operation
2013-02-06 dgangadhAnalysis changes to K0s code
2013-02-06 scomparUsing CTP times instead of DQA times to get the duratio...
2013-02-06 kleinb- AddTask macro for fast embedding: making jet embeddin...
2013-02-06 shahoianFix in spread function integral calculation (parameters...
2013-02-06 shahoianSome documentation added
2013-02-05 shahoian1) fix in the AliITSUTrackerGlo for track hypothesis...
2013-02-05 loizidesno terminate
2013-02-05 shahoianSuppressed old methods/params
2013-02-05 atoiaupdate centrality oadb
2013-02-05 shahoianSimulation response function treatment.
2013-02-05 deliaFix to flag checking for running on MC
2013-02-05 ddobrigkSmall modifications for getting track status flags
2013-02-05 ddobrigkModifications to extract the status flags for the tracks
2013-02-05 jgrosseopossibility to select PID of trigger particle
2013-02-05 iselioujUpdate from Ante Bilandzic: QC and FQD code
2013-02-05 miweberAddTask for Pico Tracks (Tim Schuster <Tim.Schuster...
2013-02-05 cvetanUpdate of muon-hadron correlations code. Introduction...
2013-02-05 antoniolAvoid check on reco pass for MC if prodInfo is not...
2013-02-04 ssakaiupdated
2013-02-04 pluettigadded macros/AddTask_dNdPtpPb_test.C
2013-02-04 morschUpdates Salvatore Aiola
2013-02-04 jgrosseoupdate from T Schuster
2013-02-04 jbook- change directory for config
2013-02-04 cbaumannUpdate Mahmut's tasks
2013-02-04 jgrosseoallowing fine tuning of target values (when a pool...
2013-02-04 jbook-remove printouts
2013-02-04 jbook- user task updates
2013-02-04 cbaumannUpdated AddTask for pPb
2013-02-04 zconesaAdd D0 vs EP systematics in the 30-50% CC (D.Caffarri)
2013-02-04 zconesaExclude global constrained and TPC only tracks (filter...
2013-02-04 jgrosseobinning configurable from addtask macro
2013-02-04 loizidesFrom Chris
2013-02-04 prsnkoUpdate of Embedding classes
2013-02-04 hqvigstaAdded PHOS/macros/Trigger/raw and contained code.
2013-02-04 mkrzewicadded explicit parameter range limits to the fit to...
2013-02-04 loizidescomplete rework (rosi)
2013-02-04 mivanovAttempt to fix a memory leak (Jens)
2013-02-04 zconesaAdd the ZN background rejection in the fHistStatistics...
2013-02-04 morschAdd correction for misalign in AOD case; Fixed bug in
2013-02-04 mkrzewicupdate to production version
2013-02-04 hqvigstaAdded README to PHOS/macros/Trigger/OCDB, explaining...
2013-02-04 hqvigstaAdded MakeRawProduction.C
2013-02-04 hqvigstamodified to accommodate aod115.