2012-06-22 kleinbcoverity fixes
2012-06-22 gconesabadd dphi histograms for deta > 0.8
2012-06-22 aadareinit function-scope vars for coverity
2012-06-22 rbailhacBug Fix
2012-06-22 rbailhacTest for grid
2012-06-22 mcosenticomenting out printouts
2012-06-22 lmilanomacro to run on CAF updated
2012-06-22 kleinbchanges and additions for the response maker task....
2012-06-22 lmilanorunning macros updated
2012-06-22 hristovCompatibility with the Root trunk
2012-06-22 abercucifix coverity
2012-06-22 wiechulacoverity fix 20138
2012-06-22 pcrochetImprove the utility to apply a different trigger pt...
2012-06-22 loizidescosmetics
2012-06-22 loizidesusertasks
2012-06-22 rbailhacAdd
2012-06-21 loizidesadd vector area
2012-06-21 loizidesmoved to user tasks
2012-06-21 wiechulao add Reduced Event
2012-06-21 morschJet analysis update
2012-06-21 cbaumannAdd macros for GRID tests of new tasks
2012-06-21 morschverbosity changed
2012-06-21 ssakaiupdated for photonic electron efficiency
2012-06-21 cnattrasUpdates to macros to get code working on grid
2012-06-21 jbook-add filter bit cut for aod
2012-06-21 wiechulao updats (Julian)
2012-06-21 cbaumannadd markus, bugfix
2012-06-21 rbailhacUpdate log
2012-06-21 hristovCompatibility with the Root trunk
2012-06-21 mcosentiincluding tasks for user xizhu
2012-06-21 ssakaiadded flag to select QA hist
2012-06-21 ssakaiadded flag to select QA hist
2012-06-21 ssakaiupdated invariant mass calculation
2012-06-21 lmilanopost processing macros updated
2012-06-21 loizidesupdate from salvatore
2012-06-21 gconesabadding some centrality dependent histograms and underly...
2012-06-21 gconesabadded some underlying event histograms and other modifi...
2012-06-21 lmilanocommit for the new tag
2012-06-21 prinoAdd printout of selected trigger class name
2012-06-21 mcosentiremoving tasks with the old name from the svn repo
2012-06-21 mcosentichanging name of task and macro from user mconnors
2012-06-21 mcosentiincluding task for user mconnors
2012-06-21 cbaumannNew Macro for Taku/Efficiency, updates
2012-06-21 rbailhacUpdate
2012-06-21 rbailhacAdd simple task for flow
2012-06-21 simonessetowner, remove histo delete in destructor
2012-06-21 morschPhysics selection update
2012-06-21 ivanaIn AliMUONResponseTriggerV1.h
2012-06-21 mcosentiincluding changes from user fzhou
2012-06-21 miweberinclude check for centrality == 0
2012-06-21 lmilanocharged hadrons up to 10 GeV/c
2012-06-21 ddobrigkFixed typo in armenteros-podolanski selection introduce...
2012-06-21 hristovCompatibility with the Root trunk
2012-06-21 lmilanorebinning added as data mamber - setters for vertex...
2012-06-21 kleinbset minimum pT for dicing (M. Verweij)
2012-06-21 miweberadd QA histograms for HBT/conversion cuts
2012-06-21 loizidesrenamed init into execonce
2012-06-21 loizidesadded emc area cut
2012-06-21 loizidescosmetics
2012-06-20 ddobrigkChanges for PbPb data analysis to the main analysis...
2012-06-20 loizidesupdate von saehanseul
2012-06-20 pcrochetProtection: require exact pattern when summing differen...
2012-06-20 odjuvslaFixed absolute include path
2012-06-20 cbaumannAdd BAsic CF signals to pp
2012-06-20 loizidesexec once
2012-06-20 loizidesclear
2012-06-20 loizidesupdates from salvatore
2012-06-20 loizidesavoid init
2012-06-20 loizidesavoid init
2012-06-20 agheatasmall fix from Laurent
2012-06-20 odjuvslaFixed a warning
2012-06-20 odjuvslaAdding EMCAL selection class to build system
2012-06-20 odjuvslaFixing warnings
2012-06-20 odjuvslaAdding selection classes for EMCAL
2012-06-20 odjuvslaReintroducing previously removed variables
2012-06-20 odjuvslaUpdates in analysis code for EMCAL
2012-06-20 odjuvslaAdding classes to build system that were removed
2012-06-20 wiechulasmall change in the FillVarMCParticle2() function to...
2012-06-20 laphecetRemove the dollar-id-dollar in the responsible name...
2012-06-20 morschUpdate
2012-06-20 dperrinoAdded the task to perform PID in jets with the HMPID
2012-06-20 dperrinoChanges needed to use the jet analysis and to match...
2012-06-20 cbaumannFix location dependent paths, enable toggle for CF...
2012-06-20 loizidescorrect py
2012-06-20 cbaumannfix namespace collision, add variable to CF
2012-06-20 lmilanorunAODProof updated
2012-06-20 gconesabfix check of pointer existence
2012-06-20 gconesabinitialize variable not done in second constructor
2012-06-19 cbaumannadjust path
2012-06-19 cbaumannadd robust defaults
2012-06-19 fbelliniAdded histograms + method to estimate TOF_T0
2012-06-19 lmilanorunGrid macro updated
2012-06-19 gconesabfix compilation warning
2012-06-19 prinoAdd Lc->V0+bachelor in HF QA task (Annalisa)
2012-06-19 prinoAdapt MatchToMC to Lc->Vo+bachelor (Annalisa)
2012-06-19 mcosentiincluding a parameter to set the trigger bit option
2012-06-19 aadarefor AliAnalysisTask3PCorrelations
2012-06-19 aadare3 particle task from Claude Pruneau
2012-06-19 aadareadded 3 particle task from Claude
2012-06-19 loizidesupdate from salvatore