2010-11-06 slindalUpdated homer buffer to not start source list timer
2010-11-06 richtermreverting r45104, it causes wrong assignment to AliESDt...
2010-11-06 slindalUpdated source list update
2010-11-06 ivanaFixing SECURE_CODING (sprintf) defect reported by Coverity
2010-11-06 slindalUpdated homer buffer so that it won't add empty lists...
2010-11-06 sgorbunolast fit iteration removed, because it used non-accurat...
2010-11-05 jklayupdated files for latest survey/alignment results
2010-11-05 daineseAdded flag to disable vertex recalc for every track
2010-11-05 daineseBug fix (Davide)
2010-11-05 kaamodtUpdate by Pedro to the dalitz code.
2010-11-05 kkanaki- remove unused variable nr_contributorsOff
2010-11-05 slindalFrom Sergey: fix esd track display
2010-11-05 ivanaRemoving obsolete class AliMUONRecoTrack.
2010-11-05 fronchetusing offline row-col based geometry and misalignment...
2010-11-05 belikovMaking all the data members persistent (A. De Caro)
2010-11-05 slindalbugfix: emcal cell indexes were switched in call to...
2010-11-05 sgorbunorestore TPCinner parameters after calculating DCA values
2010-11-05 slindalincrease buffer loop time
2010-11-05 ivanaCompleting commit 45100 - .h file was missing
2010-11-05 ivanaFixing STREAM_FORMAT_STATE defect reported by Coverity
2010-11-05 ivanaFixing PASS_BY_VALUE defect reported by Coverity
2010-11-05 ivanaFixing UNUSED_VALUE defect reported by Coverity
2010-11-05 ivanaFixing RESOURCE_LEAK defect reported by Coverity
2010-11-05 ivanaFixing UNINIT_CTOR defect reported by Coverity
2010-11-05 ivanaFixing UNINIT defect reported by Coverity
2010-11-05 ivanaFixing REVERSE_INULL defect reported by Coverity
2010-11-05 ivanaFixing TAINTED_SCALAR defect reported by Coverity
2010-11-05 slindalbugfix: removed reset for each blocklist
2010-11-05 slindalbugfix: display reset before all block, not esd even...
2010-11-05 prinoNew macro for trending the SDD output of QA train
2010-11-05 basantabug fixed
2010-11-05 morschA. Dainese
2010-11-05 laphecetAdding a protection before accessing the cluster list
2010-11-05 morschcentrality calibration files for lhc10g2a
2010-11-05 pulvirMoved the multiplicity counter to the global AliRsnValu...
2010-11-05 mflorisUsing custom helper centrality class. Can now run with...
2010-11-05 gconesabset clusterization to NxN for HI environment, lower...
2010-11-05 prinoUpdated dphi,dtheta windows for trackleter, savannah...
2010-11-05 mflorisRunning on grid should work
2010-11-05 slindalCreate only one instance of the buffer thread
2010-11-05 mflorisIncremented classdef
2010-11-05 jotwinowswitch off triggers (Markus Fasel)
2010-11-05 agheataAdded method AliAnalysisManager::AddStatisticsMsg(...
2010-11-05 gconesabpass correct index for mapping method, it avoids warnin...
2010-11-05 richtermbugfix: implementing function SendMLFromDet added as...
2010-11-05 enricoUpdate for PbPb analysis (Mariella)
2010-11-05 enricoUpdate for PbPb analysis (Mariella)
2010-11-05 mflorisAliAnalysisTaskTriggerStudy
2010-11-05 loizidesfix warnings
2010-11-05 rpreghentrigger mask mapping corrected when reading OCDB object
2010-11-05 bhippolynew version from L.Milano and F.Prino
2010-11-05 slindalFixed busy error
2010-11-05 mflorisAliTriggerAnalysis: added switch to disable FMD histogr...
2010-11-05 slindalbugfix
2010-11-05 slindalfixed bug making buffer always busy
2010-11-05 slindalDon't start thread if buffer is busy
2010-11-05 daineseD+ errors (Renu)
2010-11-05 loizidesHave a switch to disable particle production via NBD...
2010-11-05 maseraUpdates to multreconstructro - Savannah bug 74741 ...
2010-11-05 slindalCheck if busy before creating thread
2010-11-05 agheataEventStat_temp.root files closed now after getting...
2010-11-05 kkanaki- macro and script for plotting offline and HLT distrib...
2010-11-05 rpreghenclass updated to read active trigger channels from...
2010-11-05 jjoseIntegrated New Rule Checker with the CMake Build
2010-11-05 sgorbunochange beamebergy value due to changes in AliZDCRecoPar...
2010-11-05 dsilvermcoverity corrections
2010-11-05 pulvirModification in constructor
2010-11-05 slindalUpdated event id displayin, and async blocklist processing
2010-11-05 slindalAdded run number to frame
2010-11-05 pulvirBugfix
2010-11-05 pulvirAdded the possibility to compute multiplicity according...
2010-11-05 gconesabexistence of null pointer check removed
2010-11-05 cblumeRename AliTRDrawStreamOld.h AliTRDrawStreamBase.h
2010-11-05 gconesabcorrect coverity defects
2010-11-05 gconesabCorrections from Filip
2010-11-05 rpreghenprotection added to correctly handle runs with no calib...
2010-11-05 cblumeRemove AliTRDtestBeam
2010-11-05 agheataFixed opening of proof file in case of AOD extensions
2010-11-05 cblumeRemoval of old raw reader calls (Raphaelle)
2010-11-05 jjoseAdding CMake package file for module TAmpt
2010-11-05 jjoseAdding FindCPack module
2010-11-05 agheatanew version of HMPID QA task (D.Perrino)
2010-11-05 jotwinowadded implemention of copy constructor (Sergey Gorbunov)
2010-11-05 mflorisMain Updates:
2010-11-05 jotwinowmodified histo ranges
2010-11-05 zampolliBeam Type set to A-A for online reconstruction if Pb...
2010-11-05 coppedisFixes
2010-11-05 sgorbunodelete digitsTree insteadof Reset()
2010-11-05 sgorbunodelete the temporary tree of clusters instead of Reset().
2010-11-04 morschProtection like in SE (Yaxian Mao)
2010-11-04 sgorbunobeam type and energy is set explicitly
2010-11-04 zampolliRetrieving beamType from logbook for online reconstruction.
2010-11-04 ivanaFixing SECURE_CODING defects (sprintf) reported by...
2010-11-04 prinoUpdates in macros o display SDD QA results + new macros...
2010-11-04 kkanaki- removed some histograms, namely (also for HLT) as...
2010-11-04 slindalFixed bug retuning wrong event id
2010-11-04 slindalBugfix: display event id in 64 bit format
2010-11-04 slindalreturning correct event id from homer manager
2010-11-04 slindaladded possibility to stop buffer monitor
2010-11-04 odjuvsla- bug fix