2014-12-02 fbock- changed cut selections for all calo related tasks...
2014-11-30 fbock- added missing pi0 histograms for calo conv
2014-11-30 prsnkoRun initialization fixed
2014-11-29 sjenaBug Fix in PR task: sjena
2014-11-29 ddobrigkSlight tuning: configurable mass window size for full...
2014-11-29 ddobrigkStupid bug fix in new superlight mode (from Zurich...
2014-11-29 ddobrigkFixing bug introduced with previous commit
2014-11-29 ddobrigkOperating mode changes: Regular/Light/SuperLight Cascad...
2014-11-29 fbockremoved obsolete variable
2014-11-29 fbockadded validated histograms vs conversion pt for AliAnal...
2014-11-29 lcunqueibug:histo was copied twice to the output list
2014-11-29 fbockMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-11-29 lcunqueiMultiple high pT triggers study
2014-11-29 fbockMerge branch 'master' of https://git.cern.ch/reps/AliRoot
2014-11-29 fbock- temporary disabled the weighting for LHC12f1a,f1b,i3
2014-11-29 lcunqueiStore the pythia weight in a branch
2014-11-29 rhaakeCharged jets (pPb): Jet cut changed
2014-11-28 ddobrigksuper light mode execution for cascades (basic histo...
2014-11-28 mfaselDecouple trigger maker completely from AliEMCALTriggerT...
2014-11-28 shahoianExtended AliESDtrackCuts::GetReferenceMultiplicity...
2014-11-28 mfaselAdd new classes for the trigger bit configuration in...
2014-11-28 mfaselAllow usage of old bit configuration via the add macros
2014-11-28 mfaselAdapt trigger patch maker to different bit settings:
2014-11-28 lmilanoDCA and qvecMC removed
2014-11-28 agrigoraMerge branch 'TPCdev' into master
2014-11-28 mcosentiadding a protection against name changes of the array...
2014-11-28 allaup resolution limit set to 100ps
2014-11-28 lmilanopatch to use subwagons in the LEGO train
2014-11-27 rhaakeCharged jets (pPb): Enhanced macro
2014-11-27 rhaakeCharged jets (pPb): Enhanced macro
2014-11-27 cmayerupdated STARLIGHT to r191 of starlight.hepforge.org...
2014-11-27 cbianchimethod 3 to add pt missing
2014-11-27 cbianchiFix position of declaration of mass histo
2014-11-27 mkrzewicfirst version of a bash utilities lib
2014-11-27 mkrzewicinit defaults in the body
2014-11-27 rbertens update from naghmeh
2014-11-27 mverweijadd flexibility for main trigger
2014-11-27 ddobrigkPrimary particle criterion change - test
2014-11-27 mverweijadd class to analyze mock-up trigger
2014-11-27 fkrizekTrigger associated to 15-20 and 20-50 tracks
2014-11-27 lmilanoupdate from DongJo
2014-11-27 lramonaImproved particle identification
2014-11-27 mfaselChange of logic in main trigger selection:
2014-11-26 aurasNew MFT analysis tools
2014-11-26 aurasNew MFT analysis tools
2014-11-26 ddobrigkSwitch to customized vertexers / debug+optimization
2014-11-26 zconesaInitialize track counter and produce trending plots...
2014-11-26 ddobrigkLightweight cascade checks -> code implementation 2
2014-11-26 ddobrigkLightweight cascade checks -> code implementation
2014-11-26 mverweijextend axis range
2014-11-26 mverweijactivate all triggers by default
2014-11-26 fbelliniIntroduced eta-cut on tracklets (Massimo) + reduced...
2014-11-26 mfaselAdd task writing EMCAL trigger information into a tree
2014-11-26 rgrossoRemove stale email recipient.
2014-11-26 belikovBringing the OB geometry up to date. Macros to produce...
2014-11-26 mvlAdd histograms with VZERO signal for PbPb trigger check...
2014-11-26 mvlAdd histograms with VZERO signal for PbPb trigger checks
2014-11-26 fprinoMultiplicity added in the efficiency histos + new bins...
2014-11-26 mfaselCorrect handling of main trigger for multiple trigger...
2014-11-26 ddobrigkRemove warning to prevent log size problems
2014-11-26 mcosenticosmetics
2014-11-26 mbrozCentral flags to digit and change of CIU position
2014-11-25 ddobrigkanother memory leak fix (incorrect push)
2014-11-25 ddobrigkMemory leak fix
2014-11-25 rbertens cmake and linkdef changes for temporary dev task
2014-11-25 rbertens temporary task for debugging and consistency checks
2014-11-25 mverweijremove obsolete class
2014-11-25 lmilanoreco eff syst
2014-11-25 rbertens neither store, draw or plot the results of the fitting...
2014-11-25 ppillotfix info message
2014-11-25 ppillotmore debug messages to monitor number of tracks
2014-11-25 ppillotadded mono-cathods removal in real Pb-Pb settings
2014-11-25 ddobrigkImplementation to reduce output size in Pb-Pb central...
2014-11-25 ppillotadd the possibility to cut on RAbs
2014-11-25 ppillotadd a flag to reconstruct from clusters instead of...
2014-11-25 ppillotimprove cluster res. calculation (fit) + add pT and...
2014-11-25 ppillotadd protection in case TreeD (digits) is not available
2014-11-25 ppillotfix array access out of bound + add histo for #chamber hit
2014-11-25 ppillotprint number of reconstructible/reconstructed/MC-matche...
2014-11-25 ddobrigkCascades: re-vertex a configurable centrality interval
2014-11-25 ddobrigkPP Vs Mult Utils: error handling for non-existing calib...
2014-11-25 fprinoFix casting to int
2014-11-25 fprinoProtection for pool number overflow
2014-11-25 gconesabput a more reasonable default value for the minimum...
2014-11-25 gconesabPlace the rejection of dead channels in the proper...
2014-11-25 dstoccoALIROOT-5703 Move AliMergeableCollection to STEERBase
2014-11-24 rhaakeCharged jets (pPb): Updates for pp analysis
2014-11-24 zconesafix compilation warnings
2014-11-24 zconesaUpdates: (1)added the check on the z coordinate of...
2014-11-24 zconesafix compilation warnings
2014-11-24 loizidesadded runs for jason
2014-11-24 ppillotnew version to compute trk eff from output of AliAnalys...
2014-11-24 dstoccoA customizable LHAPDF and MC mode option for AODtrain.C
2014-11-24 dstoccoAdd option to Muon filter in MC
2014-11-24 sjenaUpdate in Two Particle PID corr: debojit
2014-11-24 lmilanopatch from Markus for 2+1 analysis
2014-11-24 pgonzaleNew histogramas and new cuts for QA
2014-11-24 ppillotfix muon geometry display
2014-11-24 ppillotpropagate change of viscan_init.C prototype
2014-11-24 mbrozSeparate trees for ITSsa and global tracks